Help USS The Deplorables Set Sail

IMG_5807.JPGI’m usually not much of a joiner or a petition signer, but when there’s an issue I believe in, I will get behind it 100 percent.

So it is with a petition recently posted to the “We the People” site run by the White House. Someone called “D.S” has posted a petition to name the next available U.S. Navy ship USS The Deplorables. D.S. doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but suggests the name is “To honor those citizens who rose up to defend America and The Constitution from the globalists.”

To receive White House attention, a petition on “We the people” has to meet the threshold of 100,000 signatures by a set date. In this case, by Jan. 1, 2017. With less than 7,000 signatures so far, it will be an uphill battle. But what if we make it a little more specific: “To recognize the quality, integrity and abilities of those mostly white males nominated or appointed to Donald Trump’s cabinet and staff.”

So please, demonstrate your contempt for the president-elect and his “Cabinet of Deplorables” by helping to commission the USS The Deplorables.

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