Hey, Job-Seeker Liz Lauten – Fellow GOP Mean Girl Carly Fiorina Is Staffing up for a Presidential Run

From the 2010 U.S. Senate campaign in California, at minute 04:00, GOP candidate Carly Fiorini dishes on Sen. Barbara Boxer, “What’s with that hair? Soooo yesterday.”

Here is more hope for the tens of people who’ve been worried about tea-party operative and infamous cyber-bully Liz Lauten’s employment prospects. National Journal reports that former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorini is running for president in 2016. The good news for Lauten, potentially, is that Fiorini, an infamous GOP mean girl herself, is hiring.

Lauten, who is about 30 years old, made national news after she took to Facebook to criticize the deportment of Pres. Obama’s daughters, Sasha, age 16, and Malia, 13, during the annual turkey-pardoning event at the White House. Lauten accused the girls of having no class and dressing like women who deserved only a “spot at the bar.” She also criticized the Obamas for being poor role models.

Lauten was summarily booted from her job as communications director for Tennessee tea party congressman Stephen Fincher. She vanished from the spotlight, and her prospects for a career in politics looked grim — until now.

Fiorini’s signature moment in politics occurred in June 2010, the day after she won the Republican primary in the U.S. Senate race. Waiting for an interview to begin on a Sacramento television station, Fiorini sat in front of a live camera and an open mike fiddling with her Blackberry and chatting cattily with an assistant. First she dished on fellow Republican and fellow former Silicon Valley CEO, Meg Whitman, who’d just won the California GOP gubernatorial primary (and would also lose to Jerry Brown by double digits in November).

Then she turned on her Democratic opponent in the general, Sen. Barbara Boxer. “God,” Fiorni said, cackling, “what is with that hair? Sooo yesterday.”

Fiorini never quite recovered from the impression she made on voters in that unguarded moment, particularly because her persona on the stump was so flat — so programmed and guarded — and because her message seemed to come from a similar, shallow and substanceless place. In the end, Boxer beat her by double digits — a remarkable feat in what was otherwise a massive tea-party wave election year.

In addition to her own PR troubles, Lauten has hands-on experience in dealing with bad publicity. Rep. Fincher, a farmer who lists his occupation as gospel singer, became the poster boy for GOP hypocrisy after voted to cut funding in the Farm Bill for SNAP, a program that feeds the needy, and then voted to add billions in subsidies for farmers — like himself. Lauten’s previous boss, loudmouth tea party Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois, had even worse PR woes. News that he spent thousands of dollars of his own money on his congressional campaign when he was $100,000 in arrears on his child support likely contributed to his losing office after just one term.

Lauten’s experience would likely come in handy working with Fiorini, who is notoriously gaffe-prone. In 2008, she was “fired” as a volunteer surrogate by the McCain-Palin tean after she repeatedly knocked the campaign off message with a series of blunders, including claiming that John McCain had never called for the reversal of Roe v. Wade, when in fact he had, and for responding with a resounding “no” when asked if McCain and Sarah Palin had what it took to be corporate CEOs.

Given Fiorini’s and Lauten’s similarity in sensibilities and political skills, there could not be a better fit. Granted, the Republican primaries will not be smooth sailing for Carly Fiorini, but in the unlikely event she were to make it to the general, just think of all the fun she and Liz Lauten would have coming up with catty things to say about Hillary Clinton.

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