Archive: Poetic Justice
The Zealotry Prayer

Here’s one from the archives:

Lord, save us from the Islamists,
And while you’re at it, the Christianists.
And save us from the Jews
And the holy rollers, too,
For we are humble zealot-fearing atheists, Amen.

Brian’s A-Lyin’

Brian Williams seemed as trustworthy as a friar,
It looked like his career could only go higher.
We thought he was a reporter,
But turns out he’s a bullshitter.
He’s just another lower-than-a-snake’s-belly liar.

Rubio the Cubano

We’ve not heard the last of young Marco Rubio,
Who has presidential aspirations out the
At Senate hearings
He makes it clear he’s
The Republican Party’s
el numero uno Cubano.

Sky High Guy

The White House is the president’s home.
It’s where secret service agents roam.
But that crash on the swale
Proved a cautionary tale:
One should never ever drink and drone.

Blizzard of 2015

There once was a storm on Nantucket,
When the snow came down by the bucket.
“We just got some inches,”
Said those New York bitches,
“So go on, Nantucket, and suck it!”

Too Damn Bad

Now Jimmy McMillan is an entertaining guy.
When running for New York mayor he was not shy.
But he couldn’t get elected,
And now he’s being evicted.
Now we see the rent really is too damn high.

Don’t Look Now

While our partisan politics can be scary,
The most dangerous things are imaginary.
And though the campaign ain’t begun,
The candidates have started to run
In something they’re calling an invisible primary.

They Reluctantly Relent

They ain’t scientists, they’re just plain folks,
And they don’t appreciate them “naysayer” jokes.
That’s why the Senate
Took a stand, dammit!
And voted 98 to 1 that climate change ain’t no hoax.

It’s a Theme!

Mitt Romney’s out to seize this moment
When some fans want him to be our president.
As the rich got richer,
The poor got poorer,
But Mitt’s gotta new compassion for his 47 percent!

A Klanish Consistency

Steve Scalise’s unchecked racism is exceedingly unsavory,
And John Boehner’s defense of him was the height of knavery.
But Steve really fit the bill
When he attempted to kill
A Louisiana state measure apologizing for slavery.

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