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With a BMI of 29.5, By His Own Standards Trump Is a Fat Pig


The BMI of a man who is six feet, three inches tall and weighs 236 pounds — Donald Trump’s height and purported weight — according to the Mayo Clinic’s Body Mass Index Calculator. According to Mayo, the threshold BMI score for obesity is 30, so Trump — who routinely criticizes women like former Miss Universe Alicia Machado when they gain weight — is just half a percentage point below obese, making him, by his own standards, a fat pig.

Polls Find Clinton Clear Debate Winner


Of voters who tuned in to watch said Hillary Clinton was the winner of Monday night’s debate, while just 27% said they thought Donald Trump had the better night, according to a CNN/ORC Poll of voters who watched the debate. A Public Policy Polling survey of debate watchers shows Clinton won 51% to 40%.

Trump Laundered Income Through His Charity

$2.3 million

Amount that Donald Trump’s charitable foundation has received from companies that owed money to Trump or one of his businesses, but were instructed to pay Trump’s tax-exempt foundation instead, the Washington Post reports. “In cases where he diverted his own income to his foundation, tax experts said, Trump would still likely be required to pay taxes on the income. Trump has refused to release his personal tax returns.”

30 Percent of Voters Say Debates Will Help Them Decide


Of registered voters said the set of three presidential debates that start on Monday in New York would be extremely or quite important to their decision. Among Republicans, 37% said the debates would be important to them, while 31% of Democrats said the same, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

Nearly Half of Voters Think President Trump Would Use Nuclear Weapons


Of all voters think Donald Trump would use a nuclear weapon to attack ISIS or another foreign enemy, according to a new SurveyMonkey poll. Also interesting: “Sixty-five percent said that there would be race riots in major cities during a Trump administration, and 44 percent believe Trump would authorize internment camps for illegal immigrants.”

National Debt Would Rise with Trump Proposals

$5.3 trillion

Amount that Donald Trump’s latest tax proposals would increase the federal debt over the next decade, compared with $200 billion if Hillary Clinton’s ideas were enacted, according to a new analysis from a nonpartisan group, the AP reports.

Three-Quarters of Voters Set to Watch First Debate


Of registered voters plan to watch the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton next week, according to a new Morning Consult poll. When asked who they think will win the debate, 37% picked Clinton and 31% chose Trump while 32% either didn’t know or had no opinion.

Adelson Goes All-In For Trump

$45 million

Amount conservative mega-donor Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Miriam, have committed so far to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and down-ballot Republicans’ attempt to control Congress, CNN reports. “The spending amounts to a historic investment in the Republican Party ticket’s hopes for November, putting millions of dollars behind Trump’s bid in a groundbreaking donation that could redefine the final two months of the 2016 campaign.”

Older White Voters Could Win Florida for Trump

12.4 million

Number of active registered voters in Florida, more than 3.3 million of whom are older than 65, making it the largest age group on the rolls (followed by those 50 to 64). The elderly also have the highest turnout rate in Florida, Politico reports. “Without the backing of older whites, polls indicate Trump would lose Florida — in this retirement mecca, the elderly are still a force at the ballot box. … But at its core, the race is about race, about motivating white versus non-white voters. The whiter the electorate, the likelier it is Trump wins. And older whites are keeping Trump in the hunt. … When it comes to race, non-Hispanic whites are 65 percent of the overall voter rolls and are the most-reliable voters.”

Most Say Trump Is Not Qualified to Be President

62% to 38%

A new Quinnipiac poll shows that American likely voters say by a 62% to 38% that Hillary Clinton is qualified to be president, but by a 61% to 38% margin that Donald Trump is not.