Archive: Poetic Justice
They Reluctantly Relent

They ain’t scientists, they’re just plain folks,
And they don’t appreciate them “naysayer” jokes.
That’s why the Senate
Took a stand, dammit!
And voted 98 to 1 that climate change ain’t no hoax.

It’s a Theme!

Mitt Romney’s out to seize this moment
When some fans want him to be our president.
As the rich got richer,
The poor got poorer,
But Mitt’s gotta new compassion for his 47 percent!

A Klanish Consistency

Steve Scalise’s unchecked racism is exceedingly unsavory,
And John Boehner’s defense of him was the height of knavery.
But Steve really fit the bill
When he attempted to kill
A Louisiana state measure apologizing for slavery.

A Hard Right

Was Jeb Bush’s campaign theme choice unwise?
Or is he courting votes from afflicted guys?
At this critical junction
He invokes erectile dysfunction
By naming his PAC “Right to Rise.”

Vengeance Is His

Those who oppose Speaker Boehner come from the fringe,
And those who opposed him now have no right to whinge.
Because once they voted,
Their betrayal was noted,
And they set themselves up for Speaker Boehner’s revenge.

The Racist Club

Republican racists are thick as thieves.
They’re more numerous than a hound dog’s fleas.
But when they hang with David Duke,
They deserve a sharp rebuke,
Not John Boehner’s defense of Steven Scalise.

Stretching Our Credulity

Grover Norquist exhibits nothing if not temerity,
But his remarks on the economic recovery inspire hilarity.
In Grover’s world,
The recovery’s unfurled,
Not due to Obama’s policies, but to Republican austerity.

The Great Negotiator

The new Cuba deal gives Marco Rubio fits.
He says Obama negotiates like a half-wit.
But truth be told,
Obama didn’t fold.
It was Pope Francis who made him do it.

Our Liberal‘s Lost

The political outlook for the Left looks dismal,
And the Progressive brand is damaged collateral.
You know the worm has turned,
When wingnuts co-opt our term,
And David Koch calls himself a “social liberal.”

No SOTU Blues

The opportunities for a president to address the nation are few,
But the GOP wants to punish him for pushing immigration reform through.
They want to put the kibosh on
This year’s State of the Union,
But it’ll be a sad day if POTUS doesn’t get to give his SOTU.

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