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Here’s the Rub

At Mar-A-Lago Li Yang was a-tending
To the presidential access she was vending.
She was the yin to Trump’s yang,
Introducing Wang, Chen and Zhang,
Helping everyone achieve happy ending.

The Limits of Trumplomacy

A Third World dictator meeting with the purported envoy of democracy,
Turned into a futile exercise in global-stage pomp and idiocy.
During amateur hour,
The meeting went sour,
As they explored the outer limits of reality-TV Trumplomacy.

Ivanka, Job Maker

Donald Trump thinks we’re all justa buncha yobs,
Who believe the outrageous lies he lobs.
In a speech just yesterday,
He had the temerity to say,
His daughter Ivanka had created “millions of jobs.”

His Other Chosen Son

It’s the universe’s most coveted endorsement,
And it carries the clout of the firmament.
Almost half of Republicans
And more evangelical Christians
Believe God wanted Donald Trump to be president.

The Bum’s a Simulacrum!

It’s hard for Trump to visit Mar-a-Lago or Bedminster,
So he bought a golf simulator so his game doesn’t wither.
His swing he refines
During Executive Time,
While simultaneously playing on his presidency simulator.


All hail Donald Trump, the Commander-in-Thief!
He found a way around emergency declaration grief.
He’ll grab some money
From the U.S. Army,
And steal the rest from California and Puerto Rico disaster relief.

Putin’s Pushing Tulsi

Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine may be beaten and battered,
But it still has a sabre to rattle in its scabbard.
But this time it’s not Trump
The Kremlin’s seeking to pump up —
Its election-meddling websites favor Hawaii’s Dem, Tulsi Gabbard.

Trump’s Leverage Lost

Yesterday, six GOP senators decided to flip —
And voted to end the shutdown and brinkmanship.
Leaving Trump with no leverage
And bad media coverage,
And a base about ready to give him a pink slip.

Call the Photoshop Cops!

We know Donald Trump considers himself a winner,
Which is why he always has steak and taters for dinner.
But on Instagram and Twitter
He’s suddenly looking fitter,
In retouched photos, his fingers got longer and his figure, thinner.

Dosvedonya, Comrade Donald

Is “Comrade Trump” Vladimir Putin’s creation,
A Manchurian president set to destroy our nation?
Whenever they met
Did Trump say “Da,” not “Nyet?”
If so, we can only wonder what was lost in translation.