Archive: Poetic Justice
South Carolina Malign-a

I’m not saying all South Carolinians are mean-minded hicks,
But you have to admit the state’s notorious for dirty tricks.
You have to get muddy
And slimy and cruddy
If you play to win in S.C. presidential primary politics.

There’s no doubting that Trump is a racist.
And there’s no doubting that Trump is sexist.
The fact is, we agree fully
That Trump is a bully,
But according to his supporters he’s the greatest!

Missed that Race

We’re all enjoying the Robo Marco campaign drama.
The bullies will soon send him crying to his mama.
But someone should tell the
Misguided little fella
That he’s not running for president against Barack Obama.

Endorsing Recordless Rubio

Rick dropped out and said of Marco, “I’m for him.”
But when asked for Rubio’s accomplishments, he couldn’t list ’em.
So when’s an endorsement
Mostly an impediment?
When it comes from a washed-up has-been like Rick Santorum.

Paul’s Last Call

His libertarian positions just never gained traction,
And his poll numbers could be measured in fractions.
He made his stand
In the shadow of Ayn Rand,
But now Rand Paul’s toupee is out of campaign action.

Iowa Snow Job

As the Iowa caucuses countdown approaches hourly,
The caucusing is sure to grow gnarly.
But our last and best hope
Of inhibiting the vote
Is if the predicted blizzard shows up hours early.

The Basest Base

Donald Trump boasts about the strength of his presidential bid,
He says he wouldn’t lose votes no matter what he did.
He could take a gun
And shoot someone,
And his supporters wouldn’t care — especially if it was a black kid.

‘Bar’ Protects Cub

Jeb Bush’s low-energy campaign’s in a slump,
So he created a commercial to give it a jump.
But though he’s losing to the bully,
Jeb’s keeping his hands unsullied,
By letting his mom take on mean old Donald Trump.

Pile of Palinisms

What Sarah Palin’s going to say is anybody’s guess,
And what she really means, only she knows best.
But The Donald’s endorsement
Became an embarrassment
When she called political correctness a “suicide vest.

There’s the Snub!

Something to remember about the RNC —
There’s no Fourth Estate in its democracy.
When it coms to debates,
CNN’s softball questions are great!
Which is why the GOP is now snubbing NBC.