Just in Time for Xmas — The Trumpy Bear

You want to feel sorry for Trump supporters getting ripped off for a $40 stuffed animal, but after watching the pure happiness depicted in the ad for a Trumpy Bear, the pity evaporates. Let the MAGA folks waste their disability checks if they so desire. The rest of us can look for the discarded bears in the trash and “play” with them accordingly.

The Trumpy Bear comes with hair like its namesake that can be brushed lovingly, a secret compartment for an American flag facsimile blanket (can someone explain the word, “desecration” to these folks?), and a certificate of authenticity, which buyers will want to frame and hang on their wall, just under the portrait of Trump, Palin, Nugent and Kid Rock at the White House.

Hurry, supplies — like the days left in our democracy — are limited.

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