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Unemployment Hits Seven-Year Low


The unemployment rate for June — the lowest in seven years, as the U.S. economy added 223,000 jobs last month, Bloomberg reports.

Clinton Raises $45 Million in First Quarter

$45 million

Amount Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign raised during its first quarter, her campaign told Bloomberg. “Clinton’s haul from her campaign’s launch in mid-April through June 30 is a record for primary money raised in a candidate’s first quarter. President Barack Obama held the previous record for a campaign’s first quarter, raising $41.9 million after launching his re-election bid.”

Jeb Bush Profited from Obamacare


Amount of profit Jeb Bush received on $441,203 worth of stock in Tenet Healthcare he acquired in May 2011 Bush’s financial endeavors “included serving as a paid director to the hospital company Tenet Healthcare, which backed President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. The position invited questions for Mr. Bush, who as a candidate opposes the health care law. … Mr. Bush resigned from the Tenet board in 2014 when he was preparing for his presidential campaign,” according to the New York Times.

Jeb Bush Leads GOP Contenders Nationally


Jeb Bush’s lead in the GOP presidential race nationally, followed by Donald Trump at 12%, Mike Huckabee at 8%, Ben Carson at 7%, Rand Paul at 7%, Marco Rubio at 6% and Scott Walker at 6%, according to a new CNN/ORC poll finds. “The findings suggest Bush is making progress toward being seen as the frontrunner in a field that has long lacked a clear leader. He holds a significant lead over the second-place candidate Trump, is seen as the candidate who could best handle illegal immigration and social issues, and runs about even with Trump and well ahead of the other candidates when Republicans are asked which candidate can best handle the economy.”

Walker Leads in Iowa


Scott Walker’s lead over the GOP presidential pack in Iowa, followed by Donald Trump at 10%, Ben Carson at 10%, Rand Paul at 9%, Ted Cruz at 9%, Jeb Bush at 8%, Marco Rubio at 7% and Mike Huckabee at 5%, a new Quinnipiac poll in Iowa finds. Said pollster Peter Brown: “Those who thought the Republican race in the Iowa caucuses might begin to clarify itself better think again. As even more candidates toss their hats into the ring, the race has gotten even more muddled.”

Trump Sues Univision for $500 Million

$500 million

Amount Donald Trump is suing Univision for after the network’s decision “to sever ties with him over his remarks about immigrants. The mogul and presidential candidate filed a $500-million lawsuit against Univision on Tuesday, claiming the Hispanic media organization violated its contract with him and his Miss Universe Organization,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Most Americans Support SCOTUS’ Decisions


Of Americans support the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding government assistance for lower-income Americans buying health insurance through both state-operated and federally-run health insurance exchanges, a new CNN/ORC poll finds. Slightly fewer, 59%, say they back the ruling which made same-sex marriages legal in all 50 states.

Bush to Release 33 Years of Tax Returns


Number of years of tax returns Jeb Bush is planning to release Tuesday – the most ever by U.S. presidential candidate, the Wall Street Journal reports. “The decision to release more than three decades of financial information comes as Mr. Bush aims to demonstrate he is more transparent and accessible than his opponents, particularly Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. She has filed the financial disclosure form required for presidential candidates but has not made her tax returns public.”

A Chelsea Speech is 75% Cheaper than a Hillary Speech


Amount the Washington Post reports Chelsea Clinton was paid for a speech at the University of Missouri after officials balked at her mother’s $275,000 fee. “More than 500 pages of e-mails, contracts and other internal documents obtained by The Washington Post from the university under Missouri public record laws detail the school’s long courtship of the Clintons. They also show the meticulous efforts by Chelsea Clinton’s image-makers to exert tight control over the visit, ranging from close editing of marketing materials and the introductory remarks of a high school student to limits on the amount of time she spent on campus.”

Obama Fast-Tracking Climate-Change Initiatives


Number of measures to fight carbon pollution the White House has proposed just since the start of 2015, “stepping up the pace ahead of critical talks for a global climate change deal,” the Guardian reports. “Two years after Barack Obama’s sweeping promise to fight climate change on 25 June 2013, the president has used his executive powers to spit out new climate events or announcements at a dizzying rate of one every 4.5 days this year, according to the running tally kept by the White House.”