It’s Amazon’s World and We Just Live in It
Why You Should Take a Break from Amazon

I wanted to buy a book a few months ago for a relative who was hospitalized in a city about 40 miles north and who wasn’t a TV watcher. I figured I’d stop off at the mall or a shopping center as I drove up and pick up some books and magazines. Except there were […]

Romney Still Living a Rich Fantasy Life

I don’t know. I wish I could go back and turn back the clock and take another try.

— Mitt Romney, in an interview on Fox News, when asked if he felt he would have won the 2012 presidential election if President Obama had not lied about Americans being able to keep their health insurance.

One Trader Lost Big Betting On Romney Near End of 2012 Campaign

$4 million to $7 million

Amount that a single trader lost in the final weeks of the 2012 election placing 1.2 million Intrade bets on Mitt Romney, according to a new academic paper examining presidential betting — perhaps to “make the Republican nominee’s chance of victory appear brighter,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

FBI Enters Investigation into Corruption Probe of Tea Party Leader Michele Bachmann

Late last week, the Minneapolis Post and other outlets reported that the FBI has now joined the investigation into alleged corrupt activities by Tea Party Caucus Chairperson Michele Bachmann during her failed presidential campaign last year: The FBI joins the Office of Congressional Ethics, the Federal Elections Commission and an Iowa state Senate ethics committee […]

The Case for the IRS Targeting the Tea Party

It seemed to come as a great shock when it was recently revealed that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) examines some taxpayers more closely than others. Really? Because no one has ever objected to the IRS targeting some tax returns for audit. Among them: Millionaires (in fiscal 2011, the IRS audited 12.5% of them) People […]

A Non-Unifying Principle

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum tried to meld their abilities.
They thought together on a ticket they could beat Mitt Romney.
But they couldn’t quit the argument
Over which one would be the president —
See, the only thing missing from their unity ticket was … unity.

Voting Level in 2012 Was Average


Number of votes cast in the November 2012 presidential election. The eligible population of voters is 221,925,820, so the percentage who voted was 58.2 percent, making the turnout exactly in the middle of the previous 17 elections — better than eight but worse than eight.

Hope for 2013

For the sake of argument, let’s say there are no coincidences in this world (an idea otherwise known as Trish’s Law of No Coincidences). If you disagree, then please explain to me how Americans choose the name “Hope” for the young Clydesdale featured in the 2013 Budweiser Super Bowl ad, which was born the weekend […]

Super Bowl Flashback: It Really Was Halftime in America

As the country gathers tonight to watch the big game — and the million dollar ads — let’s not forget this little gritty little ditty from only one year ago. The ad was widely misinterpreted as Clint Eastwood endorsing the Obama administration’s decision to bail out Chrysler (and GM), despite many Republicans, including eventual presidential […]

Online Voter Registration Pushes Total of California Voters to 18.2 Million – GOP Share Drops Below 30%

Although California’s new online voter registration system did not open until September last year and was only available for 45 days, it accounted for more than half of the 1.4 million new voters who registered in advance of the November elections. The number of registered Republicans in California dropped below 30 percent for the first […]

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