California Polls Find a Tight Race in the Democratic Primary, Trump Trounced in the Fall

California Decline: Number of registered Republicans remains behind Independents and other parties
According to the California Secretary of State, the number of Republicans registered to vote in the state is 4.7 million, or 27.5 percent of all registered voters. This is 200,000 fewer voters than the 4.9 million (28.8 percent) voters registered in other parties or as independents — and 2.8 million fewer than the 7.5 million registered Democrats, who comprise 43.7 percent of registered voters.

With the California primary just days away, 21 percent of Democrats and independents have already voted, and among them Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by 17 percentage points, 58 to 41 percent, according to polling from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal. Clinton and Sanders are tied, 46 to 46 percent, among the 24 percent who plan to vote absentee. Among the remaining 55 percent who plan to vote in person next Tuesday, 50 percent say they plan to vote for Sanders and 47 percent will vote for Clinton.

The poll also finds that Clinton leads in Los Angeles, the state’s most populous and diverse area, 54 to 40 percent, which is perhaps not surprising — but she also leads 54 percent to 44 percent in the ultra-liberal Bay Area, which would seem to be Sanders country. Sanders is ahead in the inland/valley Red counties, 54 to 44 percent, and the coastal region, 58 to 36 percent.

In the general election, NBC/WSJ found Clinton beating Donald Trump by 24 points, 55 to 31 percent.

Meanwhile a new Field poll [PDF] of California voters finds that Hillary Clinton with a 2 point lead over Bernie Sanders, 45 to 43 percent. The poll also finds Clinton leading Donald Trump, 53 to 34 percent.

A separate Field Poll also shows where Californians in the five major regions — Los Angeles, the Bay Area, South Coast, Central Valley and Inland Empire — stand on key issues as they prepare to vote in the primary election on June 7. Here are a few top lines:

Statewide among all voters, 74 percent named jobs/the economy as the most important issue facing the state today — 73 percent among Democrats and 77 percent among Republicans. Conversely, the least important issue was a social issue that has been resolved in California: same-sex marriage/LGBT policies. Just 29 percent of all voters said this was the most important issue — the partisan split was 38 percent among Democrats to 13 percent among Republicans.

Other top ranked issues:

Jobs/the economy 74% 73% 77%
Education/public schools 67 73 56
Health care 66 70 58
Terrorist threat/protecting the homeland 64 55 81
Social Security 63 64 62
Ensuring clean air/water 62 73 41
Supreme Court appointments 57 55 61
Keeping U.S. out of war 54 65 34
Equal pay for women 53 66 30
Immigration 49 45 58
Reducing the deficit/size of government 49 34 75
Gun laws 47 48 43
College affordability 46 58 26
Income inequality 44 60 17
Energy policies 44 52 30
Race relations 43 53 24
Climate change 42 58 15
Trade policies 39 35 47
Abortion 39 43 32
Reducing Taxes 36 27 53
Same-sex marriage/LGBT policies 29 38 13

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