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Crisis of Consciousness

Trump’s Oval Office address, as a ploy, was bold,
Though he looked low-energy, constipated and old.
The language was Stephen Miller’s,
And the rhetoric was killer —
But really, Trump’s actually having a “crisis of the heart, a crisis of the soul?”

Bolton Gets Turked

Trump dispatched Bolton to Turkey, all hopeful,
That he could mansplain Trump’s Syrian “withdrawal.”
But Erdogan, alas,
Gave Bolton a pass,
To remind Trump that it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople!

All Bollocks, No Strike

Trump has rescinded his appointees’ pay hike,
And there won’t be a raise for Vice President Mike.
But to the 800k
Who are getting no pay,
Trump’s message: It’s not a shutdown, it’s a strike!

Bannon Banned (Again)

Steve Bannon’s no longer calling important shots,
And his invitations to speak usually end in boycotts.
His latest speaking brouhaha
Came from the University of Montana,
Which canceled Bannon’s keynote at a conference on sex robots.

No De Niro

I’ve criticized Donald Trump, feeling nary a qualm,
I’ve written wry limericks with chutzpah and aplomb.
I’ve been quite outspoken
But now my heart’s broken —
‘Cause apparently I don’t qualify for a postal pipe bomb.

A Most Mysterious Cut

Republican lawmakers are puzzled, en masse,
By the source of Trump’s tax cut for the middle class.
It didn’t come from the Hill,
Or his Cabinet shills,
So we’re betting Trump simply pulled it out of his ass.

Dat Damned Dem!

The Democratic Party is where it’s at.
It’s the Big Tent Party and all that.
They don’t care what you’ve done,
They’ll take anyone.
Indeed, Michael Cohen just registered Democrat.

Our Poor President

Since he’s been the White House’s main resident,
Donald Trump’s business acumen has not been evident.
Despite Trump Tower rents
And foreign emoluments,
He claims he’s lost “billions” since becoming president.

A Mocking Mockery of a Mocker

If the Kavanaugh confirmation was strictly evidential,
Donald Trump’s interference would not be consequential.
But while he eschews norms,
There’s something about form,
And mocking a sexual assault victim just ain’t presidential.

What a Comedian!

We’ve never considered comedy one of his avocations,
And he seems to have the sense of humor of a crustacean.
But we must confess,
In his Tuesday address,
Donald Trump got some good laughs at the United Nations.