Archive: Poetic Justice
Sauce with That?

Supporters follow Hillary’s van devotedly,
While the media must cover her remotely.
But is it sporting
Or even news reporting
To broadcast that she ate lunch at Chipotle?

He’s a Testitarian

While his libertarian views are, at best, sketchy,
And his toupee looks like it belongs on a yeti,
Rand Paul on TV
Is quick to get angry,
And do we really want a president who’s that testy?

El Hispanic Trick

Democrats say it’s a matter of misrepresentation
By falsification of his voter registration.
Well, his wife is one,
And when all’s said and done,
Maybe Jeb Bush became Hispanic by association.

‘Equality’ in Kentucky

Kentucky’s got gays all in a dither,
With an argument that’s hard to decipher.
Makes no difference, Kentuckians debate,
Whether you are gay or straight —
Who can have same-sex sex in Kentucky? Neither!

Lindsey’s Iowa Whimsy

Lindsey Graham’s a GOP-er from down in South Carolina,
But he sees a clear path forward in white-bread Iowa,
And in all fairness,
The question of his gayness,
Likely won’t come up as long as he steers clear of homophobic Indiana.

A Vote-a-Rama Drama

Today, the Senate’s engaged in its budget vote-a-rama,
A most clamorous scene of high crimes and low drama.
They vote on amendments
Not understanding their contents,
But it still ain’t a budget ’til it’s approved by Obama.

Those Cruz Blues

Ted Cruz made sure he was first out of the blocks,
Assuring the base he’ll walk the tea party walk.
But nobody can vex us
Like that Canuck from Texas,
Which is why we just cringe whenever Ted talks.

Listening to Netanyahu

The 47 senators who mounted the intervention
Thought they were preventing nuclear annihilation.
But it would have been better
To have not sent the letter,
Which Iran saw as proof of the U.S.’s disintegration.

In the Mail

With a majority in the Senate, the GOP’s unfettered,
And on foreign policy, they think they know better.
Now we’ve learned that the incident
Is without historical precedent,
And that it takes 47 Republicans to send a letter.

Foul Weather Words

In Florida we believe that bad words can be harming,
So we’re extra careful when sentences we are forming.
Phrases must be rearranged
If they would include “climate change,”
And we would never ever use a term like “global warming.”

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