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Feckless and Un-Elected

To us, he seems like a bit of a bounder,
Though to his dad-in-law he’s a top advisor.
He’ll bring peace to the Middle East!
And he’ll set Russian banks unleashed!
The trouble is, nobody voted for Jared Kushner.


Following the healthcare debacle, Trumpism’s looking bleak,
Between Comey and Ryan, it’s been a helluva week.
So it’s off to Mar-a-Lago
To give his golf game a go,
For the twelfth time in just nine weeks.

Five Lies a Day

How does Donald lie? Let us count the ways.
He whips out a whopper whenever it pays.
On almost any occasion,
He’ll opt for mendacious,
And he’s already lied 317 times in just 64 days.

Et Tu, Bannon?

On Capitol Hill, the intrigue’s as thick as the Roman Senate.
If Trumpcare fails, Ryan loses, and for Bannon, that’s great.
So, in a sneak attack,
When Steve stabs Paul in the back,
It’s all for the goal of deconstructing the “administrative state.”

It’s All Downhill

As the “Art of the Deal” meets the Law of Diminishing Returns,
And the GOP healthcare bill reaps the opprobrium it’s earned,
Where are Ivanka and Jared and the kids,
As Donald’s Trumpcare plan hits the skids?
Why, they’re in Aspen, skiing as the Republican House burns.

He’s Had a Few

On the healthcare bill, he should have hedged his bets.
Since the Freedom Caucus doesn’t respond well to threats.
Shoulda done tax cuts first,
And kept healthcare for last,
It’s safe to say, along his way, Donald’s had a few regrets.

The Caucus Ruckus

It looks pretty bad for replace and repeal,
After Trump couldn’t execute the art of the deal.
For Trump, it’s sad, he
Wanted to win so badly,
But those Freedom Caucus boys just don’t care how he feels.

A So-Called Judge

Donald Trump quoted “Judge” Napolitano without a care,
After the “judge” “reported” Obama’d wiretapped Trump’s golden lair.
If you embarrass Trump,
You’ll take your lumps,
Which is why Fox News’ Napolitano is off the air.

Nasty House Dose

Donald’s pushing hard to drum up support for his healthcare bill,
But he’s finding there’s not a lot of conservative will on the Hill.
So they tweak a provision here,
Then bump up a subsidy there,
But no matter what they do, it’s still a bitter, bitter pill.

En Lassus Rex

As Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson should be admired,
But he skipped dinner in South Korea because he was “tired.”
He says it’s just South Korean intrigue
And that he wasn’t even fatigued,
But if he’s lying about it, maybe he should just be fired.