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Almost Half Disapprove of Executive Action on Immigration


Of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s expected plan to take executive action that would potentially allow millions of undocumented immigrants to stay legally in the United States, while 38% support it and another 14% have no opinion or are unsure, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Keystone XL Will Add the Number of Permanent Jobs the U.S Economy Makes Every 10 Minutes

10 minutes, 9 seconds

Time it takes the U.S. economy to create 50 jobs in 2014 — that’s the number of permanent jobs the Keystone XL pipeline would create after its completion, reports the Washington Post. The U.S. economy has been averaging 229,000 new jobs per month since January, and at that rate, it would take less than one week to create the 42,000 temporary jobs Keystone supporters tout.

Landrieu Only Participated in 30 Percent of Energy Committee Hearings


Percentage of energy committee hearing and subcommittee meetings at which Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) spoke or submitted written testimony or questions between 2009 and November 2014, according to an analysis of congressional records, videos and transcripts by Bloomberg. Yet she “is presenting herself as a leading voice for Louisiana on energy issues in the U.S. Capitol, showcasing her inside influence by forcing a Senate vote on a bill that would allow construction of the Keystone pipeline, a project backed by industries and voters in her state.”

Slight Majority Want Obama to Wait on Immigration Executive Action


Of Americans think President Obama should hold off and allow the new Republican majorities in the House and Senate to act on immigration reform while 42% say Obama should act now, a new USA Today poll finds.

Obama’s Email List is Worth More Than $1 Million

$1.2 million

Amount the nonprofit group Organizing for Action pays a year to rent the Obama campaign’s email list — widely believed to be the largest political email list ever created, according to the Wall Street Journal.


Of “those who bought new health insurance policies through the government exchanges earlier this year rate the quality of their healthcare and their healthcare coverage as ‘excellent’ or ‘good,’ a new Gallup poll finds. ‘These positive evaluations are generally similar to the reviews that all insured Americans give to their health insurance.”

Cory Booker is the Darling of Wall Street Donors

$1.87 million

Amount Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) received from the securities and investment industry, “making him the top recipient of Wall Street money this election cycle,” NPR reports. “Booker also received more money from real estate groups than any other member, as well as more from the entertainment and tech industries, accountants, and groups considered to be pro-Israel.”

Support for Keystone Pipeline Declining


Of respondents to a new Pew survey say they support construction of the Keystone XL, which would bring crude from Canadian oil sands to Gulf Coast refineries — a drop from Pew’s survey in March of 2013, when 66 percent of Americans said they favored it. Just 43 percent of Democrats currently favor construction, compared with a 54 percent majority in 2013. Among Republicans, 83 percent now support Keystone XL, a poll result that is nearly identical to the 2013 survey.

Most Midterm Non-Voters Had Lame Excuses


Of those who were registered to vote but chose not to gave reasons related to lack of time: “35% had work or school conflicts and 34% were too busy, ill, out of town or simply forgot. Two-in-ten (20%) registered non-voters say they either didn’t like the candidate choices or issues on the ballot, didn’t care about this election or didn’t have any or enough information to vote. And 10% of non-voters reported having a technical reason for not voting, either having missed the registration deadline, recently moving, or not have transportation to the polls,” according to Pew Research.

In U.S. 55% of Uninsured Plan to Get Health Insurance


Of uninsured Americans plan to get health insurance, while 35% say they instead will pay the fine as required by the Affordable Care Act, according to Gallup. Seven in 10 uninsured are aware of the requirement but 28% are not.