Dr. Democrat On the Florida Governor’s Race

doctordemocratDear Dr. Democrat:

Question for you — who should I vote for in the upcoming Florida Democratic primary? I’m inclined to vote for state Sen. Nan Rich, but I’m not sure I should or if that would just be a wasted protest vote, as Charlie Crist looks to beat her in the primary. I think I should maybe vote for Crist except that Charlie has become this weird, über-repellent candidate who is, as media increasingly point out, almost as reprehensible as our incumbent governor, lower-than-a-snake’s-belly Rick Scott.

So, should I lodge a protest vote for Rich, assuming Crist will win the primary (though with a projected ultra-low turnout, it might could go either way) and then hold my nose and vote for Crist in the general? But what if Rich wins the primary (unlikely as it seems) and then gets steamrolled by Scott’s money-driven bulldozer?

The possibility of a second term for old Tales from the Crypt is truly frightening.

What’s a dedicated Florida Democrat to do?

Yours truly,

Cogitating in Coconut Grove

Dear Cogitating,

Funny you should ask. I have been devoting some thought to this topic, and am currently leaning toward suggesting you vote for Rich, not as a protest vote, but for real. Here are my reasons:

1. She started and continued as a Democrat

2. In local races in North Florida, female candidates are marginalized, and while some win, they are never the object of buzz or consideration that male candidates are, and Rich is Exhibit A in that phenomenon

3. Rich has something that Alex Sink (the Democrat who lost to Scott) didn’t — determination and the proverbial fire in the belly — which eliminates a lot my steamrolling fears

4. Rich has earned Democrats’ votes out on the trail, squeezing the flesh in church lady suits, while Crist just trades insults with Scott in the press and sends annoying fundraising emails constantly asking for money

Most Florida Democrats would, of course, be OK with Charlie, most especially because of his stance on climate change, which he demonstrated back when he was Florida’s Republican governor. They would also be okay with my 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser, an orange traffic cone or the contents of my recycling bin, just as long as none of them were named Rick Scott.

If push somehow ever came to shove, however, I might even suggest you consider voting for that white guy Libertarian dude. He can’t be more unhinged than the present occupant of the governor’s mansion.

But I do feel your pain.


Dr. Democrat

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