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Trump Is a LOSER
Palin’s Trump Endorsement Is Her Ultimate Betrayal of John McCain

Political news this week has been dominated by Donald Trump’s latest spotlight-grabbing stunt — his endorsement by Sarah Palin, Sen. John McCain’s 2008 vice-presidential nominee, whose ineptitude and stubborn ignorance were major factors in the GOP’s loss to Barack Obama that year. “He’s a war hero ’cause he was captured. I like people that weren’t […]

Sarah Palin: Pre-Primary Endorsing Poetess or Post-Literate Endorseress?

The New York Times offers a tongue-in-cheek analysis of Sarah Palin’s Donald Trump endorsement speech delivered in her unique oratorical style in Ames, Iowa, yesterday. In “The Most Mystifying Lines of Sarah Palin’s Endorsement Speech,” reporter Michael Barbaro attempts to parse the 10 most memorable lines from Palin’s address, which, he says, “has been described […]

GOP Adulterers Trump and Fiorina Have No Business Attacking Other People’s Marriages

Given the Republican Party’s irresistible urge to poke their noses in the Clintons’ private lives — they spent millions of taxpayer dollars investigating the then-First Couple in the In the 1990s and then spent million more on a failed impeachment over a sex lie Bill told under oath — it is not surprising that the […]

Which Candidate Matches You on the Issues?

You can take a quiz to find out which presidential candidate (if any) most closely matches up with your core values. Then you’ll know how to vote! Almost 25 million of your fellow Americans have employed the quiz to tell them whom to support in the coming election based on their values and stances on […]

Make Reading the News More Enjoyable

Cartoon website offers the following list of suggested word substitutions to make reading the daily news — especially political reporting — much more entertaining.

No More Plastic Microbeads. Thanks, Obama!

Just when you think Obama can’t do anything cooler, he does it. Here’s some news to end 2015 on a high note. Pres. Obama has signed a ban on plastic microbeads. Who cares, you ask? You should. This is huge. A microbead is any solid plastic particle that is less than 5 millimeters and is […]

Why Do So Many People Believe Donald Trump?

GOP primary candidate Carly Fiorina offered the Washington Post the most succinct analysis of Donald Trump’s campaign behavior: “This is the pattern, isn’t it? The pattern is — he says something insulting, offensive and outrageous; the media pays attention; then he claims we all misunderstood him.” By “we” Fiorina probably meant members of the press […]

Country Scratching Its Head After Planned Parenthood Shooting
Guess We Need More Information Before We Say Republicans Have Blood on Their Hands

No one can figure out the motives yet of the 57-year-old white guy who shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado. The nightmare happened only two days ago and officials caution it’s way too soon to reach any conclusions about why the man, who lived in a “hermit’s shanty” in the woods, would kill […]

This Generic GOP Stump Speech Could Be Used by Any Republican Candidate

FiveThirtyEight asked former Republican speechwriter Barton Swaim to write a ?totally pandering stump speech for an imaginary GOP presidential candidate. If you’d like to see the version with Swaim’s annotations, go here. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Who’s ready to stand up for America? [applause] Who’s ready to take this country back? [applause] Who’s […]