Fox News Compares Missing Malaysian Flight to Benghazi

Two weeks after the plane was lost – what took them so long?

At 5:42pm ET on Thursday, March 20th:

During a segment on The Five about the distressed families of the missing passengers, [Andrea] Tantaros remarked that they reminded her of the families of the four Americans killed in Benghazi …

After playing a montage of the reactions from loved ones of the people on board Flight 370, host Kimberly Guilfoyle imagined what it must be like for these people to still have no idea what happened to the passengers nearly two weeks later.

“Think how long it took for them to get this kind of media attention,” Tantaros added. “I mean, living in Malaysia, the government seemingly ignored these people, they didn’t want their stories to get out. They weren’t talking to them.”

…Tantaros said it “feels like the families of Benghazi, just saying. And we’re better than that.”

Next up: Fox will blame Pres. Obama for the flight’s disappearance.

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