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That Love Stinks

Trump rescinds executive orders ’cause Obama done ’em.
He rescinded DACA because it was another Obama one.
But when it came to rescinding DACA,
Trump smeared the dreamers with caca,
By trying to make us believe that he really, truly loved ’em.

The Old Kabul Bobble

Following his egregious Charlottesville sham,
Trump said, “Come on guys, gimme a success plan.”
So said the generals —
The guys with the arsenal:
“Yes sir! Let’s rev up the war in Afghanistan!”

Charlottesville: What Trump Promised

Trump’s Charlottesville meltdown sparked outrage,
As he outed himself as a racist on the world stage.
We shouldn’t be surprised,
Based on what he promised,
In his inaugural address he invoked “American Carnage.”

Live, from Bigotville

It was on live, national TV news
Where Trump revealed his bigoted views.
The doddy old racist
Coddled the supremacists,
While his base just nodded and said, “Me too.”

Nukes of Misdirection

Trump’s blustering away at Kim Jong Un
As if he thought nuclear war is fun.
And with cool nuclear threats,
What Trump finally gets
Is everybody’s mind off healthcare and Russians.

The Other Discrimination

Awesome are the talents of Jeff B. Sessions,
Who has now turned his fervor to higher education.
He’s not just a racist,
He’s also a linguist
Who can transform “affirmative action” into “discrimination.”

2 Dumb 2 Collude?

Though Don Junior and Jared would appear to be screwed,
They’re testing a defense that is shrewd.
But if Kushner’s so wise
To give a president advice,
Will we believe that he’s too dumb to collude?

Too Much ‘Mooch’

So ends the White House career of Anthony Scaramucci,
A communicator who couldn’t keep his mouth shut, could he?
Gone is the polish and the pomade,
Gone are the expletive-laced tirades.
O, misguided little “Mooch,” we hardly knew ye!

O, Hypocritical Evangelicals

Anthony Scaramucci has got chutzpah and aplomb,
And he’s quickly implementing a Capitol leakers pogrom.
But don’t Trump’s evangelicals
Look quite hypocritical
Considering how often “The Mooch” drops an F-bomb.

So Long, Sean!

Sean Spicer was someone Donald Trump could count on —
He’d stand at the podium and lie until the day was done.
But Trump pulled a doozy
When he tapped Anthony Scaramucci,
And now that old reliable Sean is gone.