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‘Rollover’ Rubio Will Vote for Tillerson


Number of votes Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) will cast for Rex Tillerson. Rubio announced that he would support President Trump’s pick to lead the State Department, removing the last significant stumbling block to his nomination, The Hill reports. “Rubio, who aggressively questioned Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson during his hearing earlier this month, had been the lone Republican holdout on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.”

Lawmakers in Five States Introduced Legislation to Criminalize Peaceful Protests


Number of states where Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation to criminalize peaceful protests. The Intercept: “On Saturday, the Women’s March on Washington will kick off what opponents of the incoming administration hope will be a new era of demonstrations against the Republican agenda. But in some states, nonviolent demonstrating may soon carry increased legal risks — including punishing fines and significant prison terms — for people who participate in protests involving civil disobedience. Over the past few weeks, Republican legislators across the country have quietly introduced a number of proposals to criminalize and discourage peaceful protest.”

Americans Believe Nation’s Divisions Will Persist


Of Americans describe the country as more politically divided today than in the past, while just 12% say the country is no more divided, a new Pew Research survey finds. “The nature of the country’s political divisions is a rare point of partisan agreement: Comparable majorities of Democrats and Democratic leaners (88%) and Republicans and Republican leaners (84%) say the country is more divided these days than in the past.”

D.C. Weed Group Has Rolled 5,500 Free Joints for Inauguration


Number of free joints rolled and handed out by DCMJ, a Washington, D.C.–based marijuana advocacy group that successfully lobbied for weed legalization in the district, reports Time. “DCMJ says the marijuana hand-out is not necessarily an anti-Trump protest, since both revelers and protesters are invited to partake. Instead, says DCMJ co-founder Nikolas Schiller, the event is supposed to be for anybody who supports cannabis reform.”

More Democrats Skipping Inauguration


Number of Democratic who lawmakers have now announced they’ll boycott Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday, The Hill reports.

Trump Voters Got Most of Their Pre-Election News from Fox News


Of Trump voters got most of their pre-election information from Fox news, a new Pew Research survey finds. Hillary Clinton voters named an array of different sources, with no one source named by more than one-in-five of her supporters.

More In Favor of Obamacare Now


Of Americans think the Affordable Care Act is a “good idea,” its highest mark since pollsters began asking about President Obama’s vision for a health overhaul in April 2009, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. The latest number compares with 41% who think the health law is a “bad idea.”

Trump Will Be the Least-Popular President in 30 Years


Donald Trump will become president Friday with an approval rating of just 40%, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll, the lowest of any recent president and 44 points below that of President Obama. “Following a tumultuous transition period, approval ratings for Trump’s handling of the transition are more than 20 points below those for any of his three most recent predecessors. Obama took the oath in 2009 with an 84% approval rating, 67% approved of Clinton’s transition as of late December 1992 and 61% approved of George W. Bush’s transition just before he took office in January 2001.”

Most Say Trump Shouldn’t Sell His Business


A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that 52% of those surveyed say Donald Trump’s decision to hand over control of his businesses to his adult sons and another executive “is enough” to separate his business interests from his obligations as president. A somewhat smaller share, 42%, say Trump should sell his businesses outright. However, Trump’s continued refusal to release his tax returns continues to be an unpopular decision, with 74% of Americans saying he should make the documents public, including 53% of Republicans.

Eight White Guys Own as Much Wealth as the Bottom Half of the World’s Population


Number of white men who own as much wealth as the bottom half of the world’s population,“Inequality is so stark that a small group of men own the same wealth as half the world, say campaigners ahead of the high-profile World Economic Forum in Davos,” Sky News reports. “According to research by Oxfam, the eight billionaires, including Bill Gates who tops the list, have riches equivalent to the wealth of the world’s 3.6 billion poorest people.”