Even the 2nd Amendment’s Little Known Dumbass Clause Wasn’t Strong Enough

While this ad from Saatchi & Saatchi for the “gun responsibility” group, Evolve, is funny, neither the ad’s, nor the group’s, dots connect.

“Personal decisions” leave us at the mercy, not of good guys with guns, but just guys with guns which in reality is all there is

The spot’s creators said they were not taking a stand on gun safety laws.

“When we researched the gun debate in America, we saw that it’s become almost impossible to have a thoughtful discussion about gun safety. What I love about Evolve is that they’re not about taking a side in that debate–they’re squarely focused on promoting personal decisions about gun safety.”

The problem with that line of thought is that in the absence of gun “control,” those personal decisions are being made by the George Zimmermans and Michael Dunns of this world, who see teenage black males eating Skittles or listening to loud music as enemy combatants.

Other personal decisions get to be made by cranky retired cops who think they are in the right when harassing dads who are texting babysitters during the coming attractions at a movie.

We can also place under the heading of “personal decisions” the one made by Adam Lanza to take legally purchased guns to Sandy Hook Elementary and kill 20 first and second graders and 6 school employees. Adam began the spree by shooting his mom, Nancy, who thought guns would keep her safe and made the personal decision to fill their house with them, despite her knowledge that Adam had emotional issues.

There is no gray area where personal decisions can take the place of rules, regulations, and laws and make everyone more secure as a result. That idea is a fantasy put forth by those who profit from gun sales, leading every aggrieved — in the words of the Evolve spot — dumbass to see themselves as a good guy with a gun.

Personal decisions leave us at the mercy, not of good guys with guns, but just guys with guns, which in reality is all there is. That strategy is not working.

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  • Jeff S
    February 24, 2014 - 4:27 pm | Permalink

    This is the most ridiculous nonsense I have read on any subject in quite some time. Yours is a non-sequitur argument. What about the personal decision of your daughter not to be raped tonight? Or the personal decision of your mother not to be assaulted in her home by three thugs at 2 AM? Clearly, as you stated in your ridiculous rant, you see know difference between good and evil.

    Well, there’s your problem!

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