New Poll Shows Dramatic Shift in Views on Marriage Equality

ABC News/Washington Post Shows Americans Have More Than Reversed Themselves in Only 10 Years (Except Republicans)

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that American attitudes toward marriage equality have turned upside down in the past 10 years — and then some. Where a decade ago 55 percent of registered voters said gay adults should be excluded from marriage to the fellow adult they love, today 58 percent say they should not.

And it’s not a case of “state’s rights.”

Most Americans, moreover, say the U.S. Constitution should trump state laws on gay marriage, a question now before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Almost twice as many young people support marriage equality, with 81 percent of those under 30 favoring the concept, and even 44 percent of seniors…unless they’re Republicans. Only 34 percent of Republicans of any age condemn discrimination against gay and lesbian Americans in the area of marriage to consenting adults.

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