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Environmental Groups Spending Big on Elections

$60 million

The League of Conservation Voters plans to spend a record-breaking $60 million helping Democrats win congressional and state legislative seats, the Washington Post reports.

A Year After Maria, Puerto Rico Still Suffers


A new Washington Post-KFF poll found that nearly one year after Hurricane Maria, many Puerto Ricans are still struggling with basic necessities. The survey found that a full 83% of residents said they have suffered either major property damage, long-term loss of electricity, employment setbacks or worsening health problems. Key takeaways: 93% of residents said their roads and highways remain dangerous and 50% said their households lacked an adequate supply of drinking water.

Americans Rate Trump’s Ethics Worse than All Modern U.S. Presidents


Gallup: “A majority of Americans say President Trump’s ethical standards are lower than those of each of six U.S. presidents elected in the past 50 years. Less than half say Trump’s ethics are lower than Richard Nixon’s, but the 43% saying this still outweighs the 37% who say Trump’s ethics are higher than Nixon’s.”

Obamacare More Popular than Trump Tax Cuts

51% to 40%

A new Fox News poll finds the Affordable Care Act is more popular than the new Republican tax law. The 2010 health-care law registered a 51% approval rating, compared with 40% for the 2017 Republican tax cuts.

Mueller’s Approval Rating on the Rise


A new Fox News poll finds approval of special counsel Robert Mueller stands at 59%, up 11 points since July, and 40% expect the investigation will find Trump committed criminal or impeachable offenses, up 5 points.

New York Times Anything but ‘Failing’


CNN: “In his tweet, Trump again called the Times ‘failing,’ but the newspaper actually reported a healthy second-quarter profit. Two years ago today, he also called the Times ‘failing’ and ‘dying.’ The Times‘ stock is up nearly 77% since that tweet.”

Thirty Races Shift Toward Democrats


Inside Elections shifted their race ratings of 30 House contests in the direction of Democrats and just two towards Republicans. They now have 86 total seats “in play,” of which 76 are currently held by Republicans.

One in Seven Americans Loses Sleep Over Politics


A new GfK poll shows that 14% of Americans are so worked up about politics these days that they’re actually losing sleep over it.

Public Support for Kavannagh Lowest Since Bork in ’87


A new CNN poll finds Brett Kavanaugh receives a cooler public reception than nearly every Supreme Court nominee for the last four administrations. “Women are a driving force behind the tepid response, with fewer than three in 10 saying Kavanaugh ought to be confirmed.
… Overall, 37% of Americans say they’d like to see the Senate vote in favor of his confirmation. Kavanaugh’s support is the lowest in polling dating back to Robert Bork’s nomination by President Ronald Reagan in 1987.”

Trump’s Military Parade to Cost $92 Million

$92 million

“President Trump’s military parade this fall is shaping up to cost $80 million more than initially estimated,” CNBC reports. “The Department of Defense and its interagency partners have updated their perspective cost estimates for the parade… The parade, slated for Nov. 10, is estimated to cost $92 million… An initial estimate last month pegged the prospective cost for the parade at $12 million.”