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One Loose Bannon

The Trumpian White House loyalty code, well, Bannon broke it.
If we thought Trump was already mad, well, Bannon stoked it.
Now Trump’s lawyers want him to desist and cease
Exercising his right to free speech.
It’s clear to us Bannon didn’t lose his mind — he just spoke it.

Divine Sense of Humor?

Minnesotan Michele Bachmann is weighing a U.S. Senate Run,
Which would inject our sorry politics with some whack-job fun.
But before facing the nation,
She seeks divine confirmation.
And we’re fervently hoping God tells her she’s His Chosen One.

Less Moore In ’18

It felt very good to show 2017 the door,
Though maintaining optimism remains a chore.
But trepidatiously looking ahead,
One certainty can be said —
At least we don’t have to listen to Roy Moore no more.

Brutal, Venal Rascals

They did it today with no small element of venality,
Though they did it with more intent than mere rascality.
They wrested the web
Away from us plebs,
And turned us all into victims of net brutality.

From ‘Plan’ to ‘Scam’

It’s hard to label what the Republicans are making a “plan.”
It sure doesn’t fulfill the promises of the man with the orange tan.
But as congressional bumblers
Keep massaging the numbers,
It’s just looking more and more like a rich white guy’s scam.

Tweet Trips Shutdown Talks

The scent of bipartisanship was, as usual, fleeting,
As the Tweeter-in-Chief could, as usual, not stop tweeting.
So Democrats Nancy and Chuck
Told Trump to take a flying f**k,
And just blew off the White House government shutdown meeting.

Wagers of Sin

Ten Alabama pastors have come to the defense of Roy Moore,
Condemning the “War on Men” perpetrated by hussies and whores.
If you accuse them of hypocrisy,
They’ll accuse YOU of apostasy.
Defending creeps and Jesus — that’s what Alabama pastors are for!

Publishing Plagiarized Propaganda

Infowars is an ultra-right-wing propaganda institution,
And Alex Jones is well known for his fake news contributions.
But keeping fake content fresh is tough,
And you never seem to have enough,
Which is why he posted 1,000 Russian “news” articles without attribution.

His Nibs’ Ribs

We’re accustomed to Rand Paul, the Libertarian jackanape,
And many’s the time we’ve been tempted to crack his adamantine pate.
But in a spat with his neighbor,
Rand’s ribs were belabored.
Not over politics, but in a trivial dispute over landscape.

All Hat, No Brain

Rick Perry is dumb, but it’s not his fault,
And he blends right in with the GOP gestalt.
But Rick sounds like a super-moron,
When he says that by keeping the lights on,
Fossil fuels actually can prevent sexual assault.