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He’s Wooing Putin

Mitch McConnell had to relieve the international pressure,
Reassuring our allies that we would be there with our militia.
Donald Trump’s NATO comments
Might have made more sense
If he were instead running for president of Russia.

What Ted Said

With “vote your conscience” he hit the nail on the head,
Though it might mean his political career is dead.
But imagine my surprise
When I realized
That I finally agreed with one thing Ted Cruz said.

Can’t Dodge It, Roger

When a blonde news bimbo or three assails ya,
After propriety and professionalism have failed ya,
If you’re Murdoch’s Fox News,
You know what to do —
Go ahead, get rid of what Ailes ya.

Trump’s Man Problem

That he’s not getting the vote of blacks and Latinos is a given,
And he’s all but given up on garnering votes from women.
But it’s worthwhile to note,
While George and Mitt got their vote,
Donald Trump ain’t even firing up them working-class white men.

Shot to Hell

Last night a black man shot 11 police in Dallas,
After police shot two black men in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis.
When everyone’s armed,
Anyone can be harmed,
And regardless of race, it’s open season on us all, alas.

Un-Indicted, Not Innocent

She should have known the cover-up would come back to bite her,
And the investigation would make Hillary look like a liar.
According to the FBI’s Comey,
She’s neither innocent nor not-guilty,
It’s no exoneration, but hey, at least they didn’t indict her.

A Bigot’s Brew

When asked with whom they’d rather have a beer,
Nearly half said “Trump,” to raise a glass of cheer.
And it’s probably true
Donald’d gladly drink with you,
As long as you weren’t female, a Mexican, black or queer.

Demons of Democracy

For Marco Rubio, the veep question is moot,
Though Jesse Ventura as veep would be a hoot.
But with six wives between ’em
And no one more loathsome,
Imagine the abominable ticket of Donald and Newt!

His Vision’s 2020

Donald Trump was nominated, it came to pass,
And many a Republican lamented, “Alas!”
But come November,
Whoever’s the winner,
Speaker Ryan will have covered his political ass.

The Unavoidable Nominee

We all know by now that Donald Trump is not likeable,
And as a president we suspect he would not be capable.
But one thing’s for sure
As the GOP convention nears —
If there’s one thing Trump is, it’s inevitable.