Sorry, Beltway Media, Chris Christie Will Never Be President

Imagine how South Carolinians would react to having a Yankee bullyboy telling them to ‘Sit down and shut up’


New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie got into another bully-boy spat on camera this week when a constituent heckled Christie over his abysmal record on the state’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy, which hit the coast two years ago. Records show that the Christie administration has disbursed about $300 million of the $1.1 billion federal recovery fund to New Jersey homeowners affected by the storm.

The altercation has been all over the news, of course — Christie staffers reportedly uploaded video to YouTube — because Christie is inexplicably a favorite candidate in the 2016 presidential race among Beltway pundits. A few of them have expressed concerns that such displays of ugly temperament and bad manners might not play well in Iowa and New Hampshire — right, and imagine how voters in South Carolina would feel about having such a loathsome stereotypical Yankee campaigning in their state.

In fact, it appears Christie’s obnoxious behavior is no longer playing well even in New Jersey. In the latest statewide poll there, Christie’s approval rating is underwater, at 41/47 percent, which, by the way, is lower than Pres. Obama’s 46 percent approval rating, according to right-wing pollster Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll for Oct. 30, 2014.

Of course, nothing is likely to sway Beltway types to give up on a Christie race in 2016, apparently even if he were to be discovered in the proverbial bed with a dead girl or a live boy.

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