Godwin’s Law Writ Large: Drudge Headline on Govt Effort to Restrict Mass Killing Guns Makes Predictable Nazi Analogy

According to Wikipedia,”Godwin’s law (also known as Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies or Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies) is an argument made by Mike Godwin in 1990 that has become an Internet adage. It states: ‘As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1. In other words, Godwin observed that, given enough time, in any online discussion — regardless of topic or scope – someone inevitably makes a comparison to Hitler or the Nazis.”

After Vice Pres. Joe Biden announced that the White House would be willing to bypass Congress and use executive orders to restrict sales of guns capable of mass killing, right-wing propagandist Matt Drudge skipped all the early stages of discussion referred to by Godwin and went straight to the Nazi analogy in his headline yesterday.

“WHITE HOUSE THREATENS ‘EXECUTIVE ORDERS’ ON GUNS,’ the Drudge Report headline screamed, replete with scare quotes around “EXECUTIVE ORDERS.”

Gun nuts have been predicting for years that Obama would take away their guns in his second term. But even in their most paranoid nightmares, they probably did not envision the horror of the mass killing of six year olds at Sandy Hook Elementary and the sea change in public opinion about whether civilians should be allowed to own weapons that fire one round per second.

As the saying goes, if you need 60 rounds to kill a deer, you have no busines hunting.

The federal government outlawed civilian ownership of machine guns in the National Firearms Act of 1934. It’s hard to see why these new mass-killing weapons are not covered by that act. In any case, that act is certainly a precedent for a permanent ban on these sorts of weapons.

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