Astounding Majority Says Not to Cut Medicare Benefits

It’s hard to get three out of four people to agree on anything but that’s how many Americans say they do not want Congress to jack up copays on Medicare benefits in order to pay down the deficit.

A new bipartisan Public Policy Polling (D)/Fabrizio Ward (R) survey finds registered voters overwhelming oppose increased fees on seniors’ Medicare services, indicating that burdening beneficiaries with additional out-of-pocket expenses is not the preferred approach among Americans for reducing federal spending in Washington. The survey results further indicate that charging seniors additional copayments for accessing Medicare services is among the least favored options for cutting Medicare costs.

Among registered voters, 75 percent of respondents disapprove of making seniors pay higher fees for their Medicare services as a means to reduce federal spending.

Are the Republicans listening to this thundering majority? Or do they still love the idea, espoused most famously by failed vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, to give us a coupon toward the purchase of whatever insurance we can find when we reach that age and letting us figure out how to cover everything else? Members of the GOP have proven so far to be very slow learners.

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