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Army Misses Recruitment Goal


Percentage by which the Army fell short of the recruits it needs to fill its ranks, “marking the first time in six years — and only the third in the last 20 — that it may fall short of its recruiting goal for the year,” USA Today reports.

Political Bettors Give Trump Pretty Good Odds

8 to 1

Odds of winning the Republican presidential nomination the political betting markets give Donald Trump, behind only Jeb Bush (8-5), Marco Rubio (7-2) and Scott Walker (4-1).

Kasich Super PAC Rakes in $11 Million

$11 million

Amount Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s super PAC has raised, Politico reports. “Kasich’s super PAC haul places him in the middle tier of candidates, behind Jeb Bush ($103 million), Ted Cruz ($37 million), Scott Walker ($20 million), Rick Perry ($16.8 million), and Marco Rubio ($16 million). Chris Christie’s super PAC has also reportedly raised around $11 million.”

Sanders Pulls 100k to Nationwide Event


Number of supporters Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) attracted to participate in a nationwide house party, the New York Times reports. “The national organizing day, which featured more than 3,500 events and house parties across the country, centered around a technological infrastructure that uses text-messaging sign-ups and a deep database of volunteers. Attendees at the house parties were asked to text a number to opt in and show interest.”

Trump Nabs Significant Lead in Florida


Donald Trump’s lead in the the GOP poll in Florida, followed by Jeb Bush at 20%, Scott Walker at 12%, Marco Rubio at 10% and Ben Carson at 5%, a new St. Pete Polls survey finds.

Three Out of Five Floridians Flunk Written Driver License Test

3 out of 5

Floridians are flunking the state’s new written driver license test. “State officials expected some applicants would have trouble adjusting to a new written test implemented in January but acknowledge it erupted into an unexpected problem when they discovered more than 80 percent of drivers in some counties were unable to pass,” reports the Tampa Bay Times.

Facebook Will Be a Major Medium for Campaign Messaging for 2016

$1 billion

Amount some think will be spent on political advertising on Facebook to reach its 189 million users during the 2016 election cycle, according to the New York Times.

Trump Has Commanding Lead in N.H.


Donald Trump’s lead in the GOP presidential race with 24%, followed by Jeb Bush at 12%, John Kasich at 7%, Scott Walker at 7%, Marco Rubio at 6%, Ben Carson at 5% and Rand Paul at 5%, a new Monmouth poll in New Hampshire finds.

Plurality of American Jews Back Iran Nuclear Deal


Of Jewish Americans support the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration while 28% oppose it and 25% hadn’t heard enough to form an opinion, an LA Jewish Journal survey finds.

Cruz gets Campaign’s Largest Contribution to Date

$15 million

Amount “two low-profile Texas brothers” have donated to support Sen. Ted Cruz, “a record-setting contribution that amounts to the largest known donation so far in the 2016 presidential campaign,” CNN reports.