Archive: Poetic Justice
Start the Exaggerations!

Lo, once again, the political cycle completes,
Republicans rise rampant, Democrats sink in defeat.
But Obama’s executive action
Has irked the GOP to distraction,
Predicting armed uprisings and anarchy in the streets!

That’s No Platform!

Republicans have never been known as environmentalists
As much as they have as bigots, bastards and bigamists.
But when it comes to climate change,
They’re starting to sound deranged,
Standing in line and chanting, “I am not a scientist!”

On the Playground

“We won! We won!” the Republicans say,
“Now you must do things just our way!”
But Obama, he’s coy,
He’s no little boy,
And it’s a whole different ballgame he plans to play.

They Sound Alike

Breitbart fact-checkers sure need to do better.
Especially when the reporter’s a real go-getter
Who can’t tell between
A Lynch and a Lynn,
When one’s white, one’s black, and they’re both Lorettas.

Missives, Not Missles

A sitting president may do as he shall,
Without having to explain his rationale.
While we thought Khamenei
Was his sworn enemy,
In fact, he’s President Obama’s pen pal.

But Not Cheaply

Florida opted for four more years of Rick Scott,
Despite the havoc his first four wrought.
We proved it in 2010
And we just proved it again —
The governorship of Florida can be bought.

The Moribund Midterms

Nasty ads have ended, campaigns have been run.
OK, we’ll concede, the Republicans have won.
Now it’s on them,
And not the Dems,
To get some meaningful legislating done.

Midterm Madness Ends

On this Election Day we’re unhappy to confirm
That the 2012 campaign has left us feeling infirm.
After four billion dollars
Somehow democracy feels smaller,
And we’re glad to say goodbye to these nasty midterms.

Hail the Bumpkins!

The midterms are nigh here, and we just realized
That American politics have been bumpkinized!
They’re all professional posers
Posing as rank amateurs.
It’s as if every candidate has been Sarah Palin-ized.

Rand Gets ‘Realistic’

Rand Paul’s distancing himself from Libertarianism,
And he’s backing off from Ayn Rand’s Objectivism.
He’s shed Aqua Buddha,
And his old man Ron, too, ta
Hitch his star to something he calls Conservative Realism.