Archive: Poetic Justice
Buh-Bye, Bobby!

With an “It’s not my time,” Bobby Jindal’s outta there,
After his quixotic presidential climb went nowhere.
You’d have to be a psychotic pollyanna
To want for the nation what he did for Louisiana.
Asked who he’d endorse, Jindal said, “I don’t think people care.”

Moderators Who Interrogate

Now we’re well into the primary debate session,
And the candidates are whining about media aggression.
Because no matter what the channel,
Or how senior or balanced the panel,
Moderators are just supposed to moderate — not ask hard questions!

Presidential Vocational Training

Today Marco Rubio’s seeking shelter from fact-checkers,
For assertions he made while debating his elders.
When it comes to vocations
Marco should make a notation —
Apparently philosophers DO make more money than welders.

Recruiting the Jews

It’s just not the same without Michele Bachmann running.
We certainly do miss her constant dumber and dumbing.
But it’s OK,
She’s found her way —
She’s now campaigning for Jesus Christ’s Second Coming.

Pope & Mr. Nope

When it comes to the Pontiff, he’s it, Everywhere he goes, he’s a hit. But Pope Francis Could have gone to Kansas. Instead, he went to Congress and made John Boehner quit.

Rick Perry, Diplomat

As Rick Perry’s place in the polls recedes,
It’s time to drop out of the race, he concedes.
But he seems imminently fit
For an ambassadorship,
When Texas, inevitably, secedes.

Pledging Clinton Allegiance

Hillary Clinton has stepped on a dangerous ledge,
As bettors on her primary win start to hedge.
In order to attend
Her event in Cleveland,
Millennials first had to sign a loyalty pledge.

The Strange Bedfellows

They’re a pair that folks look at askance,
One plays coy at the other’s late advance.
Though Donald’s all sass
And Ted is a jackass,
It seems we’re watching a budding bromance.

Anchor Babies Aweigh!

In the campaign they haven’t acted much like mateys,
But they both disdain foreign-national pregnant ladies.
Despite the Constitution,
Which labels them “American,”
Both Jeb and The Donald prefer the term “anchor babies.”

Debates Create Reprobates

The GOP contenders don’t want pollsters to ignore ’em,
So they can make the debate cut and get a national TV forum.
So their comments get outrageous
And insulting and shameless,
And the only thing that’s lacking is political decorum.