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Seventh GOP Benghazi Investigation Finds No Criminality Or Malfeasance – Eighth Inquiry Is Underway
An overview and links to findings from the previous congressional investigations

It was a classic Friday night news dump, and then some. Last Friday, which happened to be the Friday before the Thanksgiving holiday week, the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee released the findings of its investigation into the 2012 attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. This was the seventh congressional investigation into the Benghazi attacks, […]

Republicans Warn That Immigration Order Will Foment Anarchy and Violence among Their Base – Obama Tells Them, ‘Pass a Bill’

Last night Pres. Obama unveiled his executive order to defer the deportations of 4.4 million undocumented residents, allow spouses of green-card holders to apply for legal status, make it easier for foreign entrepreneurs to get visas and more. Today, predictably, Republicans are in full lather trying to shift public attention away from the fact that […]

Obama Unveils Executive Order on Immigration Reform

Here are highlights of Pres. Obama’s executive order on immigration reform from the Washington Post:

GOP Senator: Facts about Legality of President’s Executive Order Don’t Matter to Republicans
A new low for 'Morning Joe' - hosts and reporter ignore Sen. Coburn's warning that GOP base might launch race war over immigration, Ferguson

In an interview with Susan Page at USAToday, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., warned that the Republicans’ base might be provoked into violence, if Pres. Obama signs an executive order on immigration, as planned: The country’s going to go nuts, because they’re going to see it as a move outside the authority of the president, and […]

Advocates for Canada’s Keystone Pipeline Rely on the ‘Stupidity of American Voters’
While support among Democrats has dropped 11 points in 18 months - GOP support has not budged from 83%

A bill to enable construction of Canada’s Keystone XL pipeline across the American Heartland failed by one vote, 59-41, in the Senate yesterday. Although the lameduck Democratic leadership put the bill up for vote in quixotic hopes of helping Sen. Mary Landrieu win her runoff election against tea partyist Bill Cassidy in Louisiana, all the […]

Impeachable? Here Are 18 Immigration Executive Orders Issued by Recent Republican Presidents
Presidents Eisenhower, Ford, Reagan, Bush and Bush all altered immigration law by executive action, yet none were impeached

Republicans claim that that Pres. Obama’s plan to establish temporary legal status for undocumented immigrants by executive order is illegal. Read the full report from the American Immigration Council: Executive Grants of Temporary Immigration Relief, 1956-Present They have issued a series of threats against the president if he signs the order to stand up the […]

Party of ‘Death Panels’ Feigns Outrage Over Insider Claim That Obamacare Passage Relied on ‘Stupidity of the American Voter’
GOP hypocrisy red alert

Four years ago, the Republican Party launched a relentless propaganda campaign to convince their low-info, Fox-befuddled followers that the coming of Obamacare was a harbinger of the Apocalypse. The motive behind the propaganda campaign had nothing to do with the substance of the reform — Pres. Obama had based the Affordable Care Act on the […] Confuses Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch with Country Star Loretta Lynn

In the world of the late racist provocateur Andrew Breitbart, facts did not matter. As spreaders of lies and smears targeting liberals and progressive organizations, Breitbart, along with his federally convicted Mini-Me, James O’Keefe, deserve a great deal of credit for poisoning the well of American politics. The beauty part about operating in a fact-free […]

SCOTUS Ruling in Favor of GOP Lawsuit Would Revoke Health Insurance of Millions of Americans
The GOP hopes a technical flaw in ACA language will force over 7 million mostly red-state Americans back into the ranks of the uninsured

The Supreme Court agreed on Friday to hear a lawsuit on the Affordable Care Act, King v. Burwell, brought by Republicans seeking to revoke the health-insurance of 7.3 million Americans whose premiums are paid by government subsidies under the ACA. The lawsuit is based on a snippet of poorly constructed language in the law that […]

Poll Finds 64% Tea Party Support for Impeaching Pres. Obama
Support among more liberal Republicans is 50%

A poll from Democracy Corps found that the Republican base supports impeaching Pres. Obama by a two-to-one margin. The poll did not ask what high crime or misdemeanor tea partyists believe the president is guilty of, but presumably it is “presidenting while black.” Congressional tea party boss Ted Cruz routinely bullied House Speaker John Boehner, […]

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