Archive: Poetic Justice
A Vote-a-Rama Drama

Today, the Senate’s engaged in its budget vote-a-rama,
A most clamorous scene of high crimes and low drama.
They vote on amendments
Not understanding their contents,
But it still ain’t a budget ’til it’s approved by Obama.

Those Cruz Blues

Ted Cruz made sure he was first out of the blocks,
Assuring the base he’ll walk the tea party walk.
But nobody can vex us
Like that Canuck from Texas,
Which is why we just cringe whenever Ted talks.

Listening to Netanyahu

The 47 senators who mounted the intervention
Thought they were preventing nuclear annihilation.
But it would have been better
To have not sent the letter,
Which Iran saw as proof of the U.S.’s disintegration.

In the Mail

With a majority in the Senate, the GOP’s unfettered,
And on foreign policy, they think they know better.
Now we’ve learned that the incident
Is without historical precedent,
And that it takes 47 Republicans to send a letter.

Foul Weather Words

In Florida we believe that bad words can be harming,
So we’re extra careful when sentences we are forming.
Phrases must be rearranged
If they would include “climate change,”
And we would never ever use a term like “global warming.”

Dinesh’s Exquisite Irony

As a political campaign financier, he was a fail,
But Dinesh D’Souza rails against Hillary’s email.
But it’s he who’s smellin’
Like a convicted felon,
When he calls Clinton “lawless” while HE’S in jail!

That Lying O’Reilly

O’Reilly was there with John Wilkes Booth.
He watched them kill George Patton, forsooth!
Bill can tell a story
That covers him in glory,
But what he can’t do is simply tell the truth.

Three-Time Winner

Rand Paul might seem to be on the fast track,
With his loony libertarian act.
But in the 2016 campaign,
It’s becoming more plain
The only election he’ll win is the straw poll at CPAC.

The Zealotry Prayer

Here’s one from the archives:

Lord, save us from the Islamists,
And while you’re at it, the Christianists.
And save us from the Jews
And the holy rollers, too,
For we are humble zealot-fearing atheists, Amen.

Brian’s A-Lyin’

Brian Williams seemed as trustworthy as a friar,
It looked like his career could only go higher.
We thought he was a reporter,
But turns out he’s a bullshitter.
He’s just another lower-than-a-snake’s-belly liar.

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