NRA Points Out That Shooters Aren’t Shooters Just Because They Shoot Someone — Thanks, NRA!

Leave it to the National Rifle Association to define propaganda in a video that could be the poster child for propaganda. The NRA thinks the news media, or “entertainment,” should not call murderers “shooters” if they shoot a gun and thereby kill somebody. Unless, I suppose, the media starts differentiating between shooters, stranglers, stabbers, bludgeoners, electrocuters, poisoners and vehiculers.

And who knew there was something called “NRA News?” Is it “media” or “entertainment?” It’s not very entertaining, but then again, it’s not exactly reportage, either.

The doofus in the video — Dom Raso Jr. — calls the abbreviation “AR” a word and also claims that you can’t believe the media because if you were not there on site when an event happened then you can’t know what happened unless, like Dom, you went there and talked to the guys who were there, in which case it was just like you were there because the media didn’t misreport what happened, which they always do because the media is just entertainment whereas NRA News is just, well, commentary. That’s what we in the real world call solipsism, Dom. Look it up.

And thanks for the handy definition of “propaganda” and especially thanks for the demonstration of “propaganda,” which is what your video is.

The problem with dreck like this is, people actually believe it. Because Dom sounds really sensible when he notes that it’s wrong for media (entertainment) to draw a parallel between two shootings in which an assault rifle was used when they (the entertainers) should just note that these were two murders by murderers, not shootings by shooters.

Making fun of the NRA News commentary is almost too easy, though. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, er, I mean, murdering fish in a barrel with a long pointy thing that employs an incendiary charge to force a metal projectile out of a tube at high velocity with the capability of doing damage to living protoplasmic material.

Remember: Shooters don’t kill people, murderers kill people. Often by shooting them, but that’s totally irrelevant.

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