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And Doesn’t He Look Buoyant?

This is a screenshot of the actual Al-Jazeera news website, not a headline and photo from The Onion.

Thank you to our friends in England for making this perfect headline and photo combination possible. Unlike the Republicans in Congress, it appears the Brits are not suffering from battered spouse syndrome.

Reagan Warns against Trumpism in 1988: Beware Demagogues Who Declare Trade War against Our Friends

We should beware of the demagogues who are ready to declare a trade war against our friends — weakening our economy, our national security, and the entire free world — all while cynically waving the American flag.

Transcript via Snopes:

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Kavanaugh’s Judicial Ideological Score

‘Trump’s Trojan Horse,’ a Poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Trump’s Trojan Horse
by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Homer didn’t live long enough
To tell of Trump’s White House
Which is his Trojan horse
From which all the president’s men
Burst out to destroy democracy
And install corporations
As absolute rulers of the world
Ever more powerful than nations
And it’s happening as we sleep
Bow down, oh Common Man
Bow down!

Happy Fourth!

#secondcivilwar on Twitter is the One You Won’t Want to Miss

How the other team will likely dress for the #secondcivilwar. It’s a high bar, comrades.

Oh my dears. If you want to have some laughs, head to Twitter now and search for “second civil war” and #secondcivilwarletters. You’re welcome.

It all started with this Tweet from Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, whose Info Wars video channel and website publishes all manner of rumor and speculation under the guise of facts.

The Twitterverse exploded, as Trump resisters professed they were not informed of the war in a timely manner and fretted over what to wear, when the money from George Soros would arrive, who had the sign-up list for the potluck, and whether, like Karen,* to put raisins in the potato salad.

That was the first day. Today, with the hashtag #secondcivilwarletters, it’s getting poignant. Here’s an example, from No Trumper Republican strategist Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson):

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Trump Supporters Circulate Fake Tweet about Rep. Maxine Waters

From Media Matters: “A fake quote from Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) calling for an “illegal immigrant” to be selected for the Supreme Court is spreading on Twitter and Facebook. Multiple radio stations have also pushed the quote on air.

“On June 28, a Twitter account that labeled itself as a ‘parody’ of CNN, with the account name @CNNPoltics, tweeted, ‘Rep @MaxinePWaters: “The next Supreme Court Justice should be an illegal immigrant.”’ The tweet also included a fake CNN chyron saying, ‘Waters: SCOTUS Pick Should Be Illegal Immigrant.’ Twitter has suspended the account.”

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Justice Kennedy Serves Up His Country

Amy Siskind: Serial Philanderer Trump Known for Having Unprotected Sex Seeks to End Safe Abortion

A Few Times Trump Encouraged Violence