On Fox, Issa Walks Back His Apology for Cutting off Ranking Member’s Microphone

Congress-watchers cannot recall another incident in which a committee chairman silenced a ranking member by turning off the member’s microphone — but it happened Wednesday when GOP Rep. Darrell Issa of California, chair of the House Oversight Committee, cut off the microphone as Rep. Elijah Cummings, a Democrat from Maryland, was speaking. But when the [...]

California Population Surpasses 38 Million


Population of California at the end of 2013, according to the Census Bureau — up from 37,999,878 in July 2012.

Obamacare Enrollments Surging in States Run by Democrats

Here is a story that was featured on the front page above the fold in the Los Angeles Times yesterday but that has gotten little to no coverage anywhere else in the “liberal media”: Despite the disastrous rollout of the federal government’s healthcare website, enrollment is surging in many states as tens of thousands of [...]

Daily Caller Queries House Members on Forgoing Salaries During Shutdown – Including GOP’s Dan Lungren, Who Was Defeated in 2012

Daily Caller, the gay-hating, climate-change denying website published by Swanson Foods heir Tucker Carlson, conducted a non-scientific (naturally) survey of House members asking if whether they would be willing to forgo their salaries while the government was shut down. Result were skewed to make Democrats look feckless (naturally!), even though no Democrats voted to shut [...]

5 Million People Accessed California’s Health Insurance Exchange Website on ACA’s Opening Day

5 Million

Number of visits to the website for Covered California, the state-run health-insurance exchange, on Oct. 1, 2013, the day Affordable Care Act exchanges opened nationwide. An estimated 7 million Californians are uninsured, in a state where just 52% of residents get their insurance through their employers.

California GOP Voter Registration Drops Below 30%


Share of Californians who are registered as Republicans as of February 2013, compared with 43.9% registered as Democrats and 20.9% as independents, according to the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California. Since 2003, the share of registered Dems has remained steady and the percentage of independents has risen from 15.3%, but the percentage of registered Republicans has dropped 6.3 percentage points from 35.2%. As a result, there are 100,000 fewer registered Republicans in the state now than there were a decade ago, despite the fact that California’s population has grown by 2.9 million.

As California Republicans Go, So Goes the National GOP?
We can only hope

To any objective observer, the national Republican Party appears to be bent on suicide — a colony of angry white male lemmings headed straight for the cliff. Every decision the party’s leadership makes, every strategy they pursue, seems to be motivated by a singular, urgent need to stoke their voters’ basest fears and inner rage. [...]

Surveillance Programs Cut President’s Approval Rating 9 Percentage Points among Californians
And yet the Golden State still generally likes Obama 57 percent of Californians say they have a favorable view of the president overall

A new Field Poll, which is the gold standard in California polling, has found an unprecedented 9 percentage point drop in Pres. Obama’s approval ratings among Californians. Poll director Mark DiCamillo attributes the drop — from 61 percent approval in February to revelations that the government is spying on Americans by tracking phone and Internet [...]

California Supreme Court Rules That Same-Sex Marriages Can Continue – For Now

The hate groups behind Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage amendment in the California constitution, lost their appeal for an immediate to halt same-sex marriages in the state this week, but the Republican-controlled state Supreme Court has scheduled a hearing on their petition in August and could decide to reinstate a permanent ban then:

After a 56 Month Hiatus, Marriage Equality Returns to California

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy In May 2008, a court ruling made California the third state in which same-sex marriage was legal. (It is often forgotten but this ruling came after the California Legislature passed legislation legalizing gay marriage twice, only to have both bills vetoed by Republican [...]