Poll Finds Approval of GOP House Reps in 23 of 24 Swing Districts Dropping Below 50% – Opposition to Shutdown above 55% in 22 of the 24 Districts

Dems Need to Win 17 Seats to Take House in 2014

New polling by PPP in districts held by 24 Republican House members who are considered potentially vulnerable in midterm elections next year found that approval of the incumbents was below 50 percent in 23 of the districts — in the other, California’s 21st District, incumbent David Valadao had a 50 percent approval.

In 17 of the districts, approval of the Republican incumbents was 40 percent or lower. Democrats need a net win of 17 seats to take control of the House in the the midterm elections next November.

The polling also found that opposition to the Republican shutdown of the federal government in order to prevent implementation of the Affordable Care Act was above 55 percent in 22 of the 24 districts held by these vulnerable Republicans. In 18 of the districts, opposition was at 59 percent or higher.

Read more about the poll from the National Journal.

Here are links to results from the polling in each of the 24 districts:

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  • Joan
    October 6, 2013 - 8:31 am | Permalink

    New York Times yesterday (on Huffington) has all the details of the shutdown, it has been in process for a long time and is bankrolled mainly by the Koch’s. Edwin Meese was into the negotiations about it and they it all mapped out. It is a must read.

    Of course Cruz is still whistling to the wind saying the dems wanted the shut down/

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