Huckabee – Whose Son Tortured and Killed a Dog – Should Avoid Bashing the Obamas’ Parenting Skills

The former Fox host also disparaged the Obama girls’ healthy diet, even though both his sons were morbidly obese
Left, the Huckabee family with dog in the 1990s; right, a recent photo of the Obamas taken in the White House
Left, the Huckabee family with a dog in the 1990s; right, a recent photo of the Obamas taken in the White House

Fox News fired Mike Huckabee from his job as a chatshow host last week when he revealed he was testing the waters for another presidential run. (Interesting to know that Fox has some ethics.) Suddenly finding himself outside the right-wing limelight, Huckabee urgently needed attention, so he took a cheap shot at the Obamas’ parenting skills:

“I don’t understand how on one hand they can be such doting parents and so careful about the intake of everything – how much broccoli they eat and where they go to school and making sure they’re kind of sheltered and shielded from so many things – and yet they don’t see anything that might not be suitable for either a preteen or a teen in some of the lyrical content and choreography of Beyoncé,”

It takes a lot of “chootspah,” as former Rep. Michele Bachmann, Huckabee’s co-religionist, might say, for someone with Huckabee’s record as a parent to criticize the Obamas.

Firstly, Huckabee has no room to criticize the Obama kids’ healthy diet when photographic evidence (see above) shows that he and his wife apparently raised their two sons on a diet of Moon Pies and RC Cola, as a result of which both boys became morbidly obese in their teens.

Mainly, however, while no fault can be found in the results of the Obamas’ parenting skills thus far, the results of the Huckabees’ parenting abilities are on the record, and it is clear that their elder son, David, had some problems.

As we reported in 2007, while Mike was serving as governor of Arkansas, his elder son David and another miscreant were fired from their jobs as Boy Scout camp counselors after they tortured and killed a dog. According to a report on the 1998 incident, the young men “admitted to catching a stray dog during their summer session at Camp Pioneer in Hatfield, AR, and hanging the dog by his neck, slitting his throat and stoning him to death.”

It would be interesting to know what sort of music Huckabee allowed young David to listen to — perhaps there was some Ted Nugent on the playlist.

The atrocity committed by David Huckabee might have been remained a private, family matter, but it briefly became a political issue in the 2008 campaign after a report surfaced that a local prosecutor claimed Gov. Huckabee had fired him because he prosecuted David and his friend for killing and torturing the dog. Huckabee denied the allegation, and said the former prosecutor was simply “bitter” and had been fired because he created a toxic work environment.

Reports about the dog-killing incident came to light in 2007 a few months after David Huckabee was arrested on federal weapons charges when he attempted to board a plane with a loaded 40-caliber Glock pistol in his carry-on luggage. He later pleaded guilty and was given a one-year suspended sentence.

If Huckabee runs for president, he will likely find himself in a rematch against Mitt Romney, against whom he ran in 2008 (and whose Mormon religion Huckabee referred to back then as a “satanic cult“). If so, it would be interesting to hear the two Republicans debate animal rights. During Romney’s 2012 presidential run it was revealed that he had forced his seriously ill dog to ride for 12 hours in a kennel strapped to the roof of a car.


  • Phil
    January 16, 2015 - 6:24 pm | Permalink

    I am always fascinated by the hypocrisy of the right.

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  • Wayne Bell
    April 21, 2015 - 7:53 pm | Permalink

    I like dogs a much as anyone but this is dumb. Is this the best you can do? I don’t know the details and apparently you don’t either so why make such a deal out of it until you know exactly what happened. Gossip has destroyed more lives then the truth ever did.

    • Bird
      August 24, 2018 - 2:18 pm | Permalink

      Anyone that captures and tortures an animal may have the same tendency toward people. I don’t know if in fact this is true. I have read and watched several things on this subject. I know you can’t believe everything you see and hear but having two young boys do this should raise the eyebrows.

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