Archive: Poetic Justice
No Joke, Josh

Josh Duggar has left the Family Research Council in the lurch,
And the lobbyist’s own reputation has been besmirched.
The odious churl
Molested his sisters and girls,
Thus single-handedly changing the definition of “family research.”

Bigots Gamed Google

If you go on Google Maps don’t type in “nigga house,”
Unless you’re looking for directions to the White House.
Let’s just face it —
We’re a nation of racists,
Where the flame of hatred simply burns too hot to douse.

Not Yet, Lindsey

We elected a black guy — the current White House resident.
If we elect Hillary, that would set a female precedent.
But it would incite mayhem,
If we elect Lindsey Graham,
Because the U.S. isn’t ready yet for a gay president.

North Korean Smithereens

It just doesn’t pay to anger Kim Jong Un,
And nodding off in his presence simply is not done.
When it’s time to execute you,
They don’t just shoot you.
They stand you in front of an anti-aircraft gun.

State of Paranoia

Jade Helm 15 has the state quaking in its boots, defenseless.
The governor has called out the National Guard — he’s reckless!
Sure, they recently threatened
To stage a vote for secession,
But still, why on earth would Obama want to invade and take over Texas?

Save the Stamp

As for gays, Republicans think God should smite them,
And as for gay rights, they’re the first to fight them.
But most say they’re cool with attending
A loved one’s same-sex wedding,
But what self-respecting gay couple would invite them?

Jenner’s Gender Up-Ender

We weren’t shocked that Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman,
But we were appalled that he’s a transgender Republican.
Will the party of Lincoln
Accept the ex-Olympian?
They should, so they could say, “At least we’ve got one of ‘em.”

Sauce with That?

Supporters follow Hillary’s van devotedly,
While the media must cover her remotely.
But is it sporting
Or even news reporting
To broadcast that she ate lunch at Chipotle?

He’s a Testitarian

While his libertarian views are, at best, sketchy,
And his toupee looks like it belongs on a yeti,
Rand Paul on TV
Is quick to get angry,
And do we really want a president who’s that testy?

El Hispanic Trick

Democrats say it’s a matter of misrepresentation
By falsification of his voter registration.
Well, his wife is one,
And when all’s said and done,
Maybe Jeb Bush became Hispanic by association.