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The Insecure Six

Maybe it’s because they frequent seedy discotheques,
Or maybe it’s because they prefer kinky sex.
Maybe it’s the weekend blow,
But chances are, we’ll never know
Why six White House staffers failed background checks.

Animal? Mineral? Vegetable?

It was nominated to be Secretary of Labor,
But it had been accused of being an abuser.
But even after it withdrew,
We still wished we knew
What, for heaven’s sake, is a PUZDER?

No Zest to Investigate

As the White House devolves into chaos and confusion,
And Team Trump responds with rebukes and accusations,
Why hasn’t the Congress
Moved to address the mess?
And where is the Republicans’ old zeal for investigations?

A Conway Getaway

The backlash to her Ivanka ad must have astonished her,
And now the Ethics Office says Trump should admonish her.
This Kellyanne Conway antic
Goes far beyond ethics,
But don’t hold your breath waiting for Trump to punish her.

Flynn’s Veep Sin

When you call up the Rooskies to negotiate sanctions,
You can be pretty sure several spooks are a-listenin’.
But when Mike Flynn briefed Mike Pence,
He lied to him, and hence
Lost his job over the euphemism, “incomplete information.”

The Tax Plan Cometh

The hit on the rich will be nominal,
The effects on the lower brackets, abominable.
With a guy from Goldman Sachs
Rejiggering the income tax,
It’s no wonder Trump says it’ll be “phenomenal.”

Facts About ‘Fake News’

In Trumplandia they don’t tolerate opposing views,
And if you point out their lies, they make no excuse.
But if you’re checking facts,
They call it “attacks,”
And they just keep on saying you report “fake news.”

A Parliamentary Objection

He might be our so-called president,
And he might be the White House’s sole resident,
But when Trump goes to London,
Because of his “racism and sexism,”
He won’t be allowed to address Parliament.

Of Congress and Madness

The 155th Congress has passed its first substantive bill,
And it sought to redress an onerous regulatory ill.
Did it bolster Medicaid?
Did it increase foreign aid?
Not hardly — it expanded gun rights for the mentally ill.

The Silent Republicans

As the Trump bulldozer buries the weak,
And havoc and chaos he continues to wreak,
Where are the disciples
Of Republican principles,
And why don’t they stand up and speak?