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That Voodoo Trump Do

Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchin are a pair of mavericks,
Who say they won’t pay for Trump’s tax cuts for the rich.
We’ve got a case of deja vu —
It sounds like 1982,
When Ronald Reagan dabbled in disastrous Voodoo Economics.

Kim Spikes It!

For weeks, Korea-watchers have been held in thrall,
Monitoring Pyongyang and expecting a nuclear dual.
But when they checked satellite images,
They were expecting nuke-prep diligence,
But all they saw was North Koreans playing volleyball.

Showdown, Meltdown — Shutdown!

We’re just 10 days away from a government shutdown,
And the Trump team’s heading for a Congressional showdown.
On the right, there’s the Freedom Caucus,
On the left, the Democrats are raucous,
So we’re predicting another Trump administration meltdown.

A Taxation Bifurcation

As millions of Americans scrambled to get their taxes done,
Donald Trump still refuses to show his taxes to anyone.
As Trump and the GOP consider tax reform,
Americans’ response is at best lukewarm.
They suspect any reforms will mainly benefit the Orange One.

BOOM! … Russia Who?

To divert attention from Russia, Trump’ll do anything he can.
It’s been that way since his administration began.
But diverting attention
Just entered a new dimension
When Trump dropped the biggest bomb ever on Afghanistan.

From Detente to …

Before the election, Trump-Russia relations were all a-glow.
Trumpians met with Russians as if no one would ever know.
But in light of the revelations
And ongoing investigations,
Donald characterizes Russkie relations as at an “all-time low.”

Spicer’s Hitler Misstep

For Sean Spicer, every day on the job must be a trial —
We never know where he’s going to land on the incompetence/malevolence dial.
But with his demented comparison of Assad and Hitler
He really dug deep into the shitter.
Now, to his litany of sins and lies he can add Holocaust denial.

Dumb and Trumper

One of them has ruled out a New York gubernatorial run,
The other says the Syrian strike proves dad’s not in bed with the Russians.
While they hoped to get savvy
From the genes of their daddy,
It appears all they both got was an extra-large helping of dumb.

A Statesmanlike Snubbing

Is there anyone more wretched and lonely than Rex Tillerson?
He’s stuck in a job he only took ’cause his wife made him.
He’s going all the way to Moscow,
Only, as we already know,
To be snubbed by the odious Vladimir Putin.

Regime Change Disarrange

The Trump White House remains chaotic and strange,
A place where malevolence and incompetence interchange.
It’s a place where diplomacy
Is tinged with idiocy,
Where Tillerson and Haley can’t agree on regime change.