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Obama-Biden Ad: Romney’s Vampire Economics

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Women Want Government in Their Vagina

Doh! We Elected Obama Because He’s Black?

Speaking at a town hall meeting, Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) suggested President Obama was only elected president because he’s an African-American:

Obama’s Ad About Bin Laden

The only reason to criticize this ad is that it makes Romney uncomfortable. But there’s absolutely no reason the Obama campaign shouldn’t talk about Osama bin Laden. Lord knows the Republicans trotted the threat of him out often enough in 2004.

Obama and Fallon Slow Jam Student Loans

Pres. Obama “Slow Jams” the student loan news. Republicans want to double the rate for government-backed student loans, adding about $1,000 per year to the cost of financing an undergraduate degree.

Biden Gets the Bad Lip-Reading Treatment

Cute Kittens! Funny Fat Cats! Slamming Mitt Romney! What’s Not to Love in This Ad?

CCOKC: Kirk Cameron Is a Dick

The Latest Bizarre Herman Cain Video

Mitt’s Lies Vs. the Truth