Nation’s Worst Governor Targeted by Anonymous

We wish Anonymous well, especially since Rick Scott’s future looks so bright. He’s being mentioned for the U.S. Senate and as Trump’s vice president.

If you live in Florida, you’d be forgiven for wondering what took Anonymous so long. The hactivist group recently announced war on Gov. Rick Scott (GOP/Tea), and is calling for his impeachment.

The video hits some of Scott’s sins, but leaves out many. That’s because of the sheer number of them.

The video doesn’t even mention Scott’s drug testing of welfare recipients and state workers, which was ruled unconstitutional; his unilateral scrapping of high-speed rail in a state locked in traffic gridlock; or his firing of the nursing home ombudsman brazen enough to ask for improvement in many of the mostly Medicare-funded agencies. And many, many more.

Scott reacted to the video as is his wont. He commandeered a state agency for his personal agenda, calling upon the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to take on Anonymous. They declined.

A FDLE spokesperson told First Coast News via email that they are aware of the video but do not believe a crime has been committed.

Maybe Scott should have thought about working with FDLE before he petulantly fired its chief last year without consulting his cabinet members, as Florida law requires.

We wish Anonymous well in its efforts, especially since Scott’s future looks so bright. Despite record low approval ratings throughout his time as governor, his name is often bandied about as either a potential U.S. senator or as Donald Trump’s vice president. Hurry, Anonymous, hurry!

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