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Dem Lawmaker Inconveniently Forgets She Voted to Impeach G.W. Bush

We did not seek an impeachment of President Bush, because as an executive, he had his authority. President Obama has the authority.

— Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), quoted by BuzzFeed, apparently forgetting that she co-sponsored legislation to impeach President George W. Bush over the Iraq war.

Ryan Calls Impeachment a ‘Ridiculous Gambit’ by Obama

I see this as sort of a ridiculous gambit by the President and his political team to try and change the narrative, raise money and turn out their base and raise money for an election that isn’t going to go their way. And I will just leave it at that.

— Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), in an interview with CNN, on the possibility of Republicans trying to impeach President Obama.

Obama Tells Republicans to Lighten Up

Stop being mad all the time. Stop. Stop just hating all the time. C’mon … I know they’re not happy that I’m president but that’s okay. I got a couple of years left. C’mon … then you can be mad at the next president.

— President Obama, asking Republicans to stop “hating” and “being mad all the time” during a Wednesday speech, The Hill reports.

Impeachment Is the Dumbest GOP Strategy in a Century

All this talk of impeaching the president is the stupidest Republican political strategy so far this century.

— Charlie Hurt, in an op-ed in the Washington Times.

How Ideological Purity Is Like the Ebola Virus

What happens is they’re like an Ebola virus that spreads. And if you can keep it contained with this bunch of people that really hate the government, OK, I respect their position. But when the virus spreads and they then have a bunch of people all nervous that if they vote the way they really think they should vote then bad things are going to happen, that messes up the process.

— Former Rep. Steve LaTourette (R), quoted by the Wall Street Journal, on the conservative groups that demand ideological purity.

Trips to Iowa, New Hampshire, Just So Much Show

It would be one thing if all of this early activity and attention in Iowa resulted in a smarter electorate, better candidates or a more authentic version of democracy. But in general, the quaint ‘retail’ settings of Iowa diners and New Hampshire living rooms are treated mostly as media sound stages, places where reporters report on how many other reporters showed up… As a result, these scenes have become backdrops for set pieces that blur into an anesthetizing noise: So-and-so has been to Iowa five times; some other so-and-so is ‘thinking about’ running for president; and here’s yet another picture of yet another so-and-so looking a voter right in the eyes and telling him the truth about something or other, as the discerning voters here insist.

— Mark Leibovich, writing in the New York Times.

Can The Israelis and Palestinians Fight Forever?

Neither side has a strategy other than terrorizing the civilian population of the other side.

– Uri Avnery, peace activist and Tel Aviv resident, who says that young Israelis are so tired of wars breaking out with no resolution that they are beginning to whisper about emigrating.

Pastor Welcomes Endorsement by Strip Club

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

— Rev. Jarrett Maupin, Democratic candidate for Congress from Arizona, accepting the endorsement of a Phoenix strip club called the Great Alaskan Bush Co., the Arizona Republic reports.

McCain Says No to Impeachment

We’re not gonna impeach the president of the United States. There just aren’t the votes there even if we believed that it was warranted.

— Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), in an interview with KFYI.

Clinton Thinks ‘Anybody Can Run’

Well, I think there will probably be many candidates. I mean, I’m somebody who believes anybody can run.

— Hillary Clinton, in an interview with Fusion, on the 2016 presidential field.