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Quote du Jour

He had copious and complicated ideas about cooking and household management, as he had about medicine, law, moral theology, economics, interior decoration and the use of the spheres, and his public spirit, though it was not strong, nevertheless forbade him to keep them to himself.

— H.L. Mencken, writing about his grandfather.

Chinese Politician Makes an Unfortunate Analogy Over Hong Kong Protests

American slaves were liberated in 1861, but did not get voting rights until 107 years later. So why can’t Hong Kong wait for a while?

— Hong Kong Executive Council Member Laura Cha Shih Maylung, quoted by The Standard.

Why Republicans Claim Not to Be Scientists on Climate Change Issue

For now, ‘I’m not a scientist’ is what one party adviser calls ‘a temporary Band-Aid’ — a way to avoid being called a climate change denier but also to sidestep a dilemma. The reality of campaigning is that a politician who acknowledges that burning coal and oil contributes to global warming must offer a solution, which most policy experts say should be taxing or regulating carbon pollution and increasing government spending on alternative energy. But those ideas are anathema to influential conservative donors like the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch and the advocacy group they support, Americans for Prosperity.

New York Times

What is FOX?

FOX News is indisputably the most popular cable news channel. And yet in 13 years, Fox has never broken a story. That’s okay, because it is not in the news business. It is in the news-shaping business. Its programming is an admixture of right-wing propaganda and fear-porn for feeble-minded paranoiacs, served up by spokesmodels who have no clue what they are reading.

- Pensito Review quoted from 2009 in answer to the question “What is FOX?” in “Understanding The History And Purpose Of Fox News,” at Addicting Info.

Paul: Republican Brand ‘Sucks’

The Republican Party brand sucks and so people don’t want to be a Republican.

— Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), quoted by CNN.

Republican Senate Takeover Not About Governing — It’s About Winning in 2016

It’s not so much about what could be passed but setting the agenda and debate for the next presidential race.

— Rep. Steve King (R-IA), quoted by the Daily Beast, on the advantage of the GOP taking control of the U.S. Senate.

The Best Reason to Elect Lindsey Graham President

I’m sorry the government’s so fucked up. If I get to be president, white men in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R – SC), speaking to white guys in a mens-only club in Charleston. Graham explained to CNN, which aired this quote and several others, that he was making a joke, and added, “I hope this doesn’t reflect poorly on the club. They are great guys.”

Jeb Bush Not Pulling a ‘Hamlet’ Over Prez Run Decision

I’m not like really freaking out about this decision, to be honest with you.

— Jeb Bush, quoted by the Tennessean, on running for president in 2016.

Christie Responds with Warmth and Compassion — NOT!

Whatever. Get in line. I’ve been sued lots of times before.

— New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), quoted by NBC News, practically daring a nurse to sue him for quarantining her even after she tested negative for Ebola.

Palin Threatens to Run for Political Office Again

Those haters out there don’t understand that it invigorates me. The more they’re pouring on the more I’m gonna bug the crap out of them by being out there with a voice, with a message, hopefully running for office in the future, too.

— Sarah Palin, telling Fox Business that she may run for office again, in part to “bug the crap” out of liberals.