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Leaders In the Polls Always Get Media Attention


Combined number of New York Times and Washington Post articles that were all (or partially) about Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright between the time Obama first launched his presidential bid (Feb. 2007) and his 2008 victory (Nov. 2008), according to First Read. “During that same time period, we found an additional 41 New York Times and Washington Post pieces on Obama and Bill Ayers. And from the start of her campaign (April 2015) until now, we discovered a combined 44 NYT/WaPo articles about Hillary Clinton and her email server. … Bottom line: When you’re atop of the presidential polls, you’re going to get scrutiny — lots of it.”


Carson Questions People’s Ability to Understand English

It seems to be hard for people actually to hear English and understand it.

— Ben Carson, saying “his controversial comments about opposing a potential Muslim president were taken out of context,” the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.


Carson Doubles Down on Anti-Muslim Schtick

Know this, I meant exactly what I said. I could never support a candidate for President of the United States that was Muslim and had not renounced the central tenant of Islam: Sharia Law.

— Ben Carson, writing on Facebook.


Carson Apologizes for Provoking Trump’s Insults

I said something that sounded like I was questioning his faith. I really wasn’t. I was really talking more about mine. But it was said in an inappropriate way, which I recognized, and I apologized for that. It’s never my intention to impugn other people.

— Ben Carson, demonstrating how his “approach to handling Donald Trump’s insults is different from every other 2016 Republican presidential candidate’s: He apologizes for provoking them,” the Wall Street Journal reports.


Trump and Carson Tied in Iowa


A new Monmouth University poll in Iowa finds Ben Carson and Donald Trump tied for the lead with 23% each. The next tier of candidates includes Carly Fiorina (10%) and Ted Cruz (9%), followed by Scott Walker (7%), Jeb Bush (5%), John Kasich (4%), Marco Rubio (4%), and Rand Paul (3%). The last two Iowa caucus victors, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, each garner 2% of the vote.


Carson Denies War on Women

There is no war on women – there may be a war on what’s inside of women, but there is no war on women in this country.

— Ben Carson, quoted by The Hill.


Carson Amenable to Using Drones to Secure Mexican Border

You look at some of these caves and things out there one drone strike, boom, and they’re gone. I’m suggesting we do what we need to do to secure the border — whatever that is.

— GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson, saying he’s is open to using military drone strikes on American soil to secure the border, CNN reports.


Walker Leads in Iowa


Scott Walker’s lead over the GOP presidential pack in Iowa, followed by Donald Trump at 10%, Ben Carson at 10%, Rand Paul at 9%, Ted Cruz at 9%, Jeb Bush at 8%, Marco Rubio at 7% and Mike Huckabee at 5%, a new Quinnipiac poll in Iowa finds. Said pollster Peter Brown: “Those who thought the Republican race in the Iowa caucuses might begin to clarify itself better think again. As even more candidates toss their hats into the ring, the race has gotten even more muddled.”


Carson Wants to Seal Borders Against Terrorists, Not Undocumented Aliens

The reason I think we need to seal our borders completely, all of our borders—north, south, east, west—is not so much because I’m afraid of somebody in Honduras … I’m afraid of someone from Syria that wants to bomb us and wants to do bad things.

— Ben Carson (R), quoted by National Journal.


Only One GOP Presidential Hopeful Showed for Hispanic Forum


Number of the GOP’s 16 declared or likely presidential candidates who attended the 32nd annual convention of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials. More than 1,200 Hispanic leaders gathered in Las Vegas “for, among other things, a presidential candidates forum. Yet … only one — retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson — bothered to show up,” the Washington Post reports.