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What is FOX?

FOX News is indisputably the most popular cable news channel. And yet in 13 years, Fox has never broken a story. That’s okay, because it is not in the news business. It is in the news-shaping business. Its programming is an admixture of right-wing propaganda and fear-porn for feeble-minded paranoiacs, served up by spokesmodels who have no clue what they are reading.

- Pensito Review quoted from 2009 in answer to the question “What is FOX?” in “Understanding The History And Purpose Of Fox News,” at Addicting Info.

Would It Kill You to Like Us on Facebook?

We are THIS CLOSE to a milestone: 200 “Like-ers” on Facebook! How exciting would it be to leap from our current 199 “Like-ing” people to 200? Pretty, pretty, pretty, durn exciting! So help us out. If you don’t already like us on Facebook, would it KILL you to hit that stupid blue thumbs-up icon? We […]

Pensito Year 8


Pensito Review is celebrating its eighth year of publication. Thanks to all our readers!

Gore Vidal, 1925-2012

I have had the privilege of serving as editor and producer of Gore Vidal’s official website,, for the past year and a half. Getting to know Mr. Vidal, albeit slightly — a brilliant writer, political analyst, social critic and historical figure in his own right — has been a truly memorable experience. There will […]

Whoo-Hoo! We Just Got Our 50th “Like!”

Champagne corks are popping at Pensito Review because we just got our 50th Facebook “Like” today! Our thumbs are UP. O.K., 50 might not sound like much to those of you with 637 “Friends,” but when you understand our past ambivalence toward Facebook, you’ll understand why it’s a big deal (not to be confused with […]

Pensito Review Celebrates Sixth Anniversary


Number of years Pensito Review has been publishing. Thanks to all our readers.

Pensito Review, Trish Ponder Nominated for 2010 Florida Netroots Awards

First, thanks to the nominators at the 2010 Florida Netroots Awards for including us in the list — we’re nominated for It is an honor to be nominated for Best National Blog, and Trish is nominated for Best Writer. It’s an honor to be nominated, and winning is even better, so please take a moment and vote for via the online ballot here: 2010 Florida Netroots Awards.

Pensito Review’s Fifth Anniversary

Pensito Review celebrated its fifth anniversary on January 28. Thanks to all our readers.

Slice and Dice Your Demos –

Be sure to check out Trish’s post about from last night. I happened upon a similarly interesting site this morning,, which slices and dices demographic information based on ZIP codes. According to the results for my ZIP Code in West Hollywood, 55.9 percent of my neighbors are categorized “never married,” but I doubt […]

USA Today Creator Al Neuharth Reads Pensito Review

This week Al Neuharth is celebrating USA Today’s quarter-century of turning trees into the intellectual lowest common denominator. It’s hard to believe that it was just 25 years ago that virtually overnight Americans went from being human beings with complex lives to being collective cyphers in brightly colored charts and graphs. ‘This is a lot […]