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Source Close to Speaker Ryan: Trump Secretly Plans to Cut Social Security If Elected

A report by Josh Green in Bloomberg News on May 26 included a bombshell that could put Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on the defensive, if the mainstream media were to pick it up.

Buried 20 or so paragraphs into the piece, which focuses on Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus’ world of woe — and released on the day before the Memorial Day holiday — is a claim from a source who appears to be close to Speaker Paul Ryan that Donald Trump secretly plans to cut Social Security and other entitlements if he’s elected president.

The exchanged occurred when Trump met with Ryan earlier this month, expecting to be endorsed by Speaker Ryan, who was the vice presidential nominee on the ticket with Trump’s nemesis, Mitt Romney. Here’s what Josh Green reported:

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Poll: Voters Prefer Actual Head Lice to Human Louse Trump


Donald Trump’s campaign to crown himself the perennial Olbermann-esque “Worst Person in the World” is working. By campaigning as the prototypical louse — a misogynistic, racist, xenophobic serial philanderer and pathological liar — he’d already become the most disliked presidential candidate in the history of polling. Now a new poll from PPP finds that he is less popular even than actual head lice, traffic jams, used car salesmen, hipsters, the DMV, jury duty, root canals and even Nickelback.

Rachel Maddow broke the story last night.

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Trump Toxic in Florida


Donald Trump’s unfavorable rating (33% favorable/62% unfavorable) among Florida voters, according to a poll from Republican-leaning Associated Industries of Florida. The poll also found that Trump is underwater with Hispanics in general -77 (10/87) and Cubans specifically by 60 percentage points (17/77).

After Mike Tyson’s Conviction on Rape Charges, Trump Came out Swinging – Against Tyson’s Victim

Trump in 1992 attacking victim after Mike Tyson was convicted of rape
Trump in 1992 attacking victim after Mike Tyson was convicted of rape

Among the latest controversies bubbling up around the Trump campaign is the endorsement of Trump last week by former boxer and convicted rapist, Mike Tyson. This sort of unwanted attention would likely hobble a normal presidential candidate for at least a news cycle or two — but Trump, who has built his campaign on misogyny and racism, has absorbed the notorious rapist’s endorsement without missing a beat.

Now Buzzfeed has found a video clip from an NBC News report at the time of Tyson’s rape conviction in which Trump accused Tyson’s victim — an 18-year-old beauty queen — of asking for it.

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Bienvenido a California, Señor Trump

Protesters carry a Donald Trump balloon carrying a KKK hood at a May Day march in Los Angeles.
Protesters carry a Donald Trump balloon carrying a KKK hood at a May Day march in Los Angeles.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Thousands of people took to the streets in the annual May Day marches in downtown Los Angeles and Boyle Heights on Sunday to advocate for immigration reform, police accountability and an end to racism.

The diverse array of protesters shared one thing in common: all were offended by something Donald Trump had said. The Republican presidential candidate literally loomed over one of the rallies in the form of a giant balloon effigy carrying a Ku Klux Klan hood.

“He’s plastic, he doesn’t have a heart, he doesn’t have a brain,” organizer Francisco Moreno said, as he gestured at the swaying effigy. “We’re not going to vote for Trump!”

The Donald’s Top Lobbyist Assures the RNC That Trump’s ‘Dirtbag Don’ Persona Is All an Act

Paul Manafort
Paul Manafort
After railing against Washington lobbyists for months, Donald Trump recently hired one of the worst of the breed to run his campaign. Paul Manafort, a former partner in the D.C. powerhouse lobbying firm, Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly and now a principal at Davis, Manafort, has a client list that, according to right-leaning Politico, has been described as “the torturers’ lobby.” Manafort’s clients have included Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos; Mobutu Sese Seko, the longtime military dictator of Zaire; Angolan guerrilla Jonas Savimbi; the I.S.I., an alleged front group for Pakistani intelligence; and Ukrainian strongman and Putin ally Viktor Yanukovych.

But in his first major outing representing the Donald, uber-lobbyist Manafort committed the ultimate D.C. insider gaffe — he got caught on tape revealing that his client’s Dirtbag Don persona is all an act intended to fool rubes in the GOP base into supporting him.

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Poll: Clinton Leads Trump by 31 Percentage Points in California


In this most unpredictable of all presidential campaign seasons, there is at least one thing that can be counted on to hold true.

California remains a reliable stronghold for the Democratic Party, in general — and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, specifically.

That assumption is based on recent polling in the Golden State, including a well-respected USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll released today.

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Trump Supporter: He Reminds Me of a Five Year Old Child, But I’m Voting for Him Anyway

I’ve never voted for anyone like him. He seems very arrogant and outspoken and he reminds me of my kindergarten students: whatever he thinks in his head, he says. I don’t know if I can trust him, but I like that he’s different. He’s made me a believer.

– Denise McLemore, 56, a kindergarten teacher from Lexington, N.C., explaining her support for Donald Trump to a pollster for Bloomberg News. The poll found that Trump is viewed favorably by just 29 percent of Americans, even while about two-thirds of Republicans support him.

Trump Meets with the Washington Post Editorial Board, Discusses the Size of His Hands


The 2016 campaign for the U.S. presidency will likely always be remembered as the first time (and, let’s hope, the last) that a candidate’s genitals became an issue.

The candidate in question is Donald Trump, of course. And for everyone who is familiar with Trump’s history before he entered the presidential race, it is hardly surprising that he’s dragged presidential political discourse down to this unprecedented level of vulgarity.

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Secret of Trump’s Success: The ‘Liberal Media’ Has Given Him a Free Ride


Statistics on media coverage of the 2016 presidential race reveal how Donald Trump has managed to dominate the race. He did by commandeering media coverage and using the time to promote his brand of racist demagoguery.

The media has been complicit, of course, because it turns out that inflaming race hatred in America is good for ratings.

Amy Goodman laid it all on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday.

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