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Christie Whines He’s Misunderstood

My comments are never almost universally interpreted the way I mean them.

— New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), quoted by the New York Daily News.

When It Comes to Minimum Wage ‘We Suck’

I mean, we suck. We really do.

— U.S. Labor Secretary Tom Perez, quoted by Bloomberg, on the minimum wage.

Warren Doesn’t Rule Out Future Prez Run

I don’t think so. If there’s any lesson I’ve learned in the last five years, it’s don’t be so sure about what lies ahead. There are amazing doors that could open.

—- Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), in an interview with People, on whether she’s interested in running for president.

Axelrod: Obama Resists Theatrical Nature of Presidency

There’s no doubt that there’s a theatrical nature to the presidency that he resists. Sometimes he can be negligent in the symbolism.

— David Axelrod, quoted by Businessweek, on President Obama’s management style.

Christie Shows He’s Just as Out of Touch with Electorate as Romney Was

I gotta tell you the truth, I’m tired of hearing about the minimum wage, I really am. … I don’t think there’s a mother or father sitting around a kitchen table tonight in America who are saying, ‘You know honey, if my son or daughter could just make a higher minimum wage, my God, all our dreams would be realized. Is that what parents aspire to for their children?

— New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), saying he doesn’t want anymore discussion about the minimum wage, TPM reports.

Anthony Weiner Has a Lucid Moment

I mean, realistically, my political career is probably over.

— Former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D), quoted by Politico, reflecting on the sexting scandal that forced him to resign from Congress.

Because Voters LIKE to Be Insulted

It’s not going to be an easy election, it’s a close election. Like I said, much closer than I can even understand why. I don’t want to say anything about your Wisconsin voters but, some of them might not be as sharp as a knife.

— RNC co-chair Sharon Day, quoted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, while campaigning in Wisconsin.

Kasich Says that Obamacare Is Here to Stay

That’s not gonna happen.

— Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), quoted by the AP, on Republicans promising to repeal Obamacare.

Congressional Candidate Calls Gays ‘Gremlins’ in Facebook Post

Same-sex marriage is “a pestilence that has descended on our society, against our will, by those in the courts and government that do not value the traditional family. Same sex couples that seek to destroy our way of life and the institution of marriage are NOT cute and cuddly but rather (for those of you that are old enough to remember the movie), Gremlins that will only destroy our way of life.

— Anthony Culler (R), who is challenging Rep. James Clyburn (D) for a South Carolina congressional seat, referring to same-sex couples as “gremlins” and “bullies” in a Facebook post, according to The Hill.

Karl Rove Is Hated by Both the Left and Tea Party

I’m a myth. I’d have to be a super being to have done everything that’s attributed to me.

— Political operative Karl Rove, on being hated by both liberals and Tea Party conservatives, Kevin D. Williamson writes in National Review.