Trump Finally Repulses Conservatives – His Vulgar Language Shocks S.C. Focus Group

These Republicans physically recoiled when they were shown a video of Trump dropping an F-bomb from a campaign-event podium
Trump dropping the F-bomb in New Hampshire
Trump dropping the F-bomb in New Hampshire

Donald Trump’s rise during the 2016 presidential campaign has confounded experts from the start. No one could have predicted that a buffoonish billionaire from the Outer Boroughs would have broad appeal to conservative voters nationwide.

But now, for the first time, something the GOP frontrunner said appears to have shocked Republican voters.

He said the word “fuck.”

In past campaign seasons, GOP voters would have summarily rejected a Republican presidential candidate who supported affirmative action, promised to fund Planned Parenthood, favored a ban on assault weapons, said he would not cut Social Security or Medicare, who’d personally profited from eminent domain and who had historic ties to powerful mobsters.

And yet, Donald Trump has led in nearly every national poll of Republican voters taken since he entered the race.

Even more remarkably, Trump has the support of evangelicals, including Liberty University leader Jerry Falwell Jr. — an apparent signal that the GOP has officially abandoned its stance as the party of so-called “family values.” How else to explain why the Christian right has fallen in line behind Trump, a serial adulterer and philanderer who has bragged about having sex with Penthouse and Playboy magazine nude models, including the late, drug-addled Anna Nicole Smith. In fact, Trump’s third wife, Melania, the mother of his youngest son — and these evangelicals’ choice to be the next U.S. first lady — has also appeared nude in a photo spread.

Jerry Falwell Sr. is likely spinning in his tomb.

It seemed that nothing — not his boorish behavior nor his liberal views — could shake Republican voters’ stolid support for Trump, until now.

In a video of a Bloomberg News focus group of South Carolina Republican voters released this week, we finally see a group of conservatives register strong disapproval of Trump.

During the session, the voters were shown a video montage of three instances of Trump using vulgar language from the podium at campaign events.

In the first clip, Trump says, “If he [Canadian-born Ted Cruz] gets the nomination, they’re going to sue his ass off.”

Next, Trump says, “We’re going to knock the shit out of ISIS.”

Finally, during a recent campaign event in New Hampshire, Trump says, “And you can tell them [corporations who move operations overseas] to go fuck themselves!”

In fact, Trump mouthed the word “fuck,” but his meaning was so clear that the word was bleeped out in order to meet broadcast standards.

Upon hearing the line, all ten South Carolinians in the focus group physically recoiled.

“You all have a pretty strong reaction to this,” noted Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin, the session’s leader. “Is it something you consider disqualifying …?”

“Oh, yeah,” said a woman in the group.

“…Or just not your cup of tea?” Halperin said.

“It’s crass,” said another.

Others chimed in. “It’s not presidential.”

“It’s not professional.”

“It’s not how you want your president of the United States to present to the world,” said the first woman.

Another woman said, “This is who’s going to be negotiating with other world leaders.”

Not included in the montage was a clip of Trump on the podium in New Hampshire last week, repeating a statement shouted out by a woman disparaging Ted Cruz for saying he would refuse to torture prisoners.

“She said, ‘He’s a pussy,'” Trump repeated to the crowd. “That’s terrible.”

The next morning Trump sent a spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, out to defend his use of the “the p-word.” Pierson answered her boss’ critics by comparing him to the Founding Fathers.

“When we look at the Founding Fathers and when they were competing, they said far worse things about each other,” Pierson said on CNN. “This is not nothing [sic] new. This is politics.”

“But isn’t there a difference between political correctness and vulgarity?” the interviewer asked.

“The line to me is free speech, the First Amendment,” Pierson replied. “What I’m saying is it’s free speech, and this is the Live Free or Die state. Mr. Trump is exercising his free speech, it was in fun with the audience.”

At the focus group in South Carolina, Bloomberg’s Halperin asked the group members to predict who would win the state’s Republican primary on Feb. 20.

All 10 members said Trump.

But when asked who they would vote for if they had to choose between Trump and Cruz, eight members of the focus group said Cruz, one said Trump and another was undecided.

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  • February 12, 2016 - 11:39 am | Permalink

    Seems pretty consistent, according to this report from NBC News: “A focus group sponsored by The Riley Institute at Furman University and moderated by pollster Peter Hart revealed significant anxiety among some GOP primary voters about Trump as a candidate, but all of the ten participants said they would still support Trump over Hillary Clinton in a general election matchup, and all but two said they expect him to win the state’s primary next Saturday.”

    “Asked to name the candidate most capable of beating the Democratic nominee in November, only one participant named the current GOP frontrunner. But while a majority called Trump divisive, all but three in the group said his candidacy has had a net positive effect on the party by mobilizing disaffected voters.”

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