Archive: Poetic Justice
It’s Unreality TV!

Remember when she was armed, dangerous, in flannel?
Well now she’s assumed the news reporter’s mantel.
So we can be perpetually annoyed
By someone who’s actually unemployed.
Just tune in to the new Sarah Palin Channel.

Jose Don’t Surf

Get Rick Perry out from behind a teleprompter,
And he’s more like butcher, less like a doctor.
When it comes to immigration,
Just pass him some ammunition.
He’s shooting little wetbacks from a helicopter.

The Overbearing Underachievers

No one said that being a U.S. senator was all games and fun,
There are important political battles to be fought and won.
But the Senate’s leadership
Fell prey to partisanship,
And now we can’t recall the last time senators got anything done.

Don’t Legislate — Litigate!

Some say Congress is sending us to wrack and ruin,
And by doing nothing they’ll be our undoing.
So what to do with a president
Who takes executive action, exigent?
You call him out in the media, of course, and sue him.

On to Cleveland!

GOP conventions always begin with lofty plans,
Though usually they wind up in places like Cleveland.
In sports or political chatter,
It’s the outcomes that really matter.
Cleveland may not get LeBron, but will settle for old white Republicans.

The Imagination Coronation

A king commanding Congress — an image quite surreal!
Though it’s a tempting fantasy, to see John Boehner kneel.
But a couple of executive actions
Don’t quite give us satisfaction,
And there’s not much about Obama that looks at all “imperial.”

I, The Company

The US of A is a wonderful nation
In which to be a person-like corporation.
I can influence elections
With unlimited contributions
While denying my employees access to contraception!

Nonreform’s the Norm

For Republicans, it’s a source of chronic inflammation,
And in the midterms, it would mean mass immolation.
And so, alas,
It shall not pass,
‘Til the GOP is hoisted upon the petard of immigration.

Politics for Partisans

People used to participate in politics because they cared.
The more they participated, the better democracy fared.
But not these days,
When partisanship holds sway,
And the only ones who participate are the angry and the scared.

Drowned In Tea

So Eric Cantor has lost his GOP leadership hat,
And the party doesn’t know what to do about that.
A Republican giant,
Cantor remains defiant,
Though, we note, he was beaten by a Tea Party Brat.