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Weld” Trump Is Guilty of Treason

“Talk about pressuring a foreign country to interfere with and control a U.S. election. It couldn’t be clearer, and that’s not just undermining democratic institutions. That is treason. It’s treason, pure and simple, and the penalty for treason under the U.S. code is death. That’s the only penalty.”

— Former Gov. William Weld (R), quoted by the Washington Post.


All Three Trump Primary Challengers in Single Digits


A new Economist-YouGov Poll finds President Trump with the support of 86% of Republican primary or caucus voters, followed by William Weld at 5%, Mark Sanford at 2% and Joe Walsh at 1%. The poll also found that 85% of Republican respondents viewed Trump favorably while just 12% viewed him unfavorably.


Trump GOP Challengers Challenge the GOP

“The saying ‘may the best man win’ is a quintessential value that the Republican Party must honor if we are to command the respect of the American people. Cowards run from fights.”

— Mark Sanford, Joe Walsh, and Bill Weld, writing in the Washington Post that the Republican Party has “taken a wrong turn” in canceling primaries.


Weld Rachets Up Attacks on Trump

“I celebrate that America has always been a melting pot. It seems he would prefer an Aryan nation.”

— President Trump’s lone Republican primary challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, ratcheting up his attacks on the president, ABC News reports.