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It’s Going Around

As I read the daily Twitter aggression,
Or witness the endless pundit progression,
The more I watch the news,
The more I get the blues.
I got a bad case of that mean old Trumpression.

Thanks, Comrade Trump!

As president, Donald Trump is not perfect,
Though the office still commands our respect.
So while it might have been lawful
Trump’s judgement was awful
In giving the Russians our top secrets.

O Lordy, It’s Comey!

Trump called the FBI Russia Investigation baloney,
While denying Vladimir Putin is his homey.
But then he surprised us all
With unmitigated gall,
When he fired FBI director James Comey.

The Trumpcare Vote

Today, the GOP House members metaphorically walk the plank.
For that they have both Paul Ryan and Donald Trump to thank.
They’ll vote before they know
Trumpcare’s score from the CBO.
Now there’s naught to do but watch their reelection prospects tank.

Show Your Loyalty, Comrade

Now we’ve passed President Trump’s one hundredth day,
When we marked his assault on freedoms in so many ways.
Celebrating what he’s done to our democracy
Demands a truly Trumpian act of hypocrisy —
On May 1st he commands us to observe the nation’s latest “Loyalty Day.”

A Hundred Days of Trump

We’ve survived three months of Trump as president,
A quarter of a year indeed without precedent.
Now Trump says he thought it would be easier
To be the Free World’s most powerful leader,
While we never thought it would be so hard just to be a U.S. resident.

Stinko de Mayo

Who says bipartisanship is a myth?
To avert a shutdown Congress acted forthwith.
They ignored Trump’s tweets
And averted defeat,
Extending the budget all the way to May 5th!

h/t to TP

Rhymes with ‘Paul’

Paul Ryan’s first attempt at Trumpcare 1 was a nice try.
But now has to pass Trumpcare 2 — or explain why.
Ryan’s about the politics,
While Trump’s about the optics,
And if he fails, Paul Ryan is Donald Trump’s fall guy.

Mnuchin the Noodge

Cutting taxes — that’s what tax reform is for —
An assertion the Treasury Secretary can’t ignore.
Though about who gets cuts,
Steve Mnuchin ifs, ands and buts,
And he won’t say that the middle class won’t pay more.

A Classified Bus Ride

Amid concern over when and where North Korea’s bomb will drop,
Trump called the Senate together to say let’s make Kim stop.
But when all was said and done,
Senators concluded, as one —
The president had just called them to gather for a photo op.