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Lesbian Farmers Attack!

Conservatives still like to call him a foreigner,
But what they really fear is Obama the Reformer.
During his last months in office,
He’ll topple the right-wing edifice,
By filling the Midwest with FEMA-funded lesbian farmers.

A Panicky Plan

It’s with no small sense of urgency
Some GOPers are planning an insurgency.
To save down-ballot,
They’ll use a mallet
To “Break Glass In Case of Emergency.”

Oodles of Rubles

Paul Manafort’s tenure as Trump’s guy is done.
His departure will go unmourned by anyone.
We can’t express joy
That he’s unemployed,
Because we know he still has his Russian slush fund.

Bringing On Breitbart

His campaign’s unlikely to outlive it,
And the GOP’s unlikely to forgive it.
But by hiring Steve Bannon,
Trump remains a loose cannon,
And he’s proved once and for all he ain’t gonna pivot.

It’s ‘Extreme’ Alright

Migrants are responsible for beheadings,
Rape, pillage, murder and blood-letting.
So to save our fair nation
From foul criminal immigration,
Donald Trump wants to implement “extreme vetting.”

The Great Negotiator

Trump warns us not to underestimate
His capacity to negotiate.
He doesn’t want to be pilloried
By a debater like Hillary,
So he’ll just negotiate his way out of the debates.

Seething Morass of -Isms

Here at the dawn of the demise of Republicanism,
The media describe Election 2016 in strings of -isms.
When it comes to Donald Trump,
The -isms just get dumped,
Into a seething morass of fascism, narcissism, nativism and racism.

The Darndest Things

It’s no secret Trump rallies attract gangs of fools,
But a recent Clinton reference prompted new depths of ridicule.
When a kid yelled “Take the bitch down,”
It incited nary a frown,
And his mom blamed his language on “Democratic schools.”

He’s Wooing Putin

Mitch McConnell had to relieve the international pressure,
Reassuring our allies that we would be there with our militia.
Donald Trump’s NATO comments
Might have made more sense
If he were instead running for president of Russia.

What Ted Said

With “vote your conscience” he hit the nail on the head,
Though it might mean his political career is dead.
But imagine my surprise
When I realized
That I finally agreed with one thing Ted Cruz said.