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Americans Will Spend $7.4 Billion on Halloween

$7.4 billion

Amount Americans will spend on Halloween costumes, decorations and candy in 2014, according to the National Retail Federation.

Candidate Pays Almost $300,000 to Consulting Firm that Doesn’t Exist


Amount Arkansas U.S. Senate candidate Tom Cotton (R) disbursed to Right Solutions Partners for “fund-raising consulting,” the New York Times reports. “But here’s the catch: It’s not clear that such an entity actually exists. It has no presence on the Internet, it appears that no other campaign is paying it this year, and it has no office at the Washington address listed on the articles of organization filed with the city last year.”

Earth Has Been Warmer than Average for the Past 355 Months


Number of months through September “this planet has been warmer than the 20th century average,” according to Jessica Blunden, a scientist at NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center.

Black Male Teenagers 21 Times More Likely than Whites to Be Killed by Police

31 in 1 million

Rate at which blacks, age 15 to 19, were killed in the 1,217 deadly police shootings from 2010 to 2012, while just 1.47 per million white males in that age range died at the hands of police, a ProPublica analysis of federal data shows. Young black males are 21 times more likely to be killed by police than their white counterparts.

You’re Paying 89 Cents a Month on Your Cable Bill for Fox News, Whether You Want It or Not

89 Cents

The amount Fox News requires cable subscribers to pay for its service every month whether they want it or not, according to Pew Research. Fox “now claims one of the highest average rates per subscriber. Only six non-premium cable channels command higher fees than Fox. CNN, by contrast, is estimated to average 57 cents per subscriber per month and MSNBC, 18 cents,” according to Pew.

Ebola Debuts on List of Americans’ Concerns

1 in 20

Americans now cite Ebola (5%) as one of the most important problems facing the country, placing it among the top 10 concerns, but not the highest, according to Gallup. The economy (17%) and dissatisfaction with government (16%) still lead.

One-Fifth of Republicans Would Vote for Romney for President


Of Republican voters back Mitt Romney for president, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds. “When Romney is excluded from the race, his supporters scatter, adding no clarity to the GOP free-for-all. In that scenario former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul have 12 or 13 percent support from leaned Republicans who are registered to vote. All others have support in the single digits.”

Best-Paid Part-Time Job Ever


Amount New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) wife, Mary Pat, who works part-time on Wall Street, earned in 2013, according to new tax filings. She received $475,854 for her job as a director at Angelo, Gordon & Co. and $34,698 from Cantor Fitzgerald, the AP reports.

Poll: 61% Express Confidence in Govt Efforts to Fight Spread of Ebola


Percentage of Americans polled by right-leaning who expressed “a lot of confidence” or “some confidence” in the U.S. government’s handling of the spread of Ebola. Just 33 percent said they had “not much confidence” or “no confidence at all” that the government could stop the virus from spreading. Despite the positive result for the Obama administration, the headline on Politico’s story about the poll reads, “Democrats in Danger over Ebola.”

Obama’s Favorability at 49%, According to Daily Tracking Poll from GOP’s Rasmussen


Pres. Obama’s approval rating according to the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll for October 15, 2014, from Rasmussen Reports, a Republican polling group. His disapproval rating is also 49%. That’s significantly better than his 42/52% rating in an NBC poll released this week.