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Republicans Own the Shutdown. Next Question?

Never been a president who won’t negotiate the debt ceiling? Never been a president who had to. Let the record show that, as usual, Pres. Obama and the Democrats are telling the truth. This government shutdown is 100 percent on the shoulders of the Republicans, and it could end as soon as Speaker John Boehner […]

Busted: Charles Krauthammer Is 100% Wrong about When the Churchill Bust Was Loaned to the Bush White House – It Was in July 2001, Not after 9/11

Pres. Obama recently remarked that politics can sometimes seem small. A prime example of this smallness is the controversy Republicans have been stoking for three-plus years now over the disposition of a bust of Winston Churchill that was loaned to the Bush White House in 2001. The latest stoke came yesterday from the right-wing Washington […]

Point of Order: Obama Wants to Give Everyone a Tax Break

Whether ignorance or deliberate spin is to blame, we keep hearing that Pres. Obama wants to end the Bush tax cuts for those earning more than $250,000 annually. This is true. And false, false, false. The president is proposing, as he has since he took office and knew Bush’s tax cuts would expire during his […]