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Passed Over Again

When he doesn’t get RNC chair, he’ll be ticked,
But it’s time, Chris Christie, the post-truth clicked.
Come on, Chris,
Get over this —
The post-fact is, you’re just not going to be picked.

Just a Job

The transition continues, it begs belief,
Like some white guy reality show, without relief.
But unlike the rest,
Trump refuses to divest.
He wants to be our first Entrepreneur-In-Chief.

Trophy for Participation

Just when we thought it was all said and done,
Jill Stein wants an election recount begun.
But secure in the knowledge
He won the Electoral College,
Trump says as regards the popular vote, he also won.

Underprepared and Overpaid

It’s hard right now to express much mirth,
When we’re looking at four years of hell on earth.
With a pandering sneer to the blue collars,
For salary, Trump says he’ll just take a dollar.
But even at that, it’s unlikely we’ll get our money’s worth.

No Trump Mandate

The Electoral College is out of date.
It doesn’t reflect the will of the electorate.
So, while upon reflection,
Legally, Donald Trump won the election,
He did not receive a resounding national mandate.

High Election Anxiety

We have arrived at a critical junction,
So it’s no time for a democracy malfunction.
However, in all frankness,
This campaign has left us anxious,
And now we’re worried about electile dysfunction.

The Rigging Lie

We know Donald Trump’s great at provocation,
And he’s even better at prevarication.
But of all of his whoppers,
The one that’s the topper
Is that Democrats, not Russia, are rigging the election.

Just Feels Ugly

As more women come forward, Trump’s more combative.
Maybe his libido’s just overactive.
But that begs the question:
Why did he grope ’em,
If, as he says, they’re so unattractive?

Of Slim Chances

For Donald Trump, it’s looking grim,
But he says those women are lying about him.
He’s not an aberrancy —
It’s a worldwide conspiracy!
Backed by evil Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

Vote, Elect, Impeach

Ask his handlers — Donald Trump’s unteachable.
Try to get him on-message — he’s unreachable.
But some college professors
Looked at his high crimes and misdemeanors,
And found that a
President Trump would be eminently impeachable.