Obamacare Is More Popular Than the Republican Party – By 14 Points

The Wall St. Journal/NBC poll released yesterday had nothing but bad news for Republicans. For starters, their 24 percent favorable rating is the lowest ever recorded in the poll.

Sure, it could be an outlier, except that just 24 hours earlier Gallup released a poll that also found Republicans with the lowest favorability it had ever recorded. The GOP’s 28 percent favorability was 3 percentage points lower the previous lowest point ever recorded by Gallup — the 31 percent approval Republicans received in 1999 after their bogus impeachment of Pres. Clinton.

The WSJ/NBC poll also found that the Affordable Care Act had a 38 percent favorable rating, an improvement of 7 percentage points from the previous survey.

The CNN/ORC poll released last week also produced a 38 percent approval rating for the ACA.

So, yes, as counterintuitive as it may seem based on watching the “liberal” media’s coverage of shutdown, the Republican Party is actually way less popular than Obamacare.

Oh, and one thing to note about the CNN poll. While the ACA’s favorability was 38 percent, it’s unfavorable was 57 percent, which is high — except that when in the breakouts, 11 percent of those who don’t like it are liberals who would still prefer a single-payer system. As the CNN analysis put it:

Add that 11 percent to the 38 percent who say they favor the law and that means that about half the public supports the law or don’t think it goes far enough.

Yeah, that would 49 percent who either support the law or don’t think it goes far enough.

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