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Cruz: Beware the Liberal Fascists!

Today’s Democratic Party has decided there is no room for Christians. There is a liberal fascism that is going after Christian believers.

— Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), quoted by The Hill.

Ryan Advises Clinton Not to Be a Campaign Robot

“You can’t let the process numb you to the point where you’re just a robot. Even though all the pressure is ‘Don’t gaffe, don’t deviate, be prepared, give the prepared thing,’ you’ve got to watch that, because you can just be boring and you can be vanilla and you can so sanitize yourself that you’re not yourself.

— Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), quoted by Politico, on running for national office.

Huckabee Says We’re Moving Toward Criminalizing Christianity

I think it’s fair to say that Christian convictions are under attack as never before. Not just in our lifetime, but ever before in the history of this great nation. We are moving rapidly toward the criminalization of Christianity.

— Mike Huckabee, quoted by Politico.

‘It’s Not About French Fries; It’s About Freedom’

I have proposed a new rule to allow school districts to install deep fat fryers and sell beverages like diet soda. I believe each school district – not the state or federal government – should decide what foods are offered to students … If a school district doesn’t agree with any of these changes, then the district doesn’t have to implement them. That’s the beauty here. It’s not about French fries; it’s about freedom.

— Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, in a letter to the Houston Chronicle.

Bad GOP Governors Would Not Make a Great GOP President

From January 2011 through January 2015, Louisiana under Bobby Jindal ranked 32nd in job creation with 5.4 percent growth over four years. Wisconsin under Scott Walker ranked 35th, with 4.85 percent growth. New Jersey under Chris Christie ranked 40th, with 4.15 percent growth. This compares with a national average of 8.21 percent.


Only Three Republicans are Viable Candidates

At the end of the day, when you put all the assets and liabilities on the table, it’s hard to see anyone but Rubio, Bush or Walker as the ultimate nominee. Sure, one of them could stumble or come up short in a key early state. It’s also highly likely that someone like Huckabee, Paul, Cruz and even Perry could win in Iowa. But, when you look at the candidate vulnerabilities instead of just their assets, these are the three who are the most likely to win over the largest share of the GOP electorate. Winning the ‘Evangelical’ or the ‘Establishment’ or the ‘Tea Party’ lane isn’t how you win the nomination. Cobbling together the broadest coalition is the key.

— Amy Walter, for the Cook Political Report.

Waka Flocka Flame Endorses Hillary for 2016

Hillary, a woman could do it.

— Rapper Waha Flocka Flame, endorsing Hillary Clinton’s run for president after he realized he is still seven years too young to qualify to run for president himself, Mediaite reports. At the tail end of a new interview with MTV News, the rapper added a comment that is unlikely to resonate with most of Hillary Clinton’s female supporters. “I just feel like when it’s the time of that month, they need to get the f**k out of that office,” he said, before quickly adding, “Nah, just playing.”

Sounds Like ‘Trickle Down’ to Us, Jeb

The challenge isn’t that some people are successful and some people aren’t. Taking from the successful people to provide for those that aren’t isn’t the solution. The solution is, How do you build capacity so people can achieve earned success?

— Jeb Bush, speaking after a closed meeting at the Metropolitan Republican Club on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, reports the Palm Beach Post.

Bachmann: Obama Set on Destroying the World

We need to cry out to a Holy God. This is coming faster than anyone can see. Barack Obama is intent, it is his number one goal, to ensure that Iran has a nuclear weapon. Why? Why would you put the nuclear weapon in the hands of madmen who are Islamic radicals?

— Former Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), asserting that President Obama is bringing the world to “end times,” TPM reports.

Clinton Needs to Start Like Beethoven and End Like Beyoncé

There’s a rhythm. She’s starting off like Beethoven, with melodies and chords that people understand. But she’s got to end up like Beyoncé.

— Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, quoted by BuzzFeed, on Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch.

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