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Why Did Fox Allow Spokesanchor Megyn Kelly to Attack Dick Cheney on Iraq?

Here’s one for the Kremlin watchers. Why did Fox News Pres. Roger Ailes decide to go after Dick Cheney’s record of deception and ineptitude about the invasion of Iraq? Sources say that daily talking points are largely determined by Ailes and delivered by his minions in morning meetings to Foxbots like Megyn Kelly. During an [...]

Map Shows Progress on Marriage Equality

Marriage equality is now the law in the Pacific Coast states and Hawaii, the Northeast, New Mexico and four states in the Midwest. To access an interactive version of this map on the Mother Jones website that provides status and updates on laws state-by-state, click here.

Tea Party Professor Who Defeated Cantor Flubs Interview on First Day
David Brat also runs a foundation that promotes the fantastical economic theories of Ayn Rand

Note to Prof. Dave Brat, the newly nominated tea party candidate for the Virginia district currently held by Majority Leader Eric Cantor: College professors get to choose topics for discussion in class, but candidates — just like elected officials — must be able to answer whatever questions the media throws their way. Brat made a [...]

Tea Party Topples House Majority Leader, Former ‘Young Gun’ Eric Cantor

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, once one of the self-proclaimed GOP “Young Guns,” lost his seat today representing Virginia’s 7th District to a tea bagger professor, Dave Brat. Hard to believe, but even Fox News confirms it: In a stunning upset, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost the GOP Virginia primary Tuesday night to Dave [...]

Tea Party Spawns Terror Attack
After Jerad Miller shot and killed the police officers in Las Vegas, he and his wife draped their bodies with the tea party's most familiar emblem, the Gadsden flag

Let’s call Jerad and Amanda Miller, the Indiana couple who fatally shot two police officers as well as an armed citizen in Las Vegas on Sunday, what they were: right-wing domestic terrorists. To be specific, they were tea party-inspired terrorists. The national media won’t go there, of course, because they fear offending the Republican Party [...]

Should U.S. Senators Who Voted against Additional Funding for VA Hospitals in February 2014 Also Resign?

With the drumbeat growing to hold VA Secretary Gen. Eric Shinseki accountable for the wait lists at hospitals in Arizona and elsewhere by forcing him to resign, perhaps the U.S. senators who voted in February to filibuster a bill that would have increased the VA’s budget by $24 billion should resign as well. You’ll find [...]

Limbaugh’s Radio Station Plummets to 39th in Los Angeles Market

Via Eric Boehlert at Media Matters: According to recently released ratings from Nielsen Audio, Limbaugh’s California flagship station, KEIB, now ranks 39th in the Los Angeles market, attracting an anemic .5 ratings share. (A ratings share represents the percent of those listening to radio in the market who are tuned into a particular station.) The [...]

Poll Finds Troublesome News for Tea Party’s U.S. Senate Candidate in North Carolina


Percentage of North Carolina voters who approve of the state’s tea-party controlled Legislature, versus 56% who disapprove, according to a new PPP survey. This is not good news for Thom Tillis, the tea partyist who, as speaker, runs the Legislature’s lower body and who won the Republican primary last week to take on Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan in November.

In 2012, Fox News Repeatedly Accused Clinton of Faking Her Head Injury
Obamacare Saves Fox Viewer’s Life – ‘I Probably Would Have Ended up Falling over Dead,’ He Says

Lumberman Dean Angstadt tells one of the more dramatic stories about the impact of the Affordable Care Act. A loyal Republican and Fox Viewer who once said, “I don’t read what the Democrats have to say about it because I think they’re full of it,” Angstadt found himself self-employed, uninsured and in urgent need of [...]