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The Rigging Lie

We know Donald Trump’s great at provocation,
And he’s even better at prevarication.
But of all of his whoppers,
The one that’s the topper
Is that Democrats, not Russia, are rigging the election.

Just Feels Ugly

As more women come forward, Trump’s more combative.
Maybe his libido’s just overactive.
But that begs the question:
Why did he grope ’em,
If, as he says, they’re so unattractive?

Of Slim Chances

For Donald Trump, it’s looking grim,
But he says those women are lying about him.
He’s not an aberrancy —
It’s a worldwide conspiracy!
Backed by evil Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

Vote, Elect, Impeach

Ask his handlers — Donald Trump’s unteachable.
Try to get him on-message — he’s unreachable.
But some college professors
Looked at his high crimes and misdemeanors,
And found that a
President Trump would be eminently impeachable.

Dust-Up at Hofstra

It’s clear that he’s a race-baiter
As well as a confirmed woman-hater.
But we learned that Trump,
After Monday night’s stomp,
Really isn’t much of a debater.

Black History Dunce

He’s got a reputation for nabobbery and knavery,
And his comments range from stupid to unsavory.
But when Donald Trump said never
Have blacks “been in worse shape” — ever,
He kind of overlooked Jim Crow laws, voting rights and slavery.

‘Basket of Deplorables’

Donald’s daughter Ivanka is very adorable,
And his real immigration policy is unenforceable.
But when it comes to his minions —
Those dumb, racist millions,
Hillary was right — they’re a “basket of deplorables.”

Russian to Judgement

Trump’s support of Putin has the GOP in a predicament,
Given Putin’s habit of killing reporters and dissidents.
But Trump’s campaign has doubled down:
“Putin’s a hero; Obama’s a clown,”
And Trump prefers a ruthless dictator to an elected president.

Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda

Li’l Marco ran for Senate when he said he wouldn’t,
And he could win, though we think he shouldn’t.
Could he promise to serve
A full six-year term?
His constituents asked, and he said no, he couldn’t.

Lesbian Farmers Attack!

Conservatives still like to call him a foreigner,
But what they really fear is Obama the Reformer.
During his last months in office,
He’ll topple the right-wing edifice,
By filling the Midwest with FEMA-funded lesbian farmers.