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Gabbard Nails Trump’s Relationship to the Saudis

“Having our country act as Saudi Arabia’s bitch is not ‘America First.’”

— Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), saying on Twitter that President Trump is awaiting “instructions from his Saudi masters.”

Trump Campaign Was Run By Criminals

“His campaign manager is a felon. His deputy campaign manager is a felon. His personal lawyer is a felon. His foreign policy advisor is a felon. His national security advisor is a felon. The Trump campaign was run by criminals.”

— GOP strategist Stuart Stevens, on Twitter.

Trump GOP Challengers Challenge the GOP

“The saying ‘may the best man win’ is a quintessential value that the Republican Party must honor if we are to command the respect of the American people. Cowards run from fights.”

— Mark Sanford, Joe Walsh, and Bill Weld, writing in the Washington Post that the Republican Party has “taken a wrong turn” in canceling primaries.

Flashback Quote: Trump on Redirecting Funds Away from Military

“We have to stop. No. The military is going to be stronger and bigger and more modernized than ever before. The military is so important. That’s number one, two and three on my list. We have to, we need security in this country, especially now with what’s going on.”

— Donald Trump, in a 2016 Newsday interview, when asked if he would redirect military funds to build infrastructure.

Alabama Democratic Party Being ‘Destroyed from Within’

“It’s being destroyed from within.”

— Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL), quoted by the Montgomery Advertiser, on the Alabama Democratic Party.

House Judiciary Committee Adopts Rules for Impeachment

“The Judiciary Committee vote Thursday allows the committee counsel to question witnesses in public hearings and makes several other changes to panel rules. The procedural tools are similar to those used in the impeachment proceedings against Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Bill Clinton.”

Washington Post

Ginsberg: Changing the Electoral College ‘Theoretical’

“It’s largely a dream because our Constitution is … hard to amend. I know that from experience.”

— Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, calling proposed changes to the U.S. Constitution — such as changing the Electoral College system — “more theoretical than real,” the Chicago Sun Times reports.

Bolton’s Loss Doesn’t Matter in the ‘Age of Trump’

“The spectacle of the Trump Presidency often overwhelms our ability to process the stakes of any individual episode. But the firing of John Bolton was not just another Washington farce in what the President himself has now started calling, as he did the other day, on Twitter, ‘the Age of Trump.’ Bolton’s exit serves as a reminder that the intensive national-security decision-making process of previous Presidents, Republican and Democrat alike, has been abandoned by Trump, subverted to the Presidential ego, and will not return for the duration of his tenure.”

Susan Glasser

Rubin: Impeachment Should Focus on Trump’s Corruption

“The House should seriously consider shifting the focus from the Mueller report and Trump’s attempts to short circuit the Russia investigation to the overarching issue of this presidency: His unparalleled corruption. The Mueller report will come into play, but as an example of a particular form of corruption. This is easy to understand and undermines the entire premise of Trump’s outsider campaign by focusing on how he uses the presidency to enrich himself and serve his personal needs. … The enrichment schemes multiply and become more nauseating by the day.”

Jennifer Rubin

Waiting for the Septuagenarian Slugfest to Start

“Every public poll shows a steady and indisputable trend: The Democratic 2020 race is a three-way brawl between 70-somethings who came to fame in the U.S. Senate. … In this era of change, technology and disruption, Democrats seem content with three pre-Internet era throwbacks: Bernie Sanders, 78; Joe Biden, 76; and Elizabeth Warren, 70. … The Democratic nominee will run against 73-year-old President Trump.”

Jim VandeHei