Not a Single Member of Trump’s Evangelical Council Has Resigned

They’re Showing No Signs of Doing What Jesus Would Do


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So many members of Trump’s manufacturing advisory council resigned over his support of armed extremists in Charlottesville, Va. that he had to disband the group to avoid further embarrassment. One by one, until Trump cried uncle at eight, leaders of industry released statements of resignation, adding their disagreement with the president’s views on race, anti-semitism, protest, and the circumstances of the loss of life at the white supremacy rally.

But not Trump’s evangelical council. Not a single member has resigned, from former Rep. Michele Bachmann to the Rev. Jerry Falwell to James Dobson.

A few have released statements that lament bigotry but go on to back up Trump’s view that both sides were equally at fault in the attack.

Particularly egregious was the statement from Johnny Moore, a consultant who manages communications for the Museum of the Bible and “special faith advisor” for the Ben Carson presidential campaign. Moore started out fine.

“White supremacism, racism, and anti-Semitism are bigotry and they are pure evil. I hate them, and I call upon all Americans to defy them with intentional acts of solidarity and love.”

But he had to make sure Trump and his followers heard him echo the president’s “both sides” argument.

“The right remains too passive and the left remains too political when it comes to ethnic divisions in this country. One side underestimates the issue and the other side provokes further conflict. Both sides distrust each other. This must end if we are to find national healing.”

The right, it should be noted, has not remained passive. The right was at its most active during the protests, armed with torches and assault weapons.

And what does it even mean to say the left is “too political” in calling out ethnic divisions? Is there another way to highlight the issue and seek justice?

Finally, how on earth is “the other side” provoking further conflict? By showing up and outnumbering neo-Nazis?

Anyone hoping for a way forward from the world of religion, instead of politics, should probably reconsider. While some religious leaders have spoken up and denounced Trump’s statements and what they indicate about his views, the members of his evangelical council show no signs of doing what Jesus would do.

Update: The entire “President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities” on which First Lady Melanie Trump is honorary chair, has shut itself down. ““We cannot sit idly by, the way that your West Wing advisors have, without speaking out against your words and actions,” a letter announcing the decision said.

Still no resignations from the evangelical council.

Newer update: At last! One member of the evangelical council is calling it quits. Expect more to finally follow.

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