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How to Improve Your LDS-dar, In One Easy Lesson
Is Mainstream Media Hiding Mormon Behavior Because of Mitt?

Mitt Romney’s thinking of running for president again. That means it’s time for the mainstream media to sweep the truth about how zingy Mormonism is under the rug. Here’s how you know “legitimate journalists” are talking about Mormons.

Even FOX Is Beginning to Demand Specifics From Romney

If trusting Mitt Romney is a bridge too far even for FOX, how can the rest of us even consider it?

Mormons are Killing the Boy Scouts


Percentage of Boy Scouts who are Mormon, compared to 2 percent of the American population. Mormons, who also largely bankrolled the reversal of same-sex marriage in California, are taking over the Boy Scouts even as the group’s numbers have shrunk in the face of anti-gay activism by the group. In the 1970s, the Boy Scouts had 4.8 million members; today the figure is 2.7 million.

Salt Lake City Winter Olympics: Hey Mitt, You Didn’t Build That

We’ve been stupefied at the public relations disaster that has been Mitt Romney’s European vacation. Especially amazing is that the candidate would want to draw attention to his role in the 2002 Winter Olympics, particularly in light of his effort to disavow the impact of infrastructure and public works in American business success (and if […]

The Root of Mitt Romney’s Comfort with Lying: His Mormon Faith
There are no lies, only faith-based certainty that translates as truth for which no apology is needed, since what was said was not a lie

From the series “Republicans on the Couch” by Justin Frank, M.D., at Time Magazine: I found myself discussing this situation [Romney’s ability to lie with ease] with several colleagues, and we agreed that Romney doesn’t lie. Let me repeat: Mitt Romney doesn’t lie. He is telling the truth as he sees it — and truth […]

150 Mormons Leave Sect But Mitt Romney Stays

The courage recently shown by 150 ordinary Americans whose action could, and likely will, cause them to lose everything and everyone they held dear in their lives, is awe-inspiring. What bold and risky move did these people take? They left the Mormon sect. A group of about 150 Mormons quit their church in a mass […]

Vodka’s Name Offends People Who Don’t Drink It with Reference to Custom They Don’t Practice

Since everyone knows that Mormons no longer practice polygamy (in this life) and they also don’t consume alcohol, how could they be offended by a vodka named “Fives Wives?” Uh, you got us there. But the Idaho State Liquor Division has banned the new libation from being sold in the state, based on the idea […]

Mitt Romney – Mormon Polygamy and Hidden Mormon Temple Records

(Willard) Mitt Romney—2012 Republican presidential candidate, a lifelong Mormon who boasts of having one wife, defines marriage as between “one man and one woman.” Miles Romney, a great-great-grandfather of Mitt Romney, is in the process of being “sealed” to a 14th spouse. Mitt Romney has publicly stated he follows the faith of his fathers—but he […]

Rick Warren: Evangelicals’ ‘Sticking Point’ – Mormons ‘Don’t Believe in the Historic Doctrine of the Trinity’

RICK WARREN: Well, the key sticking point for evangelicals and actually for many is the issue of the Trinity,” the evangelical pastor explained. “Orthodox Christians, Catholic Christians, Protestant Christians, evangelical Christians and Pentecostal Christians all believe in the Trinity; that’s the historic doctrine of the church, that God is three-in-one. Not three gods; one God […]

Marco Rubio Says He Used to be a Mormon

Not since Justin Bieber’s biopic, “Never Say Never” has an autobiography been so premature. But first-term Sen. Marco Rubio isn’t letting lack of material keep him from writing a full-length, in-depth look back at his life: all 41 short years of it. Rubio’s main accomplishment so far has been being born at the right time […]