Twitter Not Amused by Rubio’s Ill-Timed Tweet

PR’s own Buck nominated Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (GOP/Tea) for the “Really Trying Way Too Hard” Hall of Fame after Rubio told the gossip site TMZ that his favorite songs of all-time are NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton,” Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and Tupac’s “Killuminati.”

The likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate, recently dubbed by Time Magazine the “saviour” of the party, is also brandishing a reputation as the life of the party, and nothing says frat boy quite like this tweet, posted the day the economy-wrecking sequester took effect.

If I put #HarlemShake video 2gether in Senate who should be in it?Taking suggestions now.

Rubio apparently didn’t spend the day trying to figure out how to keep from damaging the economy or how to save American jobs, but instead daydreaming about his own fantasy football-esque dance party. Here were some of the responses to his call for suggestions on his Twitter feed.*

  • @jbminn — @marcorubio I’d suggest you stop wasting time and money.
  • @haroldpollack — @marcorubio even I am too cool for the Harlem shake.
  • @devincf — I suggest you fix the sequester.
  • @Brian_Thill — LOL you are so hip!! OMG!!1! wheres my checkbook
  • @suryasays — @marcorubio how about senate and house focus on actually doing something of value for country vs just their soul-corrupting political party
  • @WillMcAvoyACN — .@mjgumb @marcorubio You know what the time for jokes is? AFTER YOU’VE DONE YOUR FUCKING JOB! (Note: Will McAvoy is a character on the TV show, The Newsroom)
  • @JasStanford — Furloughed DoJ lawyers? Laid off teachers?
  • @SuzBrockmann — THIS? 700k to lose jobs & THIS
  • ?@Joe_Schmuck — Hollup bruh. The sequestration deal done yet?
  • @arcee1985 — .@marcorubio r u freaking kidding me? Typical Republican…fiddling while Rome burns! This is why I left the GOP. #growup

Rubio, who recently upstaged himself by grabbing desperately for a bottle of water in the middle of his post State of the Union spotlight, needs to work on his timing, if not his values.

But Rubio’s ridiculous tweet wasn’t the only recent social media signal that the end days are near. Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of the internets were down in the weeds over whether the president should have said “Jedi mind trick” or “Vulcan mind meld” when he wished for an additional tool to convince members of Congress, like Rubio, about the gravity of the sequester issue. So good luck with that.

* Which features a sky blue background with stars across the top. Stars, get it? Carry on, GOP rock saviour.

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