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Trump on Withdrawal from Iraq in 2007: ‘Declare Victory and Leave’


Donald Trump has used up the last couple of news cycles repeating the ridiculous lie that Pres. Obama is the “founder of ISIS.” He also said the bloodthirsty terror group “honors” the president.

The flimsy basis of Trump’s false narrative is that U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq early in the president’s first term, and that ISIS arose to fill the power vacuum created by the U.S. withdrawal.

Never mind that ISIS began as an affiliate of Al Qaeda in Iraq, an insurgency that established itself in 2003 after the Bush administration fired more than 300,000 Iraqi soldiers and sent them home jobless, with few prospects and fully armed.

Never mind that the date of the U.S. troop withdrawal was specified in the Status of Forces agreement negotiated by the Bush administration and the democratically elected government of Iraq.

And never mind that Donald Trump himself was strongly in favor of the withdrawal at the time. When CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Trump in March 2007 what he thought the U.S. should do, Trump replied “Declare victory and leave.”

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Trump on Hillary in 2007: ‘Very, Very Brilliant’

TRUMP: Very talented, very smart. She’s a friend of mine, so I’m a little bit prejudiced. She’s a very, very capable person and I think she’ll probably be the nominee. We’ll see, but I think she’ll probably be the nominee. … I think she’s a very, very brilliant person, and as a senator in New York, she has done a great job. Everybody loves her. She just won an election with a tremendous majority and she really — she’s become very, very popular in New York. And it wasn’t easy.

– Donald Trump praising Hillary Clinton in an interview on CNN in 2007

Trump Smears Heartbroken Mother of Fallen Hero Soldier

Capt. Humayun Khan
Capt. Humayun Khan

During the course of his bizarre presidential campaign, Donald Trump has made countless scandalous statements that would have disqualified a normal candidate. He has mimicked a disabled man, insinuated that a conservative reporter asked him a tough question because she was menstruating and suggested that the Republicans’ 2012 nominee Mitt Romney would have traded oral sex for his endorsement.

So far, Trump’s Teflon veneer has held firm. Support from his hard-core supporters has not wavered, and it is not likely to. These are the same clueless voters who elected George W. Bush, twice.

But just hours after the general election began, Trump disparaged the parents of Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who was killed in action in Iraq in 2004. In particular, Trump smeared Capt. Khan’s mother, Ghazala, by insinuating husband forced her to be silent while he addressed the Democratic National Convention Thursday night.

Now Ghazala Khan is speaking out.

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Parents of American Muslim War Hero Call out Donald Trump

Khzr Kahn offers to lend Donald Trump his copy of the U.S. Constitution
Khizr Kahn offers to lend Donald Trump his copy of the U.S. Constitution

A few pundits are comparing this speech by Khizr Khan, the father of a soldier killed in action in Afghanistan, to the famous “Have you no sense of decency?” moment in that ended the communist witch-hunting career of Sen. Joe McCarthy in 1954.

There are striking parallels between the two incidents. Both McCarthy and Donald Trump are power-crazed, virulent demagogues. And both had connections to mob lawyer Roy Cohn. McCarthy mentored Cohn during the communist baiting hearings he held in the Senate. Years later Cohn was mentor to young Donald Trump.

(And here’s something that probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. Fox opted to break away during Kahn’s speech. The network ran an anti-Clinton Benghazi “Swiftboat”-style ad instead.)

Video and transcript of Khzir Kahn’s speech follow.

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Trump Uses Campaign Stop in Roanoke to Whine Incessantly about Air Conditioning

Hotel Roanoke
Hotel Roanoke

You may have missed it but back in May Bill Maher made the point that Donald Trump behaves like the 1950s anti-woman stereotype of a know-nothing complainer. “If Trump was a man,” Maher said on “Real Time,” his HBO show,”he’d stop whining like a little bitch.” He referred to The Donald as “Lady Trump,” because “he’s a whiny little bitch.”

And thus was born the hashtag, #whinylittlebitch.

Personally, I avoid the B-word because it strikes me as inherently misogynist. I prefer to call women who behave like jerks or assholes, “jerks” or “assholes.”

But check out this report from a local newspaper in Roanoke about the way Trump behaved during a campaign rally there on Monday. If the hashtag fits…

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Clinton Knocks Down Bridgegate Christie’s ‘Prosecution’ at RNC with One Tweet

Trump Family’s Latest Crime: Plagiarism

It’s the story of the day. In her speech at the Republican Convention last night, Melania Trump plagiarized a section of a speech that Michelle Obama delivered at the Democratic Convention in 2008.

The Trump campaign is responding by denying reality, blaming others for their own mendacity and ineptitude and by trying desperately to make the whole story go away.

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Report: Ivanka Played Shill in Her Father’s Trump Baja Resort Scam

Site of the Trump Baja resort; inset: Ivanka Trump and her father
Site of the Trump Baja resort; inset: Ivanka Trump and her father

After winning a behind-the-scenes power play in which she ousted campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Ivanka Trump has assumed a larger role in her father’s presidential campaign.

This change has heartened worried Republican elites. Ivanka’s public persona is a stark contrast from her father’s. He is a hotheaded, conspiracy-theory spouting vulgarian. She is poised and comes off as smart and cool. He is a world-class con artist. She seems to be squeaky clean.

But an investigation by the Los Angles Times into one Donald Trump’s many failed real estate ventures found that Ivanka, along with her brother, Donald Jr., played a supporting role in one of her father’s cons, a real estate deal in Baja, Mexico, that plundered the life savings of hundreds of unwitting condo buyers from Southern California.

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Trump Scalped


Fox News: Britain Votes to Leave UN

Found on Twitter
Found on Twitter

Apparently Fox News does not understand the Brexit vote.