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Pelosi: It’s Too Soon to Talk About Impeachment

When and if he breaks the law, that is when something like that will come up.

— House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, saying so-called President Trump hasn’t acted in a way that warrants impeachment — yet, Politico reports.

Don’t Credit Trump with Creating ‘Disruption’

We must resist a bad habit infecting political commentary that sees Trump’s irresponsibility, bigotry and casual cruelty as a heroic form of “disruption” aimed at bringing down “the establishment.” No. The people in the streets rallying against Trump are not the establishment. Those political and business leaders who are, for now, playing along with and enabling Trump very much are the establishment.

E.J. Dionne

Sanders Says Trump Is a ‘Fraud’

It is hard not to laugh, to see President Trump alongside these Wall Street guys. I have to say this Jake, and I don’t mean to be disrespectful, this guy is a fraud.

— Sen. Bernie Sanders, in an interview on CNN.

Schumer: My Job Is to Make Sure Trump Doesn’t ‘Get Away with Stuff’

The number one thing that’s going to determine whether we win or lose? If Trump’s at 35% we could take back the Senate. If Trump’s at 55%, we could lose the whole ball of wax. So part of my job is to make sure that we don’t let Trump get away with stuff.

— Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), quoted by the Washington Post.

Ryan Speaks More with Trump than Obama — Duh!

I have spoken more with Donald Trump in the last month more than I have spoken with Barack Obama in the last eight years.”

— Speaker Paul Ryan, quoted by the Washington Examiner. It should be noted that Ryan has been speaker only since October 2015, prior to which why would the president speak regularly to a congressman from a “flyover” state?

Dems Get a Cause: Stand Strong, Stand in Trump’s Way

President Obama is off the bench. Members of Congress are chanting with the protestors. The party has found its cause –blocking the Trump agenda. Just a week ago, talk in Washington was about how Chuck Schumer could be a closer partner to the president than Mitch McConnell. Now, the president is making fun of Schumer’s tears when he appeared alongside people impacted by the travel ban. Add that to the late-night firing of an acting attorney general over an entirely political disagreement and you have a base plus elected officials who are losing any incentive to work with the new president. Democrats can thank the president for showing them the strategy that now seems inevitable for the next four years: stand strong, and stand in his way.

Rick Klein

If Schwarzennegger Thinks It’s a Bad Idea, It’s a Bad Idea

It’s crazy. It’s crazy and it makes us look stupid when the White House is ill-prepared to put this kind of executive order out there.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger, in an interview with Extra, on President Trump’s executive order barring citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

Obama Backs Protests

Citizens exercising their Constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake.

— Former President Obama, in his first statement since leaving office, saying he supports the protests going on around the country over Donald Trump’s refugee ban, Politico reports.

Takes One to Know One

Much of media is distorted and fake. Knowingly false. We don’t have truthful media. I actually think they’re sick people.

— Donald Trump, in an interview with CBN.

Time for Conservatives to Stand Up for Principles

For the community of conservative thinkers and experts, and more importantly, conservative politicians, this is a testing time. Either you stand up for your principles and for what you know is decent behavior, or you go down, if not now, then years from now, as a coward or opportunist. Your reputation will never recover, nor should it.

Eliot Cohen