Super Bowl Flashback: It Really Was Halftime in America

As the country gathers tonight to watch the big game — and the million dollar ads — let’s not forget this little gritty little ditty from only one year ago.

The ad was widely misinterpreted as Clint Eastwood endorsing the Obama administration’s decision to bail out Chrysler (and GM), despite many Republicans, including eventual presidential nominee Mitt Romney, saying we should let the biggest manufacturing sector in America, and about one million jobs, liquidate.

Eastwood denied that he supported Obama and backed up that assertion last summer, when he gave arguably the strangest performance of his career at the Republican National Convention. Eastwood rambled through an improvised exchange with a chair that he pretended was the president, and which he fantasized was arguing with him and threatening him.

Maybe Eastwood should have embraced the ad’s original interpretation because it turns out it really was halftime in America, and the majority of voters were better players than Eastwood or Romney.

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