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A Literal Metaphor

“There’s a sinkhole at the White House,” said the groundskeeper.
“It’s not so big yet, but it keeps getting bigger.”
It’s times like these
One flaunts an English degree —
When literal life fulfills the promise of an apt metaphor.

Leaking Leakers Who Leak

Now that sympathy for John McCain has peaked,
Sarah Sanders has hit a new level of pique.
She’s fed up with the blabbers
And the feckless backstabbers,
After the meeting about the leaked leak was leaked.

It’s Convention Apprehension

They say desperation is the mother of invention,
And the GOP is starting to feel some frustration.
As they scour the country,
They keep coming up empty —
No one wants to host the 2020 Republican national convention.

Signs of Consciousness

It’s a real house of cards that Donald Trump has built,
And he’s playing the innocent falsely accused to the hilt.
But by playing hide the salami
With FBI Director Comey,
The lawyers say Trump demonstrated “consciousness of guilt.”

Mike Cohen’s Motivation

That Michael Cohen will flip is foregone and a given,
Because he keeps having a recurring, horrifying vision:
What Mike Cohen doesn’t want to be
Is the “Sweetheart of Cellblock C,”
And he’ll say and do anything to stay out of prison.

The Great Reneger

We know Donald Trump’s all bluster and swagger,
And his administration is just an unnatural disaster.
But now he wants back in to the TPP
And to roll back the GOP’s spending spree,
At this rate his lasting legacy will be as The Great Reneger.

The McMaster Blaster

Since the beginning Trump’s cabinet was a disaster,
Now he’s shedding secretaries faster and faster.
But don’t be a quitter,
Just keep checking Twitter,
To find out when you’re fired, H.R. McMaster.

Plumbing the Swamp

When he picked them we thought they were horrible,
And from Day One their trajectory was predictable.
Whether they’re pushed or they jump,
The time’s come for Trump
To cobble together a new Cabinet of Deplorables.

No Text for Rex

The call from John Kelly was vague but discreet,
He gave instructions to watch Twitter all week.
When around rolled Tuesday,
It became a big news day,
When Rex Tillerson got fired via Donald Trump’s tweet.

A Perfect Stormy

We all know what Donald does when he gets horny,
But this time it involved hush money and an attorney.
You can pay off a porn star,
But she knows where the sexts are,
So the weather at the White House is looking Stormy.