Trump Again Triggers the Instinct to Destroy Stuff

There’s something about Donald Trump that makes people want to beat things, and this ad from a Van Nuys, Calif. Nissan dealer is proof. The ad, which has been condemned by Nissan corporate, shows a sales manager nicknamed, “The Ladies’ Man” beating a pinata of a man in a suit with a generous topping of blonde hair.

After store managers hit the piñata, Van Nuys General Sales Manager Martin Cuevas declares, “Aqui en Van Nuys Nissan, los Latinos mandan.” (Translation: “Here at Van Nuys Nissan, Latinos rule.”)

Nissan quickly condemned the ad.

“We find these advertisements to be neither responsible or respectful, and we do not condone what they represent,” Nissan said. “We expect our dealers to establish advertising that is responsible and respectful and represents the best interest of the Nissan brand.”

So, to be clear, all those car ads that show barely dressed women fawning over men in new cars or trucks were meant in the most respectful way.

The dealership itself posted an apology on its website, blaming “misunderstanding” and its ad agency, which it called out by name.

Nissan of Van Nuys would like to apologize for any misunderstanding concerning a spoof “beta” spot which was never approved by upper management and never approved to air. The spot was leaked from our advertising agency, The Luca Group, which has already sent a letter apologizing for the breech in security…Of course this was never meant to offend anyone…”

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) posted a video of himself treating his cell phone like the pinata, after Donald Trump provided the world with the senator’s private phone number. Trump gave out the phone number after Graham defended his ally, Sen. John McCain (R-Az.), whom Trump had said wasn’t a real hero in Vietnam because he had been captured as a prisoner of war.

If you missed that video, here it is.

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