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‘Anonymous’ Could Get $10 Million Book Deal

$10 million

A book deal for the “senior Trump administration official” who wrote the anonymous New York Times op-ed could be worth $10 million, literary agent Keith Urbahn tells the Washingtonian. Literary agent Larry Weissman adds that the most lucrative deal would likely be struck before Anonymous’s identity is leaked, intentionally or unintentionally.

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Nation’s Worst Governor Targeted by Anonymous

We wish Anonymous well, especially since Rick Scott’s future looks so bright. He’s being mentioned for the U.S. Senate and as Trump’s vice president.

If you live in Florida, you’d be forgiven for wondering what took Anonymous so long. The hactivist group recently announced war on Gov. Rick Scott (GOP/Tea), and is calling for his impeachment.

The video hits some of Scott’s sins, but leaves out many. That’s because of the sheer number of them.

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