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A Demagogue Crowned

The inauguration — it’s hard to ignore.
There’s pomp, there’s circumstance galore!
In the drizzly gloom,
Some read portents of doom,
But really, we can’t imagine what Trump has in store.

But Melania Did It!

Trump says his address was writ by him, no other.
Fact-checkers get ready — this should be a gusher.
Will he cover himself with glory?
Will he tell his childhood story —
Of growing up the black son of a single white mother?

No Conflict or Interest

Donald considers journalists to be pests,
And he doesn’t believe in moral litmus tests.
But like most politicians,
He changes his positions,
Except for one — he will never, ever, ever divest.

Bye-Bye Blondie Bondi!

Pam Bondi’s leaving Florida — what a relief!
She’s going to Washington to join our Commander-in-Thief.
For now, though, she’s idle,
Just waiting on a title.
May we disrespectfully suggest: Bimbo-in-Chief.

Meditation On Media

Come on, get with it, news media!
You’ve got a case of journalistic anemia.
When Trump starts a-tweeting,
Your judgement goes fleeting —
You just repeat the memes that he’s feeding ya.

A Popularity Contest

A 2.8 million margin is something over which one could gloat,
And it’s something that sure sticks in Donald Trump’s throat.
But like any sore loser
Or braggart or poser,
Trump says that if he’d tried, he could have won the popular vote.

All Hat, No Brains

In Texas Rick Perry’s still popular,
In Trump’s cabinet, he’ll just be titular.
At the Energy Department
He’ll need some comportment,
And he’ll have to stop pronouncing it “nu-cu-lar.”

Passed Over Again

When he doesn’t get RNC chair, he’ll be ticked,
But it’s time, Chris Christie, the post-truth clicked.
Come on, Chris,
Get over this —
The post-fact is, you’re just not going to be picked.

Just a Job

The transition continues, it begs belief,
Like some white guy reality show, without relief.
But unlike the rest,
Trump refuses to divest.
He wants to be our first Entrepreneur-In-Chief.

Trophy for Participation

Just when we thought it was all said and done,
Jill Stein wants an election recount begun.
But secure in the knowledge
He won the Electoral College,
Trump says as regards the popular vote, he also won.