#TeaPartyComebackMovies: Is Hollywood Listening?

We love a great hashtag on Twitter and #TeaPartyComebackMovies is pure gold, especially following the pathetic re-election of John “Never a Dry Eye White Guy” Boehner as Speaker of the House.

Here are some of the best titles for movies we’d all like to miss:

  • @jerrywey: Coultergiest
  • @markm1962: 12 Angry White Men
  • @markm1962: Uninformed Basterds
  • @anglescott: Bachmann to the Future
  • @kzone8: Birther A Nation
  • @Heknowsmynam: Forgetting Sarah Palin
  • @linc0lnpark: Men Who Stare At Chairs
  • @lovroflaughs: Room With A View Of Russia
  • @71LesPaul: Annie Get Your Assault Rifle with a Scope and Grenade Launcher
  • @ianyourhead: The Nightmare Before the War on Christmas
  • @RobbieSherwood: Gone With the Windbags
  • @timmthelen: Heaven Can Wait & So Can the Sandy Hurricane Victims
  • @timmthelen: The Muppets Take Congress & Do A Much Better Job
  • @StrongChestwell: Harry Potter and the Invasive Trans Vaginal Ultrasound
  • @benjowns: Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels for Every Teacher
  • @linc0lnpark: Kill Another Bill
  • @richardhine: The Five-Year Enragement

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