LOSER! Trump Is Failing to Get Rich off His Presidency, Bigly

Workers removing Trump branding from a Manhattan condo building

Forbes has an article up that details how Trump is failing in his efforts to cash in bigly off his presidency.

You should read the entire article, but the Daily Beast has published this “Speed Read” of the five “richest bits” in the Forbes article:

  • Trump’s Net Worth Has Dropped by More Than $1 Billion
    “Back in late 2016, the president-elect notoriously — and controversially — refused to divest from the Trump Organization when he took the oath of office, sparking a raft of lawsuits about possible conflicts of interest, the emoluments clause of the Constitution be damned. As a direct result, according to Forbes, Donald Trump’s net worth has fallen to $3.1 billion over the last two years from $4.5 billion in 2015. That is said to put the president a full 138 spots lower than his previous position on The Forbes 400 list…”
  • Revenue at His Golf and Real-Estate Properties Has Fallen Dramatically
    “Trump’s golf properties in the U.S. fell by about 9 percent in 2017 for a combination of reasons, including the fact that—even if his politics weren’t off-putting—guests must now put up with metal detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs at his sites.”
  • His Product-Licensing Operation Is Down a Staggering 87 Percent
    “‘He’s so polarizing that people are afraid to do business with him,’ Jeff Lotman, who runs the licensing company Global Icons, told the magazine. ‘He has significantly tarnished the brand.'”
  • Eric and Don Jr.’s ‘Scion’ Hotel Brand Appears to Be Going Nowhere
    “[Licensiing] agreements generated just $27,000 in 2017, and no other deals of the kind were ever publicized. Of 35 spots said to be ‘in the works,’ none have materialized yet, Forbes says.”
  • The Opportunity Cost: Trump Would Have Made Millions if He Got Out
    “The irony? Trump may have been better off by divesting when he had the opportunity.”

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