Putin: ‘I Would Tell You More about Donald Trump If No Journalists Were Here’


There IS One Time When It’s Appropriate to Say, “You’re in Great Shape…Beautiful”

Unfortunately, It’s Not When Greeting a First Lady

If your stomach turned when Trump greeted the First Lady of France as if she were a contestant in one of his beauty pageants, while his current wife stood next to him with a frozen smile, you’ll appreciate this decision chart published by Reebok.


Don Trump Jr. Didn’t Have Secret Service Protection at Time of the Meeting

So Was Trump Sr. at the Meeting?

MeetingThe latest attempt to blame Obama for Trump’s Russia problem is for Team Trump to claim the Secret Service approved the June 9, 2016 meeting with Don Trump, Jr. Present at that event were Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, son-in-law Jared Kushner, and representatives of the Russian government who offered incriminating information about Hillary Clinton to help Trump win the election.

Aside from the very valid observation that it’s not the job of the Secret Service to green-light who the campaign can meet with, is this pesky detail:

The Secret Secret wasn’t guarding Don Trump, Jr. at the time of the meeting.

Truth Leaks out at Fox

Shep Smith: Why all these lies? Why is it lie after lie after lie?

Alt Right, Alt Facts, Alt Universe?


In Which Donald Chases a Hat Like a Dog Chases a Tennis Ball, and Tamps It Hard on Shocked Marine’s Head

Did we mention that RT, aka Russia Today, supplied this footage of an old man entranced by a hat in the wind? And that the Marine treated so condescendingly is black?

In Which Donald Zones out at the G20 Meeting

Sundowning again.

In Which Donald Wanders Away from His Limo


Holly O’Reilly on Twitter:

I swear to God Trump is sundowning.
Here he is, confused, wandering away from his limo.
He had to be redirected.

See the video…


Descendants of the Signers Commemorate Independence Day

From Ancestry.com:


Check out Donald’s Jaw Dropping 2009 ‘Condolence’ Blog Post to Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston and her son, Jett Travolta
Kelly Preston and her son, Jett Travolta

If you think the so-called president’s tweets this morning were shocking, check out this jaw-dropping “condolence note” to actress Kelly Preston that he posted on the Trump U blog in January 2009 after her son, Jett Travolta, died:

A long time ago, before I was married, I met Kelly Preston at a club and worked like hell to try and pick her up. She was beautiful, personable, and definitely had allure. At the time I had no idea she was married to John Travolta.

In any event, my track record on this subject has always been outstanding, but Kelly wouldn’t give me the time of day. She was very nice, very elegant, but I didn’t have a chance with her, and that was that.

He concluded the post by sending heartfelt thoughts and prayers to Kelly and her family.