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Another Authoritarian Jokes About Killing Journalists

“I love journalists, that’s why I may organize a special banquet for them this evening at the Saudi embassy.”

— Czech president Miloš Zeman, quoted by Euro News, apparently alluding to Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi’s death at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

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How to Defeat Authoritarianism

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Wannabe Dictator Trump Pressured Post Office to Hike Rates on Amazon As Political Retribution against Its Owner

Trump has been lying to his base for months about Amazon – saying it doesn’t pay taxes, that its rate structure causes a loss to the US Postal Service, and on and on. He has also made it clear that he hates Amazon because it is owned by Jeff Bezos, an actual billionaire, who also owns the Washington Post. Trump hates the Post for the obvious reason that it reports the truth about him and his racist, autocratic agenda.

Now we learn that, in a move that mimics Pres. Richard Nixon’s pressuring the IRS to go after his enemies, Trump he has been demanding that the US Postmaster General double shipping rates for Amazon — a move that would raise costs for millions of Amazon’s American users. The story was broken by the Washington Post, but it has even gotten coverage in the New York Post, which is part of the Rupert Murdoch-owned pro-Trump propaganda empire:

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The Tool of an Authoritarian

— House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, in an interview on CNN, on President Trump’s suggesting he was wiretapped during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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CNN: Banning News Organizations from White House Briefings Is ‘Un-American’


LePage Says We Need an Authoritarian to Fix ‘Broken’ Constitution

Sometimes, I wonder that our Constitution is not only broken, but we need a Donald Trump to show some authoritarian power in our country and bring back the rule of law because we’ve had eight years of a president, he’s an autocrat, he just does it on his own, he ignores Congress and every single day, we’re slipping into anarchy.

— Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R), standing by Donald Trump in a radio interview, CNN reports.


Trump’s Hidden Threat

To say ‘Well, he would not really have the power to accomplish that’ is to misunderstand the nature of thin-skinned authoritarians in power. They do not arrive in office and discover, as constitutionalists do, that their capabilities are more limited than they imagined. They arrive, and then make their power as large as they can.

— Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker