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Three-Quarters Disapprove of Congress’ Performance


A new Gallup poll shows that just 20% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing. The vast majority, 75%, disapprove of the job Congress is doing.


New House Optics Bode Ill for GOP

“The visuals of new House should send a shiver through anyone who cares about future of Republican Party. One side looks like America and our future, the other looks like board meeting of a 1950’s corporation. A basic law of politics: be for the future not past.”

— GOP strategist Stuart Stevens, on Twitter.


Congress’ Approval Rating at 15 Percent


Gallup: “Congressional approval is now 15%, down slightly from an uptick to 20% last month after Congress passed tax reform in December. Positivity quickly faded this month as the government shut down twice in three weeks because of impasses over the federal budget.”


Congress’ Approval Rating Hits New Low


A new Gallup poll finds Americans’ approval of Congress fell to 13%.“Americans of all political stripes hold Congress in similarly low regard. Just 18% of Republicans, 14% of Democrats and 10% of independents approve of the job the legislative body is doing. This month, these figures are unchanged among Republicans, while down slightly among Democrats and independents.”

Poetic Justice

Lumps of Coal

Healthcare reform just gets more twisted and vicious,
And tax reform looks like a lot of unfinished business.
They’ve all been naughty, not nice,
And after checking his list twice,
Santa Ryan says Congress has to stay in session through Christmas\.

Poetic Justice

Of Congress and Madness

The 155th Congress has passed its first substantive bill,
And it sought to redress an onerous regulatory ill.
Did it bolster Medicaid?
Did it increase foreign aid?
Not hardly — it expanded gun rights for the mentally ill.


This Congress Has Little Institutional Memory


Of Republicans and 52% of Democrats now in Congress have never served under a GOP administration, according to an analysis by Bruce Mehlman. To put that in context, just 44% of the House and 63% of the Senate were in office when the Affordable Care Act was signed into law by President Obama. And just 22% of the House and 39% of the Senate was in office when the Patriot Act was passed.