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Who Wore It Best?

Trump managed to do what World War II couldn’t: he aged the queen.

Hillary Clinton: Dems Should Ask Chinese for Help to Counter Russian Support for GOP

Hillary Clinton was not entirely serious last month when she suggested to Rachel Maddow that 2020 Democratic candidates should invite the Chinese to hack in to the IRS and release Trump’s taxes. But it’s an interesting hypothetical.

Transcript follows…

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Mueller’s Double Negative

Is Trump a Demonic Sinner?

On Sunday, June 2, by Franklin Graham, evangelicals are holding a national day of prayer as an act of fealty to Donald Trump. Given this list, plus a mountain of other evidence, it’s difficult to understand why they admire this defiantly degenerate and dissolute man, who is obviously just using them to win elections.

And If You Need Further Proof, Here’s This

Keep The Story Straight: What Mueller Said Was That It’s Out of His Hands

If you’re already seeing the spin crop up in your friends’ social media posts, keep them straight. Mueller didn’t say what the Trump team claims. He did NOT say, as Sarah Sanders did:

The report was clear—there was no collusion, no conspiracy—and the Department of Justice confirmed there was no obstruction.

Sanders is correct if by, “Department of Justice” you mean only Attorney General William Barr.

What Mueller himself said is that he investigated what he was engaged to look into, and that it’s not his place to indict the president. In fact, only Congress can take action on the misdeeds of a president. And that’s called impeachment.

Here’s a Side by Side Comparison of the Doctored Video of Pelosi’s Speech and the Real Video

The fact that Trump sent the fake video out as an official White House document represents yet another low point for our country.

Real Video of Trump Slurring His Words

This week Trump disseminated a doctored video that made it look as if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was stammering and slurring her words. The undoctored video above shows an actual instance of Trump slurring his speech.

Some experts cite this and other instances of his behavior as possible signs of mental impairment, stating, for example that Trump has exhibited a “clear reduction in linguistic sophistication over time.”

Four Setbacks This Week to Trump’s Campaign to Cover Up His Finances

This has not been a good week for Donald Trump’s wide-ranging campaign to hide his personal and business finances from voters. The legal team he’s brought in specifically to prevent his finances from being made public lost two rounds in court, two banks have complied by supplying documents to a House committee and the cover-up campaign is being targeted by elected officials in New York State.

Here’s are links to four defeats to Trump’s financial cover-up campaign:

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Trump Lie Number 10,001