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Why Did Trump Lie about the Reason for the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan?

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan ended in defeat

In long, rambling session with reporters before his cabinet meeting yesterday, Donald Trump made a bizarre ahistorical assertion that attempted to whitewash the reason the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in December 1979.

“The reason Russia was in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russia,” Trump said. “They were right to be there. The problem is, it was a tough fight.”

That may be the Kremlin’s view of what happened, but it runs counter to the assessment of the U.S. government under both Republican and Democratic administrations dating back to the invasion.

So why is Trump, the putative president of the United States, toeing the Russian government’s line here?

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Merry Christmas

The Tax Cut Sugar High Has Officially Worn Off

Did we really think the man who couldn’t sell steaks, vodka, or real estate, the man whose business school and nonprofit organization were court-ordered to shut down, the man who bankrupted casinos and apartment houses…did we really think that guy could make decisions that would benefit the world’s largest economy? If we did, we were wrong.

No Matter How Bad It Gets, Remember This Guy is Still Out There Somewhere

Dan McCready, Democratic Candidate in Controversial NC-09 Election, Rescinds Concession

A More Civil Brand of Politics? George H.W. Bush Stoked Racism to Win

And his wife maligned his challenger’s running mate, the first female in that role, with a slur that is only directed at women.

And as far as George H.W. Bush’s presidency: Iran-Contra and Operation Desert Storm and broccoli and lots and lots of other stuff.

Melania’s Blood Red Xmas Trees Earning Hilarious Tweets

If you thought last year’s White House Xmas decorations were bizarre, take a look at the 2018 version. This photo was posted on Twitter by CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller.

The trees are as red as the MAGA hat atop Trump’s farthest right supporters, as red as any communist in Putin’s Red Square, as red as the blood on Trump’s hands for selling more arms to the Saudis to use on the masses they are starving in Yemen.

But the comments on the trees are helping us look on the lighter side, starting with this PhotoShop effort from @chatelainedc:

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How Bad Ballot Design Likely Killed Bill Nelson’s Senate Career

If you’re still mad at Florida for denying Vice Pres. Al Gore the presidency in 2000, you’re probably not any happier with us for denying the Senate another Democrat, in the form of Bill Nelson.

There’s a tragically simple explanation for why the Senate vote went off the rails in the county where Fort Lauderdale is:

Bad ballot design. Like, spectacularly bad design.

In civilized counties like mine, here’s how the ballot looked:

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Just in Time for Xmas — The Trumpy Bear

You want to feel sorry for Trump supporters getting ripped off for a $40 stuffed animal, but after watching the pure happiness depicted in the ad for a Trumpy Bear, the pity evaporates. Let the MAGA folks waste their disability checks if they so desire. The rest of us can look for the discarded bears in the trash and “play” with them accordingly.

The Trumpy Bear comes with hair like its namesake that can be brushed lovingly, a secret compartment for an American flag facsimile blanket (can someone explain the word, “desecration” to these folks?), and a certificate of authenticity, which buyers will want to frame and hang on their wall, just under the portrait of Trump, Palin, Nugent and Kid Rock at the White House.

Hurry, supplies — like the days left in our democracy — are limited.

Trump Thumped: Dems’ Net Gain in the House Is Biggest Since 1976

Don’t be like the “liberal media” and fall for Trump’s BS. He and the GOP took a thumpin’ and a shellacking on Tuesday. According to the Brookings institute, the Democrats’ net gain in the U.S. House of Representatives was the largest since Pres. Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976.

See Ari Melber’s full report here:

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