Romney Campaign Treats Mitt Like McCain Campaign Dealt with Palin – No More Interviews before Election Day

photo-mitt-disheveledIn 2008, the McCain campaign figured out early on that their vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin was incapable of giving an interview to actual journalists, as opposed to the pretend ones on Fox, and so canceled all her prospective interviews in the run-up to the election.

There is a similar dynamic at play in the 2012 election. The Romney campaign has learned from experience that when Mitt does not have a teleprompter in front of him or a long stream of memorized talking points — in other words, when he speaks extemporaneously — disaster ensues. They spent all of August and September cleaning up messes he had made.

So now, with less than two weeks before the election, they have quietly announced that they are treating Mitt the way the McCain campaign dealt with Palin — other than reading speeches off teleprompters at campaign rallies, Romney is going dark … until after he’s elected?

How will this work if Mitt becomes president? He is even more gaffe-tastic than Bush, but even worse, he won’t have anyone remotely similar to Bush’s “brain,” Karl Rove, guiding his every political move in the White House.

For now, Pres. Obama and the First Lady have a heavy schedule of interviews lined up with the network anchors, MTV and others.

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