Is Donald in His Final Descent?

NY Times
NY Times

From P.M. Carpenter:

[The photo above] is a kind of political mugshot I ran across the other day; it’s the most telling portrait I’ve yet seen of the brooding, exhausted, smoldering paranoid who haunts the White House, plagues the world, and offends every conscience of decency.

Here is a spent man, a physical wreck and psychic monstrosity — the shattered embodiment of yearslong corruption. Far from being the man of vigor he promised on the campaign trail, he is broken shell. And far from being the man who would make America great again, he’s only reversing the greatness of his predecessor.

Decades of grifting and carnival barking have eaten away his native humanity; all that is left is a black hole of despair, debauchery and primal screams. Its last victim? Donald Trump.

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