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So Long, Sean!

Sean Spicer was someone Donald Trump could count on —
He’d stand at the podium and lie until the day was done.
But Trump pulled a doozy
When he tapped Anthony Scaramucci,
And now that old reliable Sean is gone.

Outlaws and In-Laws

It must be a cross to bear for Donald Senior,
To have a son as dumb as Donald Junior.
But that chip off the block
Might end up chipping up rocks,
Doing hard time with co-colluder Jared Kushner.

Vlad the Comedian

We think we know why Putin always seems to be smilin’—
He uses sarcasm and humor on Trump to beguile him.
And his latest jest
Is surely one of his best —
He’s offering Jim Comey political asylum!

Playing Ball with the NRA

The GOP says it’s your right as an American —
If you want to own an assault rifle, you can.
But if GOPers accepted cash from the NRA,
They are responsible for what happened today,
When the hunting season opened on Republicans.

Circle of Jerks

They sat ’round the table like sycophantic clerks,
Listening to Trump exaggerate his body of work.
In turn, each one labored
To out-pander his neighbor,
In what can only be described as a Cabinet-level circle jerk.

The Twit of Twitter

Trump continues to ignore efforts to muzzle him,
Taking to Twitter to vilify and rail against Muslims.
If his given name was John
And his surname wasn’t Khan,
Do you think Trump would have insulted the mayor of London?

What’s in a Meeting?

Kushner says the meeting was about making America great.
Gorkov says the meeting was about making money in real estate.
Who should we believe,
The princeling or the KGB?
Doesn’t matter — either the meeting or the lie could seal Jared’s fate.

Two Credible Kremlinites

We received the definitive denial from Vladimir Putin —
That Russia meddled in the 2016 election is a “fiction.”
To make matters better,
Trump backed him up on Twitter,
So let’s just ignore the evidence and investigations and believe ’em.

It’s Going Around

As I read the daily Twitter aggression,
Or witness the endless pundit progression,
The more I watch the news,
The more I get the blues.
I got a bad case of that mean old Trumpression.

Thanks, Comrade Trump!

As president, Donald Trump is not perfect,
Though the office still commands our respect.
So while it might have been lawful
Trump’s judgement was awful
In giving the Russians our top secrets.