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New York Daily News: ‘Daddy’s Little Ghoul’

Steve Schmidt: “There is blood on Trump’s hands.”

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Joe Biden Doesn’t Like What the Trump White House Sniped About John McCain

But we doubt this is the lowest they will go.

Details, Details

Carbon Dioxide Levels Just Breached Limit Not Experienced in Millions of Years

Scientific American: “The world just passed another round-numbered climate milestone. Scientists predicted it would happen this year and lo and behold, it has.

“On Tuesday, the Mauna Loa Observatory recorded its first-ever carbon dioxide reading in excess of 410 parts per million (it was 410.28 ppm in case you want the full deal). Carbon dioxide hasn’t reached that height in millions of years. It’s a new atmosphere that humanity will have to contend with, one that’s trapping more heat and causing the climate to change at a quickening rate.”


Recording Surfaces of Trump Conning His Way onto the ‘Forbes 400’ List in 1984

Hard evidence of an early-career con job by Donald Trump was released today in a story published online behind the Washington Post’s paywall. Here’s coverage from CNBC:

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Democratic Funder Mobilizing Money and Resources to Flip NC Congressional Seats Back to Blue

Riding the tea-party wave, Republicans took control of North Carolina for the first time since the 1860s, back when the GOP was the liberal party. Anticipating a Blue Wave in 2016, billionaire Tom Steyer is signaling his intent to help Democrats regain control of the Tar Heel state.

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The Trump Doctrine

The Last Phase of the Trump Presidency?

New Yorker writer Adam Davidson says the chaos in the White House today brings to mind his experiences in Iraq after the invasion in 2003 when it became clear that conditions were deteriorating beyond repair and in New York in 2007 when the Bush administration and others were ignoring signs that the economy was on the brink of collapse:

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The Fate of the World Is in the Hands of a Porn Star

This tawdry state of affairs is visited upon us because millions of Republicans were willingly duped by a conman who is also a notoriously degenerate serial philanderer.

Ironically, these are the same Republicans who appointed themselves the arbiters of family values and the sanctity of marriage in the 1980s and then literally sat in judgment on Bill Clinton’s extramarital dalliances in the 1990s.

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Chait: ‘Corruption, Not Russia, Is Trump’s Greatest Political Liability’

Read Jonathan Chait’s takedown of the Trump gang’s malfeasance at New York Magazine.