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Trump Lies: Politifact Rates Claim That Dems Let a Cop Killer Immigrate to US ‘Pants on Fire’

Trump’s tweet, “Democrats let him (cop killer Luis Bracamontes) into our country,” and “Democrats let him stay,” on Oct. 31 is his latest statement to be rated a “Pants on Fire” lie by nonpartisan Politifact.

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Trump Claims Republicans Will Protect People with Pre-Existing Conditions; Schumer Says, ‘This Is a Lie’

Watch As Trump Lies Repeatedly about Jobs Created by the Saudi Arms Deal

Not surprisingly, Politifact rated this a “Pants on Fire” lie.

Ted Cruz Loves White Castle

Did Eating Glue Make Stephen Miller Mean?

Dear Dr. Democrat:
Can you explain to me why his third-grade teacher would be “reassigned” to her home for saying Stephen Miller ate dried glue in Santa Monica, California? And do you think eating all that glue is what made him turn out so gosh-darn mean?

— Wondering in Waukegan

Dear Wondering:

Here’s how I suspect it happened. The White House has no pressure point in the California state government. All the elected state officials are Democrats. Dems control both houses of the legislature.The Los Angeles County supervisors are all Dems. They supervise the Los Angeles Unified School District. City of Santa Monica, which is part of LAUSD, is one of the most liberal places in the country. (Tom Hayden was on the city council there for years.)
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Video: Is Ted Cruz ‘Tough as Texas?’

The Kavanaugh Court

Video: Trump Boards Air Force One with Toilet Paper Stuck to His Shoe

Update: Apparently not fake.

LOSER! Trump Is Failing to Get Rich off His Presidency, Bigly

Workers removing Trump branding from a Manhattan condo building

Forbes has an article up that details how Trump is failing in his efforts to cash in bigly off his presidency.

You should read the entire article, but the Daily Beast has published this “Speed Read” of the five “richest bits” in the Forbes article:

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Trump’s Finances Exposed: Fraud, Tax Evasion and Lies

Son and father: Donald and Fred Trump

The New York Times has published an exhaustive expose into the reality behind Donald Trump’s wealth. It’s a story of fraud, tax evasion and lies that runs counter to the myth about himself that Trump has created — myth that the media, including the Times, by its own admission, has fostered over the decades.

Here are 11 key points from the Times’ findings:

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