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Lawmaker Accurately Describes Alabama’s Abortion Vote

“I think that we raped women last night.”

— Alabama state Sen. Bobby Singleton (D), in a CNN interview, on passing a bill outlawing abortion in his state.


Mo. Lawmaker Proposes Gun Laws Similar to Abortion Laws

Since Missouri holds the rank as one of the strictest abortion regulation states in the country, it is logical we borrow similar restrictions to lower our horrific gun violence rates.

— Missouri state Rep. Stacey Newman (D), introducing a bill to apply “the restrictions placed on women seeking abortion services to all prospective firearm purchasers, such as a requirement that anyone buying a gun first watch a 30-minute video on fatal firearm injuries,” St. Louis Magazine reports.


States Increasingly Inacting Abortion Restrictions


Number of new abortion restrictions states have enacted so far this year, according to a new study by the Guttmacher Institute. “This brings the number of restrictions enacted since 2010 to 282. Although only about a dozen states remain in session as of July 1, these states may well enact additional restrictions before the end of the year. Following the recent pattern of increased restrictions in odd-numbered years (largely because not all legislatures are in session in even-numbered years), states have enacted more restrictions during the first half of this year than during all of last year.”