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A Bigot’s Brew

When asked with whom they’d rather have a beer,
Nearly half said “Trump,” to raise a glass of cheer.
And it’s probably true
Donald’d gladly drink with you,
As long as you weren’t female, a Mexican, black or queer.

Demons of Democracy

For Marco Rubio, the veep question is moot,
Though Jesse Ventura as veep would be a hoot.
But with six wives between ’em
And no one more loathsome,
Imagine the abominable ticket of Donald and Newt!

His Vision’s 2020

Donald Trump was nominated, it came to pass,
And many a Republican lamented, “Alas!”
But come November,
Whoever’s the winner,
Speaker Ryan will have covered his political ass.

The Unavoidable Nominee

We all know by now that Donald Trump is not likeable,
And as a president we suspect he would not be capable.
But one thing’s for sure
As the GOP convention nears —
If there’s one thing Trump is, it’s inevitable.

The Poison Caucus

The primary campaign’s forcing Republicans to choose sides,
And a few apparently are even contemplating suicide.
Like Rep. Peter King of New York,
Who says Ted Cruz is such a jerk,
That if Cruz gets the nomination, he’ll take cyanide.

What Price Democracy?

On Cleveland do the pundits concentrate,
As the nomination equation they calculate.
But what will count at the convention
Is the most important calculation —
What exactly does it cost to buy a delegate?

Just Burn the Rest

These days mixing religion and politics doesn’t warrant a second look,
And talk of separating church and state is considered gobbledygook.
So now down in Tennessee
They’ve got a state bird and state tree,
And they just done went and made the Holy Bible their state book.

There’s No Choice

The Republican Party can’t speak with one voice,
As their primary devolves into nonsense and noise.
Being forced to choose
Between a Trump and a Cruz,
Is no better than a Hobson’s choice.

A Revenge Endorsement

Jeb Bush came out of Loserland to endorse Toxic Ted Cruz,
And Li’l Marco Rubio just bristled and pouted at the news.
From down in Florida,
South of the I-4 Corridor,
Jeb explained: “I always knew that Marco Rubio would lose.”

Length or Heft?

He’s proven time and again he’s no parliamentarian,
And he’s convinced us he’s an unrepentant contrarian.
He’s not an ideologue,
But he’s doubtless a demagogue,
And for sure Donald Trump’s a “short-fingered vulgarian.”