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Fox News: Britain Votes to Leave UN

Found on Twitter
Found on Twitter

Apparently Fox News does not understand the Brexit vote.

The Governor Who Set an NRA Record for Pro-Gun Legislation in His First Term is Shocked by FEMA’s Denial of His Emergency Request for Dealing With a Mass Shooting

Scott to FEMA: “But, but, but…”

It had to be hard for Gov. Rick Scott (GOP-TEA) to ask Pres. Obama to declare a disaster in Orlando worthy of federal funding. After all, Scott’s request for all American taxpayers to cover the bill for the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub flies in the face of everything that tea partyers hold dear. As they say, they are Taxed Enough Already.

But he did.

“I urge you to declare an emergency under the Stafford Act so that ‘the full resources of the federal government’ can be made available for the individuals, families and communities impacted by this ‘horrific massacre,’” Scott wrote.

Scott has gotten his response. We can save you some time and tell you the answer was, “No.” But reading the full letter from FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate is just too much fun, so here it is.

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Ad for Sig Sauer MCX – the Killing Machine Used in the Orlando Massacre

Luckovich: In Case of Mass Shooting Break Glass

Mike Luckovich
Mike Luckovich

Following Yet Another Moment of Silence, House Democrats Ask: “Where’s the Bill?”

U.S. House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) tried to put the same “moment of silence” coin in the slot the day after the Orlando mass shooting as he did after others, but House Democrats discovered they have backbones and acted accordingly.

“The fact is that a moment of silence is an act of respect, and we supported that. But it is a not a license to do nothing,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters off the House floor afterward.

“Members have just had enough of having one minute, a moment of silence on the floor, and then take no action,” she said.

Yep. Haven’t we all?

Take the Quiz: Are You Guilty of Bias Against Clinton?

Kimmel captured some of the impossible expectations on Clinton.

Republicans can leave the room now. This post is just for Democrats.

It’s time to examine how we talk about Hillary Clinton. Forget the folks on the other side. The question is, are we buying into double-standards and biases?

Here’s a little quiz. No one will see your answers, so be honest. read more »

Trump: ‘Look at My African-American Over Here!’

TRUMP, At minute 00:45: “Look at my African American over here. Look at him,” Trump said pointing. “Are you the greatest? Do you know what I am talking about? OK.”

California Polls Find a Tight Race in the Democratic Primary, Trump Trounced in the Fall

According to the California Secretary of State, the number of Republicans registered to vote in the state is 4.7 million, or 27.5 percent of all registered voters. This is 200,000 fewer voters than the 4.9 million (28.8 percent) voters registered in other parties or as independents — and 2.8 million fewer than the 7.5 million registered Democrats, who comprise 43.7 percent of registered voters.

With the California primary just days away, 21 percent of Democrats and independents have already voted, and among them Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by 17 percentage points, 58 to 41 percent, according to polling from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal. Clinton and Sanders are tied, 46 to 46 percent, among the 24 percent who plan to vote absentee. Among the remaining 55 percent who plan to vote in person next Tuesday, 50 percent say they plan to vote for Sanders and 47 percent will vote for Clinton.

The poll also finds that Clinton leads in Los Angeles, the state’s most populous and diverse area, 54 to 40 percent, which is perhaps not surprising — but she also leads 54 percent to 44 percent in the ultra-liberal Bay Area, which would seem to be Sanders country. Sanders is ahead in the inland/valley Red counties, 54 to 44 percent, and the coastal region, 58 to 36 percent.

In the general election, NBC/WSJ found Clinton beating Donald Trump by 24 points, 55 to 31 percent.

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Source Close to Speaker Ryan: Trump Secretly Plans to Cut Social Security If Elected

A report by Josh Green in Bloomberg News on May 26 included a bombshell that could put Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on the defensive, if the mainstream media were to pick it up.

Buried 20 or so paragraphs into the piece, which focuses on Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus’ world of woe — and released on the day before the Memorial Day holiday — is a claim from a source who appears to be close to Speaker Paul Ryan that Donald Trump secretly plans to cut Social Security and other entitlements if he’s elected president.

The exchanged occurred when Trump met with Ryan earlier this month, expecting to be endorsed by Speaker Ryan, who was the vice presidential nominee on the ticket with Trump’s nemesis, Mitt Romney. Here’s what Josh Green reported:

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Nation’s Worst Governor Targeted by Anonymous

We wish Anonymous well, especially since Rick Scott’s future looks so bright. He’s being mentioned for the U.S. Senate and as Trump’s vice president.

If you live in Florida, you’d be forgiven for wondering what took Anonymous so long. The hactivist group recently announced war on Gov. Rick Scott (GOP/Tea), and is calling for his impeachment.

The video hits some of Scott’s sins, but leaves out many. That’s because of the sheer number of them.

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