What Does Surprise Winner in Bloomberg News Poll Portend for 2020?

The winner of the latest Bloomberg News poll
The winner of the latest Bloomberg News poll

The results of a new Bloomberg News poll in Florida show the winner is…Michelle Obama!

The First Lady’s net favorability score — 57 — was higher than the other ten people in the poll, all of whom are, were, or want to be, elected officials.

Here are the actual numbers, from lowest net favorables to highest:

Patrick Murphy, candidate for the Florida U.S. Senate seat currently held by Marco Rubio — 38
Tim Kaine, Democratic VP nomineeand Virginia senator — 39
Hillary Clinton — 44
Donald Trump — 46
Rick Scott, Florida governor — 47
Bill Clinton, former president — 47
Marco Rubio, Florida senator — 50
Mike Pence, Republican VP nominee and Indiana governor — 51
Barack Obama, president — 51
Joe Biden, vice president — 54

The poll showed that most Floridians don’t know much about Patrick Murphy, who has focused his campaign more on criticizing his opponent than on defining himself. While he had the lowest favorability rating, he also had the lowest “very unfavorable” number, only 17. He also had the highest, “not sure,” at 31. By contrast, Donald Trump’s “very unfavorable” rating was 43, one point higher than Hillary Clinton’s 42.

We don’t know why Michelle Obama was included in the poll, since she’s not running for anything. Maybe Bloomberg News is hinting that she should be. Michelle 2020 does have a certain ring to it.

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