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CNN’s Ana Navarro Files Her Nails While Trumpbot Rants

Finally, a Republican we can like.

Border Crisis Is the New Death Panels

Trump and his surrogates have spent the two weeks since Trump shut down the government promoting their latest big lie — that there is a crisis at the southern border.

But after years of being on the receiving end of Trump’s lies, the media ain’t buying it. Check out this list of fact-check articles about the Oval Office speech he gave last night from mainstream media outlets:

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A Tale of Two Lifestyles

As federal workers borrow from their kids, max out their credit cards, sign up as dog sitters, and even write paid online makeup reviews, federal elected officials are enjoying a very different lifestyle.

Don’t look into the eyes
Florida’s new senator, Rick Scott, is set to be feted tonight by the New Republican PAC at an event they’re calling the “Sunshine Ball” at the ritzy Andrew E. Mellon auditorium in the heart of D.C.

Donors/clients/customers/johns who attend at the “platinum level” will pay $100,000 but in return they’ll get ten tickets plus a photo opportunity, presumably with Voldemort himself.*

Not only that, but attendees will enjoy the rarefied atmosphere of the Mellon Auditorium. A D.C. venue review site describes the circa-1934 building’s, “dramatic roman doric columns, marble floors inlaid with gold, and spectacular auditorium standing more than 60 feet in height and embellished with limestone pilasters, gilded relief carvings, and polished oak where colossal luminaries, made of brass and burnished aluminum, are suspended from the ceiling.”

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Impeach the MFer – There We Fixed It

Impeach the Pussy-Grabber. There. We fixed it.

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A Dollar

Reporter: Is there any situation in which you would accept even a dollar of wall funding for this president in order to reopen the government?

Speaker Pelosi: A dollar.

Why Did Trump Lie about the Reason for the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan?

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan ended in defeat

In long, rambling session with reporters before his cabinet meeting yesterday, Donald Trump made a bizarre ahistorical assertion that attempted to whitewash the reason the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in December 1979.

“The reason Russia was in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russia,” Trump said. “They were right to be there. The problem is, it was a tough fight.”

That may be the Kremlin’s view of what happened, but it runs counter to the assessment of the U.S. government under both Republican and Democratic administrations dating back to the invasion.

So why is Trump, the putative president of the United States, toeing the Russian government’s line here?

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Merry Christmas

The Tax Cut Sugar High Has Officially Worn Off

Did we really think the man who couldn’t sell steaks, vodka, or real estate, the man whose business school and nonprofit organization were court-ordered to shut down, the man who bankrupted casinos and apartment houses…did we really think that guy could make decisions that would benefit the world’s largest economy? If we did, we were wrong.

No Matter How Bad It Gets, Remember This Guy is Still Out There Somewhere

Dan McCready, Democratic Candidate in Controversial NC-09 Election, Rescinds Concession