Archive: Poetic Justice
Incompetent, Inchoate, Incoherent

Bobby Jindal’s stint as governor has been less than steady.
While Louisiana’s budget plunges deeper into the red, he
Thinks he can win,
Based on the color of his skin,
With this idiotic campaign slogan: “Tanned, Rested, Ready.”

Gay Marriage Wreckage

Bobby Jindal wants the Supreme Court’s destruction,
While Ted Cruz wants justices to stand for election.
They say that gay marriage
Is a judicial miscarriage.
They don’t believe in constitutional equal protection.

Our Scarlet Letter

There’s a lot of controversy about the “Stars and Bars,”
But taking it down in South Carolina goes way too far.
I say let ’em wave it,
Display it or wear it,
Because the Confederate battle flag tells us exactly where the bigots are.

Ten-Spot Money Shot

The news that the Treasury’s putting a woman on the ten-dollar bill
Must have given even the staunchest feminist a thrill.
But in reality,
Given pay inequality,
She should really be gracing the six-dollar-and-thirty-five-cent bill.

The Donald’s Running

He’s been a perennial presidential campaign chump,
But lo, into the political fray he’s finally jumped.
And with his penchant for self-branding,
We could soon find ourselves standing
In the registered trademarked “United States of Trump.”

Account for That

Questions about Marco Rubio’s finances are abounding,
And concern among his supporters is mounting.
From payrolling his relatives
To shaky credit initiatives,
Here in Miami it’s not unusual — it’s called “Cuban accounting.”

Is One Too!

Jeb Bush’s presidential potential is looking great,
And he’s collecting donations at an astounding rate.
But he’s still maintaining
That he’s still not running,
Though if it walks, talks and takes money like one, it’s a candidate.

Who’s a Patriot?

Rand Paul held the pin when Mitch McConnell’s Patriot Act bubble popped,
Which is about the time Rand Paul’s popularity in the Senate dropped.
But with the NSA,
Is there really any way,
To tell when or if the government’s spying on us all has stopped?

The Red Card

So FIFA execs are said to have succumbed to temptation,
A scandal that has set off an international conflagration.
But you know we’ve passed irony
And are on the way to hilarity,
When Vladimir Putin accuses the U.S. of meddling in the affairs of other nations.

“Chinatown” Explains It

When it rains in L.A. they get clobbered,
But what they did to their river was improper.
Converting that ditch
Will be a son of a bitch,
And yet they’ll still have to deal with “urban slobber.”