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GOP Hit with $15 Million Ad Spend Against Healthcare Bill

$14.8 million

NBC News: “The Republican senators whose votes are crucial to the fate of health care in America have faced a $15 million barrage of TV advertising from outside groups opposing the GOP legislation — and no air cover from any group backing the bills. … According to ad-buying tracker Advertising Analytics, groups opposing the GOP health care push have spent $14.8 million since May on TV ads targeting 13 key senators, with even more ad buys rolling in daily as the debate in the Senate reaches fever pitch. No groups have run ads in those states in support of the ever-evolving Republican legislation to repeal and replace parts or all of Obamacare.”


Ad Spend Reaches Nearly $40 Million in Georgia 6th Race

$40 million

Ad spending in Georgia’s 6th congressional district race has reached nearly $40 million, “easily cementing the congressional contest as the most expensive of its kind in U.S. history,” according to new data shared with NBC News.


Georgia Race Ad Buy Over $14 Million

$14 million

Atlanta Journal Constitution: “Candidates and outside groups have spent nearly $14 million on an unending ad blitz in the race to replace Rep. Tom Price’s suburban Atlanta seat, and that tally that will surely grow in the final days before Tuesday’s nationally-watched vote. … An analysis of the advertising obtained by the AJC shows the biggest spender by far is Democrat Jon Ossoff, a former Congressional aide who is eyeing a historic upset in next week’s vote.”


Clinton Campaign Reserves $80 Million in TV Advertising

$80 million

Amount the Clinton campaign has reserved in TV advertising “Hillary Clinton across eight key states in coming months in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania, the Washington Post reports. “The Trump campaign, by contrast, launched its first general-election TV ad last week, saying it planned to spend $4.8 million on a 10-day buy in four states: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.”


Drop in Campaign Spending Hurting Local Broadcasters


Amount television campaign advertising during the U.S. presidential election has fallen since 2012, a troubling sign for local TV broadcasters that were counting on a windfall, reports Bloomberg.

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Real Trump Supporters Vet Fake Trump Ads

It’s become clear by this point in the presidential campaign that voters who support Donald Trump are inured to his most outrageous proposals and ridiculous policy positions. But how inured are they? Triumph the Insult Comic Dog explores that question in a series of focus groups testing potential TV ads.

Of course, to date, Trump has spent $00.00 on television advertising while the networks have given him $2 billion worth of free coverage, so it’s unlikely he’ll shell out for these ads — unless he has another week like the last one …


Trump Still Hasn’t Spent Any Money on TV Ads


Amount Donald Trump’s campaign has spent on TV ads, though nearly $100 million has been spent on general-election TV advertisements in the presidential race since the primary season ended, NBC News reports.


Voters Report Seeing Phantom Trump Ads


“Of voters in a recent survey said they had seen TV ads supporting Donald Trump in the last week. There’s just one problem: His campaign hasn’t aired any, and his friendly super PACs have run very few,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “Meanwhile, 52% of respondents said they had seen an ad promoting Democrat Hillary Clinton—just six percentage points more than the proportion who said they had spotted Trump ads.”


Clinton Outspending Trump 15 to 1 on Advertising

$57 million

Amount Hillary Clinton and her allies have spent “so far in the general election — $25 million coming from the campaign and another $32 million from pro-Clinton Super PACs. By comparison, Team Trump has aired $3.6 million in ads, with all of the spending from two outside groups.”Donald Trump and his backers over the airwaves by a 15-to-1 margin,” NBC News reports.


Dem PAC Set to Flood TV with Anti-Trump Messages

$91 million

Amount that Priorities USA, “the lead super PAC backing Hillary Clinton, has already reserved in television advertising that will start next month and continue through Election Day. In addition, Clinton’s campaign and Priorities USA have both debuted online videos that cast Trump in a negative light — a preview of what voters will see on TV over the next six months,” reports the Associated Press.